25 February 2013

Over think much

It is the beginning of my second semester. Which then I realize, I did nothing during mid semester break. I read few novels and sleep and watch drama with mom - mostly I spend the hours at home.

Well, at least I am enjoying myself doing nothing for almost 3 weeks. Which I never ever EVER gonna get that when I started with my career later on. One more semester to break my leg which it is going to be tougher as I have laboratory work to get done for my final project. Regarding pavement material which honestly, I am kinda into traffic management now. Hurm. 

Life is getting better. Or maybe there is some changes that makes me feel more ease in things that happen to me. And due to all those unpleasant things that happen to me - I can't stop myself from buying a motivational book. Woman Who Think Too Much : How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim Your Life. 

Honestly, I am a overthinker person.
I spent few minutes before sleep wondering, considering, juggling things that happen to me. Sometimes I found myself in a depression. Worst, it dragged to my sleep and I found myself in a bad mood when I woke up the next day. And the cycle goes.

I usually picked what to wear tomorrow. Or if I'm going to travel, I probably will pack my things a week before. I may seem nothing, but I do the thinking even for the crappiest thing. Oh, and I am such a planner. And it stressing me out when my plan doesn't fall as I wanted. 

When I had an issue with anyone such as argument or misunderstanding, I probably will think about it over and over again. Somehow it plays in repeat like a video. And I non stop thinking why, why, why.  

It is not healthy.

Hopefully the book might help me to overcome my problem. Somehow, I still looking for another motivational book from Yasmin Mogahed, Reclaim Your Heart. By reading at the reviews as she is a good speaker, most of the readers are satisfied with the book. MPH City Square don't have the stock, if I still can't find it after I'm done with the novels, gonna buy it from MPHonline which I think it is so convenient!

Honestly, I am not sure either I have the time to read. 

Till then. Assalammualaikum