31 October 2008


Trick or treats?
Happy Halloween everybody!

Thanks Najib! For the testimonial~ Macam, reminders pula.
Hiks. I love eating the books everyday. Erghh..

Still craving to eat some more. Later!

p.s: Never say give up too early ok! Only looser do that. So, come on and start eating. Heck?!

30 October 2008


Its been a long time i'm not using PSZ computer to online. Well congrats UTM, the computer here dah tak oldiest dah. Hihi.

Psyco Yana.


Real love does not demand perfection
but actually embrances imperfection.

Don't expect me to be perfect. You make me feel complete. Thats why i need you.

You are my happiness
my laugh
my tears
my sadness
my crazyness
my other half
How could i survive without those emotions?

p.s : I am a single lady okay!

♥ ♥ ♥

So damn lazy to do my revision. I had enough sleep last night. Woke up at 10 a.m. Aiyoooooo. Starving! Ergh.. i want to watch High School Musical 3!!! But no one wants to watch that movie. So i need to wait till Disney Channel plays it. Checking eurosport aite now.

Hull City 0 - 3 Chelsea
Hahahaha. Arsenal memang looser gila ape kalah ngan Bandar Hull dulu?

And till now still a looser coz seri aje dengan Spurs. Lucky i'm not wasting my time watch it last night and have a good sleep. Hiks. Next week Arsenal - Man U, sure ramai gila booking nak tengok same coz nak bahan aku. Me, Diana Bt Naubi, won't watch the match with Man U fan. Hahahahhaa. Lagipun, someone on my mind now. I want to watch with him. Hope you can make it. :)

Enough it enough.

29 October 2008

Pepagi pijat-pijat.

Bila pagi pun mucul, cahaya bintang itu tenggelam dalam sinar mentari.
Kali ini, aku tak meraba-raba dalam kegelapan.
Aku bangun untuk meneruskan hidup.
Mencari suatu makna sebenar kehidupan.

Well, well, class at 8. Stop thinking too much. Apesal ade class time study week? Apesal class at 8? Apesal? Apesal?

28 October 2008

Last word

Tahu weh blog ini buruk. Soon bila dah habis final orang update bebetul eh.

Sorry terpaksa tukar url.
Sorry if i did hurt you.
Sorry if i'm wrong.

Need to study back.
Goodbye dear laptop. Goodbye my sweet surrender.

Will be back if i really do need to express.
Miss you.

Wishing you all the best with the final exam.


Reasons of changing my url.

- Bored with dreamergirl, too childish maybe. And i had enough with all my dream-dream thingy.

- I did hurt someone's heart. So i don't want that person to read my blog anymore. Haha. Sure?

- Running away from some strangers. Hiks.

- Saje je kot. Pindah rumah weh. Hahaha.


Aku sering buat kau sakit hati.
Tapi aku sayang engkau.
Dalam hati aku, aku sakit hati juga.

Aku selalu buat tak peduli.
Tapi aku sayang engkau.
Aku ambil peduli dari jauh.

Aku sering jerit kuat-kuat aku benci engkau,
Tapi sebenarnya aku sayang engkau.
Cuma aku ego untuk berkata sayang.

Aku sering kata pegi mampus,
Tapi aku tetap sayang engkau.
Aku tak nak engkau pergi dulu sebelum aku.

Aku selalu senyap bila dengan engkau, macam aku benci.
Tapi aku sayang engkau.
Sayang yang tak mungkin terucap.

Engkau takkan pernah faham.
Engkau takkan pernah mengerti.
Sebab aku ini aneh.

Hati aku,
rupa aku,
fikiran aku,
tak pernah bergerak serentak.

Jadi engkau takkan pernah dapat baca.
Tapi, aku nak engkau ingat,
jauh dalam sudut hati aku,
aku sayang engkau.
Lebih dari aku sayang diri aku.
Dan sebab itu,
aku tak boleh berhidup dengan engkau.
Kerana itu tidak adil untuk aku.

27 October 2008

Truth Hurts

It just can't lie.

When the truth revealed, we just can't stop fighting. Blaming each other said those harsh words. It just won't stop. Maybe we satisfied to see each other down after the big fight. Well, i hate to know the truth that he loving someone else beside me. I hate to know that he flirt with that hot chic. I hate to know that he still contacting with his ex. I hate to know he is with another cute girl. I just hate things that can make i am not the one anymore.

