29 August 2008

Sagittarius Babe.

Taking this from my friend yang obviously Sagi Baby too. This year we'll celebrate our birthday together k. ;-)

People Said That SAGITTARIUS

*The Happy-Go-Lucky One - it is so me kot.
*Good-natured optimist. - sedikit-sedikit semakin optimis. Lol!
*Doesn't want to grow up . - miss my childhood moment much!
*Indulges self. - had enough think of others kot
*Boastful.- is it? Macam tak. Talkative yes, boastful NAHHH..
*Likes luxuries and gambling. - Who doesn't like luxuries? BIG no to gambling.
*Social and outgoing. - Social, think twice la. Outgoing yes!
*Doesn't like responsibilities. - I am not ready yet.
*Often fantasizes. - It was like my must do thingy!
*Impatient. - When it comes to driving or not in mood.
*Fun to be around. - Ask them, i don't know.
*Flirtatious. - Err.. depends on my mood.
*Doesn't like rules. - Rules is stupid! Life is for enjoy, why do we need rules?
*Sometimes hypocritical. - Coz i don't want to hurt others.
*Dislikes being confined. - Don't stop me, this is my precious own life.
*Doesn't like being doubted. - Trust it is all i need.
*Beautiful inside and out. - I don't think so.

*Having lots of friends. - Yeah. I am friendly.

p.s : Human is complicated & cannot been decribed by those horoscope or anything. Just get to know them 1st then judge. It is not easy to built the trust but once it broken it won't be the same~

Wahai Ahmad Amirul Amin~

Happy 21st Birthday Ahmad Amirul Amin!
Hiks. May Allah bless you Ciki. Even u dah sombong since ada 'dia'.
Heh. i don't need to doakan ur jodoh coz i know u'll always find one.
Semoga panjang umur & dimurahkan rezeki. So dat once u da keje, kene belanje org!
May ur birthday wish comes true.
Good luck for the test! Full mark ok bday boy~
Enjoy ur day wahai senpai ciki.
Ciki-Miki-Tiki, Haha. Rememba time 1st year?
p.s : the pixie was taken at RC Design class. Hiks. They said his face was different at this moment. Is it? Getting older punya abang. ;p

28 August 2008

Dear Nadziran..

Syed Mohd Nadziran
Hiks, happy birthday adik! How old are you now eh? Emm.. no idea, but i know today is your day.
Sorry, can't call you and sing birthday song this year. I really want too but, haih..
May Allah bless you sayangness & surely your dad give you what you want kan.
Maybe my relationship with your 'bangah' had found the end.
But my relationship with you, will be forever k adik.
I do miss you.
Enjoy your day birthday boy!
p.s : if sumday i'm going to ur house, ajak kak yana main ur PS3 taw. Jeles!!

27 August 2008

Learn from your stupidness~

From someone who did concern bout me, to those that i concern about.

Promise to me,
Never say you happy when you sad.
Never say you fine when you're not ok.
Never say you feel good when you feel bad.
Never say you are alone when i still alive.

Thanks, i know there is someone who still sayang me.
Ramai for sure, my dearest friends.
Come here, give me a BIG hug!

p.s : If they always said "Learn from your mistake". My bro said, "Learn from your stupidness". I know he love me so damn much and i do too. Meh sini adik, mahu pelok ciom!

25 August 2008


Each time i woke up in the morning i just feel suck.
Really suck.
Sometimes i feels like want to give up with everything.
But then after a few minutes thinking.
I bet i won't be that 'easy'.
I should enjoy every second of my life.
Every second ok!
I know my friends won't let me down alone.
Thank you coz always be my side.
Love you guys much!

Truth will always gonna be hurts.
So always get prepared for the worst.

"Yang penting kita enjoy" shout it loud with Nora Danish accent.
Class la gile, dah lambat!

24 August 2008

the 1st entry.

10 things you should know bout me :

1. I am so damn complicated & unpredictable. It s gonna be WORST when something did distract me.

2. Happy-go-lucky, bt more to sengal actually.

3. Good in hiding emotion. Still can smile even i am totally down. Some of them called me 'muka plastik'.

4. Friendly. But they need to start it 1st la coz i am totally not good in starting a conversation.

5. I am childish. Hiks, maybe my attitude is still unmatured. So bersabar la with my attitude eyh.

6. Miss photo-freako! Yeah, i am so damn obsess with myself. So don't get bored with my pixie ok!

7. I want to be like Paris Hilton. Ergh.. envy her! But sure i don't want her 'stupidness' itu.

8. Can't live without my cell-phone! Haha.. itu la my music, my cam & my imaginary friend. ;p

9. I am such a dreamer. So don't ask why i have so much pimples on my face. Hihi..

10. I want to be a Princess. Can i? Sgt la plastic~


This blogee will be in bahasa rojak. And always gonna be a place for me to talk craps. I won't be serious here. So-so-so, if u really did read this pun, don't get bored keyh. Coz surely my entry akan jadi sangat pelik. Hiks. Me, always gonna be weird & freak.

Describe me,