Well, my first BF left me because another girl. Since that, i really do scared to get dumped anymore. Well, losing someone that i really trust makes me feels like a jerk. Not a good GF maybe. But then i should expect that as i heard the rumours spread. The last thing i remember, he called me one night and tell me that he did had crush on the other girl. I just let him go as i want to see him happy. Owh bitch, you know he have a gf but you still wants him. Once i let him go, you playing bitch with him and married with other guy. I should go in front of you and slap you twice. Btw to that ex, serve you right dudeeee.

I hate backstabber, who doesn't? Well, back to my 'neraka dunia'. I trust everybody like i always does before until one day i heard somebody did said bad things bout me on my back. The worst part is, i did trust that person to the max at that moment. But she spreading all my stories to the others in the toilet. Unlucky them, i was in the toilet while they are busy slandering on me. Heh. I just walk out on them and telling them thanks coz being a GOOOOOOD friend for me before. Since that i hereby said that they are my greatest foe ever.

I might be not a perfect girl. I admit, i am childish, crazy, uncontrolable and psyco. But i do have these feeling that can make me feel uncomfortable. I need someone to calm me, not someone to blame. I need someone to shade some light in my life not somebody just to get me through the night. I just need someone called a soulmate, a person who really do know me.

Hidup ini memang palat, tapi esok masih ada.
I'm looking foward for a better tomorrow. Live life to the max!

p.s : Bintang itu makin jauh. Makin pudar. Lalu menghilang dalam gelap malam. Tinggal aku sendiri teraba-raba dalam kegelapan.

25 October 2008

Si cantik.

Happy Birthday dear Nadiah Amalina!!!

Semoga kamu panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dipercepatkan jodoh & semakin cantik. Hihi. Enjoy ur day dear! Sayang kamu. Thanks for everything dear. Hopefully both of us can find our perfect guy soon. Hihi.

Curi this photo from ur Friendster. Ur profile song best ok. It does reminds me of someone. Dear, dear, dear, mari kita bergembira! Lupakan itu kenangan yang tidak gembira. :)

Mama Panda in the house.

Well, i had enough sleep last night. At last, after a week lack of sleep. Aiyo.. I hate those test and assignment. And for the first time for the whole semester, EYEBAGS = Panda eyes. Heh. if before i am that miss polar bear now i need to change my name to miss panda. Aduyai. The eyebags make me wanna wear spec 24/7. Tak sanggup weh tengok.

miss panda in the house


A week juga i've been stuck without any entertainment. Heh, except on Tuesday la i'm going out to CS watching KAMI alone. Yes, i'm watching it alone. Don't called me pathetic, hahaha. I'm the one planning to watch it alone after most of my friends sume dah tengok. Well, the whole hall is mine, just mine sebab takde orang lain lagi yang nak tengok cite tu. So i am really dating with myself, as i planned juga. Popcorn and the drink is all mine. Sitting in the middle of the hall, couple sit pula tu. Halemak, macam kat rumah! Well, let me change it i'm dating with Nas-t. Gile ah perasan!

And for the whole week juga i've been busy with my study group. Thanks to those friends yang tak kedekut ilmu. Being with you guys merepeks and hang out sama sangat best. Peluk cium korang ah. I love to say that word each time my test end. Haha. You guys the best la! Let me list your name here.
Eacha-Yanti-Jijot-Ciki-Mok- Najib-Sis Nina-Ana

I'm not swimming alone. Sayang korang!!!!


Tolong bantu aku melewati semua.
Betapa hancurnya, hati dan jiwaku.
Betapa, betapa.

Betapa - Shiela on 7.

Ape kes? Heh, don't laugh! Loveeee this song now.


Selamat datang study week, starting next week. To all my friends, mari kita kenduri buku beramai-ramai. Mari juga buat UTM dipenuhi beruang panda. Hahahaha.


Ok,ok. Mahu pegi itu open house. Makan-makan! :)

24 October 2008


Home at last.
(Playing Here in my home. ;p )

Tau pun dari Facebook. Gomene. Semoga Tuhan merahmati kamu dan umur kamu panjang. Cepat ketemu jodoh. Tak stress final yang dah dekat ni. Dan semoga dapat present yang best. Hiks. Enjoy your day yah Huda!

Gomene again, tak dapat kidnap ur pixie. Too tired seh!

Ok, ok enuf with this thigy. Penat baboon. Need rest! Ergh. Rindu juga sama ini net life. Later!

p.s : Takde kredit for 3 days dah. So faham-faham if tak reply msg.

20 October 2008

Selamat Pagi!

Thanks for coming kawan-kawan. Even tak ramai pun yang datang kali ni because of transportation problem. But then terima kasih banyak-banyak. :)

To my ex, Mohd Shahrizan, thanks for coming too. I know its been a long time you're not coming here as you are busy with your girlfriend before this. Sorry if i'm being too childish eh coz watching Nemo than Top Gear. Halemak, raya-raya wat ape tengok Top Gear dude?

After a while dia balik, he texted me and ask me out for a movie. Haha. Thanks coz bringing me out. And thanks for the em.. date? Heh. Dating with the big brother. Aisyh.. (Nasib baik u dah single, takde la rase guilty going out with you.)

Ok la, my sis dah bising-bising suruh siap-siap balik UTM. Benci dowh! Later.

18 October 2008


I want to shout it loud. Theo Walcott, i love you!

Thanks for the third goal dear love. :)

Saya dan 7

Ditag lagi. But this time dilla buli saya. Hiks. Thanks dear! Memangdangkan i am free aite now, konon-konon nak hilangkan stress nih. I will do this tag before jadi lebih busy afta this.

7 fakta mengenai saya
- Periang.
- Saya seorang peminat Arsenal.
- Saya sangat-sangat bergantung kepada keluarga saya.
- Manja. Mereka kata begitu. Mungkin saya sedikit manja bila saya dah mula mempercayai orang itu.
- Musik adalah saya. Lagu-lagu membuat saya rasa puas.
- Saya sangat suka mengambil gambar sendiri. Heh, kira nak perasan sendiri comel la kan.
- Peramah.

7 Perkara Menakutkan Saya
- Ajal. Saya takut akan ajal saya sendiri ataupun ajal orang yang saya sayang.
- Bila ditikam dari belakang dengan orang yang saya percaya.
- Bila terpaksa menerima kenyataan kegagalan sendiri.
- Cacing or something yang macam cacing. Dizzy weh if nampak banyak sangat menatang tu.
- Tuhan. Siapa pun tak takut.
- Bila dia betul-betul lupakan saya.
- Kehilangan diri sendiri.

7 Lagu Kegemaran Saya Buat Masa Ini
- T-shirt - Shontelle (Dedicate lagu ini untuk dia.)
- Lovebug - Jonas Brother
- This is Me - Demi Lovato
- Gotta Find You - Joe Jonas
- Womanizer - Britney Spears
- Hot & Cold - Katy Perry
- Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente (Oldiest gile lagu ni!)

7 Perkataan Yang Selalu Disebut
- Aduyaii (Tiap kali saying that word my roomate akan ketawa)
- I benci la u.
- Lantak ah.
- If i can kill him!
- I love you (Saying that to my Nas-T poster each time in the stress mode)
- Alahai ciannye u.
- Jap-jap, pikir.

7 Perkara Yang Paling Bernilai Bagi Saya
- Keluarga
- GFs
- Clasmeto
- Nari-nari
- Toptop
- Phonee
- My everyday journal

7 Pertama Kali Dalam Hidup Saya
- Pertama kali accident time nak balik JJ. Time tu jam gile kereta depan emergency break, that time i sempat break but my kereta blakang langgar bontot nari-nari. That time sorang, so dengan coolnya stop kat gas station yang terdekat.
- First time hidup tanpa keluarga time Matrix. Sangat gila stress time tu. So i amik universiti yang paling dekat ngan rumah. So here i am, UTM!
- Pakai cermin mata, time darjah 6. Haha. Bebudak lagi dah pakai cermin mata kan. Inilah dia budak yang kuat tengok TV dah tu macam nak masuk je dalam TV tu. Hahaha.
- Pakai lens form 4 till now. Tu pun pakai after got dump and bertekad nak jadi konon-konon cantik. Hahahaha. Yeah, lens is sangat important la kan for me now.
- Putus cinta when i am in form 4. Alahai. That guy dumped me sebab another gal. Tapi tu zaman kanak-kanak so kiteorang til sekarang pun baik je sedangkan i am planning to slap him dulu. Haha.
- Kerja. Time tu habis SPM, jadi waitress kat kedai cake. Tapi tak lame pun sebab gila penat kerja dengan cina. Time tu saya pandai buat espresso, latte ect. Sebab baik ngan budak bartender yang hensem itu. Hiks.
- Having cat fight when i was in form 3. Alemak, banyak gila drama back then. But saya bukan watak utama. Cuma watak sampingan sahaja. Hahahaha. I miss my schoolmate. Diha-Dora-Huda-Sarah. You guys memang drama saya la. ;p

7 Orang Yang Bertuah Untuk Jawab Soalan Di Atas.
- Haih, buat aje la if you want too. Tawu korang sibuk dengan exam. So if takde keje baru buat tag ini ok~

Window shopping online

Berwindow shopping kat net make me sick! Lagi-lagi when the brand tak masuk Malaysia lagi. I love this Ed Hardy cap! Seventeen, i hate you! Looking for a cap, then terjatuh cinta kat satu cap from Ed Hardy dalam Seventeen itu. But memang takde kat M'sia la kan. Syed, i envy u, ada kasut Ed Hardy eyh? After my final mahu pegi S'pore and grab something from Ed Hardy shop. Cap la for sure. Be different meh. Alahai.. need to saving la gini! My dad KEDEKUT singapore dollar. Ergh.. Dah la the price is $55.00. RM100++ for a cap, grr.. i need to think twice now.

Another something in my list is wedges. So berjalan pula ke webpage Jimmy Choo as dalam lagu t-shirt ada mention that brand. But seriously sedar diri la kan i can't afford pun the things there. Thats why i called it window shopping online. Haha. I can't find my fav heels pun as i am not into this girly things. But i had found my heels if i want to get married. Alahai.. the price is RM450. Ergh, not worth it!

Then, i'm going to Manolo Blahnik page pula. Haha. Heard bout this brand from Labels & Love song. But the shoes there sangat gila pelik and i can't find the price for me to konon-konon planning untuk beli. Heh. Out from that page googling for Nike, alemak back to somewhere i belong. Then i found this cute cap. Haha. Kawaiii-des! If anyone did jumpa this capkan, let me know ok.

Aduhaii.. need rest pula ini mata. Hihi.

17 October 2008

selamat petang

As your wish. I dah delete entry yang super-duper-gossip itu. Haha. I am not that bad la kan.

2 more assignments to go. 3 test for next week. But the test is not that sial like RC Design. Heh, so hopefully tiada stress. Two more week to go then berjuang for the finals. Gambate-gambate-gambate. Haih, my parent dah tak kasi pulang ke rumah next week. Uwaa.. home sick la~ ;p

Ohow, i'm looking for a wedges. Walaupun i am tall enuf to belagak with my friends but i need one la kot. In-case nak pegi kenduri kahwin ley pakai cecantik la kan. Hahaha. Siapa mahu kahwin jangan lupa jemput saya ok. Haha. Kak Yana & Abg Nash, cepat kawin!! :)
Btw,btw, kata mahu turun JB tengok KAMI. When? Heh, i don't have any date for now, so bring someone hot for me. Hahaha. Make sure he is single and available ok. Yes, i am crazy. ;p

Enuf with this world. Mahu sambung swimming dengan papers. Alehai.. at 3p.m ade discussion.

14 October 2008

Stress mode.


I'm going crazy! I hate this phase of U life. Ergh.. macam mahu berhenti belajar pegi kawin je, haha. Hopefully i'll stop playing around and start to do what i need to do. Eat the book weh! Wish me luck ok with all this stupid thigy.

Killing me softly with the notes, numbers & pressure. I am drowning in a sea of papers.

p.s : Good luck with your presentation. Hope you're doing ok. Miss ya! ;p (Erkk!)

13 October 2008

Mata kaler.

Heh. Am thanks for the info. Will change my lens soon, once dah amik my beg duit. Alamak, dah tahu kena patuhi. Ergh. Penah ke orang tergoda tengok mata ini? And dinyatakan disini my exact reason nak pakai lens kekaler just sahaja-sahaja want to look different. Haha. Bukan untuk bercantik atau mengoda. ;p

Hukum pakai kanta lekap berwarna.
Baca la, then lu pikir la sniri. After a while of thinking betul juga, what the reason i'm buying the expensive colored lens? Hihi. Satisfied with it kot. No more next time. ;p

p.s : Ada lagi satu color punya lens, what should i do with dat?


Kembali ke UTM yang terchenta.
Another 4 days of being here without my wallet. Again, tertinggal.

(+) minta my sis RM50 (-) bayar saman RM25 (-) makan RM4 = baki, RM21.

4 days to go with RM21? Can i survive?
NOOO!!!! But i'll try. :(
Thinking bout my piggy bank. Haha. Habis la kau syiling malam ni. Uwa.. need to go home, but surely my parent nyanyi lagu bebelan. Ergh. Bank card pun takde. IC, license, matrix card. Hell. I need to stay here for a week? Wish me luck for this.


I meet him again today. This song keep playing on my mind when I saw him.

Now I'm speechless, over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this Lovebug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this Lovebug again

Dedicating Lovebug - Jonas Brothers to him. ;p
Heh, i'll forget him soon. Oi Rina, apesal bila aku makan ngan kau dia muncul. Korang scandal ape sengal? You are my lucky charm la sis for me to see him. Third time this time. Heh.


Make your decision dear.
Dont' need revision,
just a lil bit of thinking & sorting.
Think wisely.
No more regret.
You did it once, don't make it twice.
I'll respect whatever your decision.

Maybe it seems like i don't care, but deep inside my heart, i do care.

12 October 2008


The rules :
* link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
* share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
* tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
* let them know they're tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

* Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
Farra Deyla. Heh. Give me another assignment huh?

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
My 7 Things

1. Out-going. I can talk about anything but my major topic when I talk is, craps. Hahaha. I love to talk bout this and that but at the end I don’t even know what I’m saying. I can easily got a new friends if the other parties accepting me as who I am.

2. Drama queen. I love to be a drama queen. My life is so damn bored without drama. If the things can be settle down by a straight line, I love to draw some curvy-curvy line or round-about to make it more interesting or looks like a story in the tivo. Haha. Life is once so I want to make it interesting.

3. Pretend-er. I can cry and laughing, I can mad and make jokes, I can sad and just smiling. I am too good in hiding my true feeling. Only closed person can see it through my eyes. Yes, my eyes can’t lie but my mouth and face still can hide those feelings. I am suffering babeh, but who knows? ;p

4. Lesbian. I always said that I love my girlfriends. I did. Love them much! I will choose the gf’s that that guys that broke my heart into pieces. Until now I am sure I don’t have that proper heart like other girls have. Duh.. Thanks to my gfs coz always be with me and supporting me. Don’t worry I won’t rape you guys. Hahahahhaha.

5. Lazy. Yes I am. Everyone knows that, especially my family. Hahaha. I can sit and doing nothing for few hours than helping them do the chores. I rather sit and read my magazine than read my educational book, even I know the exam is just around the corner. I rather drawing than do my assignment. I really do hate this habit!

6. Unpredictable. I can change my mood in a minute. I can be extremely down and sad at a moment but after a few second of thinking I will be a totally happy-go-crazy girl on earth. Do stupid crazy things just to make sure I am happy and enjoying my short life. I can suddenly mad at you but after a while I will ask for your forgiveness. Sometimes I don’t know what I really want in my life. It is just so complicated!

7. Anorexia. Yes I am. I don’t know how to get fat. Each time I eat it is just go nowhere. I still like this, the walking skeleton. Is it? Arghh.. I really do want to be chubby like a teddy bear. I don’t mind to be fat, at least if I fat I can jog to balai cerap everyday to maintain my body. But with this skeleton body, I had no reason to jog. And if I eat like jin mentakedarah pun, I can’t be fat. So my conclusion is diet more and be an anorexia model.

* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
The lucky 7 goes to:
-Affan Azami

* Let them know they're tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
Postman, do your job.


Siblings, thanks for today ok. (Includes Shahril & Shahrizan)
No pixie taken sebab segan hell kat Shahrizan. He is my first guy who teach me what the meaning of missing. Love? Still young back then. Lucky me, i dreamt of him yesterday, text him and the next hour he is right in front of me. Haha. Abang oii, bila nak kasi kad jemputan kawin? I'm waiting. Thanks coz joining us, holding my things while i'm busy running here and there, complaining too much bout me & everything la! Sorry if i did too childish to hang out with you yang much-much older than me. I am still the same Diana when i was 15 ok, love cute things & love do cute things. Even i am not that cute. Haha. If you still can remember la. Aiyak, enough with you my ex! ;p

Eagle Eye best!

Guys, thanks for coming eh. Meriah rumah i digegar korang. Syafiq, i want the pixie nanti. Upload di Friendster ya! Aiya.. sorry if my home macam messy or the food biasa-biasa sahaja. Haha. Tiada masa untuk mengemas tadi memandangkan tetamu sebelum itu baru pulang lagi pula dirumah saya tiada chef yang hebat untuk masak. Hanya masakan tangan ibu dibantu oleh dua anak yang 'comel'. Hahahahaha..

Selamat hari raya kanak-kanak beraya. Excited! ;p

To that son of the bitch. Is it a must for you to list the good things that you ever did to me? Hello. Please stop playing childish la weh. If that you called love before, i think you should learn the meaning of love and sacrifice more. Cause you won't complain if you did love that someone. No matter how big or how hard you did sacrifice for that person, you did it because of love NOT hoping for something back. Got it? So stop digging for the good side of you coz i don't want to know, all i can see now is you're the one who makes me being like this. Conclusion, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE ANYMORE! I said it many times and i hope this will be the last this time.

Look the same huh my face? But dude, i am chaging. To be a better person and surely better than you. Don't make the same mistake again next time. I am not a barbie doll and you won't get the second chance. Argh.. i hate to have you in my hard disc, but why you keep bugging me like a virus? Sialan, aku mahu engkau mati. Boleh?

11 October 2008

Happy 11th

I'm haunted by this photograph
Don't know why
Every time I look, I get shivers down my spine
You're such a beautiful face
I know those eyes
They take me back in time
I wish that I could tell you
What you don't know
I dream about that day
But it's impossible
In another world, I'll be yours tonight
But I can't break free from this life
I see it all the time
I know it's true
A picture doesn't lie

It could be you. :)

10 October 2008

Promoter oh promoter.

I got a job call just now. Again, as a promoter. But this time macam beauty consultant. The payment is RM3200 for a month. And kena pusing-pusing M'sia. Gosh, need to say NO because the finals is just around the corner. Omak aiii.. rugi gila!!! Hilang demam kejap after got that call, complaining kat my parent bout the wrong timing tu. Haih..

p.s : First time dapat payment besar gitu but kena reject pula. Hell!

miss comunication

The Italian man who went to Malta.

Thanks to Jijot, the person who spreading this thing in the class & make me laughing sampai mahu bergolek-golek. Thats why la kiteorang semua amik komunikasi berkesan. Haha.

p.s : Demam, so sangat tiada idea to talk craps. Have fun la with the video ok.


Rindu padamu
Tak dapat ku luahkan
Tersimpul tiada kata
Ku simpan di hati
Biar terbuku di jiwa
Biar sesak didada
Biar aku saja yang tahu bertapa rindunya
Biar aku saja derita menunggu mu
Inginku pulang ke pangkuan mu
Inginku peluk erat tubuhmu
Inginku kucup hangat dahimu
Inginku jerit rindu.. rindu ku

Taken from my favourite lecturer, Dr Airil (since when pula jadi fav?) Well, i love this lyric. Yeah rite i am jiwang. So? Btw, i'll write a lyric or a poem better than this for my future husband someday. Haha. Nak menang juga kan.

Why i'm posting this? Sort of dedicating this to someone. Specially to that no one. Since when i love to play mysterious eh? Maybe after i've made my mind that i don't want to hear any gossip of mine anymore. Maybe. I'm glad to be this way, keeping all my secrets alone deep inside my heart. :)

p.s : Dad, please la. Give me chance to go to guitar classes.

09 October 2008


Thousands have lived without love, no one without water.

So are you expecting me to say sorry my dear? In your dream. Coz i am SURE i can survive without you. Another war, another confessions and the dead of our soul. Hell yeah this is really make me sick, if i can dump you into my grandfather's grave. Hopefully there is no coverage there, so i won't receive your wanna win statement. Do you know how to say sorry?


Britney new single, Womanizer. I love you Brit! Stop play stupid.
Dedicating this song to who eh? Womanizer, go to hell babeh. I want to kick your butt after let you know what the meaning of heartbroken. Heh, did they have heart?

Talking bout a womanizer. I am glad to know a guy who is a womanizer before but already changed now. Being a loyal lover now. I am proud of you man, i know you do too. Proud of yourself huh? Keep it up, don't be that type of jerk anymore. Thanks to that girl who accidentally make him realize and changing. Clap-clap-clap.


I've made a huge mistake
If before i keep running away from it
Now i choose to stop
Turn around and face it
But facing it make me sick
Sick of them
Always blamming me for my past
If i could erase their memory
Or shut them off
I will do it
So i can have both
The history & future

07 October 2008


Dear sis Irena.

I really had fun tonight. Heh. Thanks coz wasting my time jalan-jalan looking for your new class t-shirt but at last all your favourite t-shirt not fitted you. You need to diet la sis, even i know you have that perfect body and i do envy you. (Not included your tummy ok, need more sit ups and julap la sis. Hahaha.) At last you bought a card for your syg. I am the one who find the card tau Shahril.

Oh hantu, kau buat aku malu sampai mahu jadi burung unta yang sembunyikan kepala dalam tanah tau tak. Heh. I should not trust what you said la sis. Kepala mengong ini budak, khianat kakak je tawu. Next time kita buang eh welcome sign kedai tu. Macam mahu tampar kau je tengok kau gelak-gelak dalam kete. Pretending to be cute huh sis?

This time i really do want to thank you la sis. Thanks coz accompany me stalking that guy. This is the second time i see him this semester. Being admiring him since my first year and i think you had heard about him so many times before. Gosh, he is still the same and i know i am still the same too. Admiring him only if he is there and easily forget him afterwards. Terukkan? But he is somekind of my happiness here. Being too excited when i see him, without reason. Maybe today is my lucky day. :)

Openroom at 216.

Ramai gila coming. The lesbo babes. This is the first time for this semester we all gathering together. Everyone pun bawa kuih raya, we eat together and talk craps. Mostly bout girl things, they make fun of it. Ketawa all the time. Hilang stress buat assignment traffic tadi, happy mode now. :)

Penglipur lara Aryanti mula membuka cerita. All of us ketawa like hell dengar cerita pengalaman Fifi balik raya. Sorry Fifi, i did sympathy but i can't stop from laughing la babe! Most of us pun ketawa, except Yatyat yang buat sympathy face. Yat, you memang the best la! Dah last-last minute baru you nak ketawa. Fifi, next raya take note tau, barang tak payah banyak & make sure your ticket tu betul-betul. But, cerita ini boleh jadi drama raya.

Tonight memang best la babes! Tq-tq-tq.

To one of my trash list.Stop contacting me, i just get irritates to receive you message each day. I don't know why, i just hating you too much. Stop saying sweet words coz it means nothing for me now. Stop remembering bout our memories coz it means nothing too for me now. Stop trying to winning my heart back coz i am so sure I DON'T WANT TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE ANYMORE. This is karma babeh, and karma always play bitch. Let me tell you something, you will not get the second chance coz you don't deserve it. You don't deserve me at all. So, stop trying and go away! Told ya, don't play with this moody Diana. Coz i love play nasty with the situation.

Honest, moody to receive his msg shj. With others, saya chill. (^.^)

p.s : Malam makin larut. Esok kelas pukul 8. Semoga ada bom atom yang mengejut. ;p

Good luck.

Unfortunately, it is different from what i've expected. Yes, we planning, but we're not the one who write the fates. Don't complain, face it. We need too, we have too. Like Epa's quote, I may be small and weak outside, but inside i have the strenght of a horse. Yeah, need to be strong deep inside our heart. The way we think should be more matured than your 'childish' face. So we won't easily get affected by the surrounding. I hate problems, but i did learn something from that. I loves making mistake, but i will make sure i won't repeat the same mistake twice. There is a second chance but if you get the third, forth or fifth chance, it is not the same.

Ways to get rid of your history, just let it be. Trash it and don't look back. There is a better future waiting for you if you did care bout your future more than you past. No more regrets for my future. No more "if i can turn back time" words. No more stupid mistakes. New resolution huh? ;p

Good luck with the papers.
Good luck with your assignments.
Good luck with our wars.
Good luck with the heart broken.
Good luck with your life.

p.s : Gambate!


I don't know why, feeling down right now.
No one to talk too, no one to call, no one to chat with.
There is no one for me to share what i feel right now.

That person is right, i am emo. But this is a place where i can express my exact feeling without thinking what others gonna judge me. I don't mind if they did judge me by reading all my craps here. But me being here is me when i am not ok or over excited. So please don't take my words here seriously. And please don't judge me.

1 message received
Sorry, to wake you up by a message. Thanks coz being with me. You're the best. :)
Glad to have you in my friend list. I'll be there too if you really need someone ok. Balas jasa.

Maybe you would not know this. But if i could, i will shout it lout saying that i miss you so damn much but i can't. Come here, let me whisper it so that you know it.

06 October 2008


Everytime I think I'm closer to the heart
Of what it means to know just who I am
I think I've finally found a better place to start
But no one ever seems to understand
I need to try to get to where you are
Could it be, you're not that far?

I gotta find you. Hope to see you soon dear friend. :)

To 'that' person, I'm sorry goodbye.

Watching Hot & Cold music video just now. Haha. Love it! I'm dedicating this song to you too dear friend. (Text you later, i don't want to let the gossip spread if i write your name here. Poyo hell.)
Ahah, Alif got any clue? Not this time ok. ;p

Back to UTM tomorrow morning. Hate it! ;(

05 October 2008


Between loving you or hating you. I choose to hate you.

I'm sorry goodbye. ;(


New journey!
Oi, test 2 coming up la weh.
Assignments to submit.
Where is my organizer?!!!

p.s : Why now i have short term memory lost eh?


Mr Psycho
Amir! Thanks for tonight ok. Haha. Seriously gila lama tidak jumpa you! You had change a LOT. The one yang sangat buat i keep complaining is about your smoking habit la kan. You're not smoking before ok, but now sampai dua kotak sehari memang mahu buat i pengsan. And your hair too, lagi panjang dari my hair. Wavy++nakal lagi, penat i sikat, serabut juga akhirnya! Mahu saja i letak sunsilk biar tak degil. Haha.

Thanks coz remembering me while you're at here. Next time if i'm going to KL i'll let you know eh. Haipeng? Haha. If i ever jejak my kaki kat Kemaman lagi ok. ;p Need to plan a vacation with my gfs so i'll choose your place la. Tioman, i'm coming! You need to be there with Abas ok, ajar saya surfing wehh. And give us discount tau. OK?

Our pixie. Haha. Crazy us! Am i getting dark? *sighs*

*Kak Yana & Abg Nash. Sudah link kamu-kamu. Love you guys much-much-much. Sorry coz i'm being too malu-malu-meow tadi. Hope to see you guys tomorrow. ;)
*Arsenal draw. Heh. Tired of winning eh?
*Owh-owh, tadi while i'm driving back alone from meeting Amir someone followed me. Nasib baik i am a good driver, dapat melarikan diri from that car. Gerun weih!
*My demam getting better. :)

03 October 2008

The Duit Raya.

At last, my blogee looks different now. The banner photo taken when i was 18 years old. Haha. To Syed, do you still remember this pixie? I have lots of our pix at my hard disc rupanya. Will delete it soon ok, like what you did. Fair enough for us, no more memories to keep. Lets seek for a better future. Opss.. Being too direct?

You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.

I hate it seriously! But i am not at your everyday-must-contact list anymore, coz i am not replying your message and i won't reply it for these few days or maybe week. I won't pick up your phone call either. So egoism, i know i am when i really mad. You know me better than others, i know it. I like you but at the same time i hate you more, so how? ;p I am serious la!

Owh, i already spent HALF of my duit raya for my PC. My siblings keep complaining spending their money to pay for the new mother board for our PC at home. As they planning something with that money. Padan muka, kita merancang tapi tuhan yang menentukan. ;p
But then i also regret to spend my money for that. Heh. Wasting! But if we ask abah to pay for it, surely he will pissed off. This is the fifth time we repair the PC this year, gila kokak.
This stupid thing cost us RM200+. Not including formatting the PC and change of it RAM.

Babe Yat, i miss u too. Can't wait to see you! Well, i need to save some of my duit raya for your wedding present. Haha. Can i know who is your future husband? You suddenly confidently saying that you're getting married. I know you are HAPPY now with him, i know you always do. Btw, i miss your kaki bangau when it comes to excited mode. Show me your new 4 pasang baju kurung baru eh, i'm saying that words with your style. ;p

Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu yang memikul.
Perempuan itu mengandungkan anak luar nikah. Mujur lelaki itu mahu bertanggugjawab. Tapi dalam sifat bertanggungjawab lelaki itu dia lupa tanggungjawab ayahnya menjadi dua kali ganda. Aku kesian tengok si ayah lebih daripada tengok betina itu. Sila jangan berdrama dengan kami. Kau tak pernah layak berada di kepompong kehidupan aku.

And the best couple of this year is dedicated to 'them'.
Because they hurts their loved one.

Najib, thanks for the card. I just received it today. BIJAN? Seriously tak penah fikir pun bout that even my signature is ANAID. Haha. Urs lagi best la coz it means something, mine punya macam nama alien. Walaupun saya ini weird-kiddo tapi tak sampai alien mode la kan. Raya jemput datang rumah eh, nanti Yana bagitawu bila. :D

Downloading Heroes Episode 3.

Need to sleep now, have to drive to Singapore tomorrow. Hope to see Kak Yana & Abg Nash. ;)

To Amir Psycho, welcome to JB. Tomorrow i will belanja you if boleh keluar malam ok.