24 August 2008

the 1st entry.

10 things you should know bout me :

1. I am so damn complicated & unpredictable. It s gonna be WORST when something did distract me.

2. Happy-go-lucky, bt more to sengal actually.

3. Good in hiding emotion. Still can smile even i am totally down. Some of them called me 'muka plastik'.

4. Friendly. But they need to start it 1st la coz i am totally not good in starting a conversation.

5. I am childish. Hiks, maybe my attitude is still unmatured. So bersabar la with my attitude eyh.

6. Miss photo-freako! Yeah, i am so damn obsess with myself. So don't get bored with my pixie ok!

7. I want to be like Paris Hilton. Ergh.. envy her! But sure i don't want her 'stupidness' itu.

8. Can't live without my cell-phone! Haha.. itu la my music, my cam & my imaginary friend. ;p

9. I am such a dreamer. So don't ask why i have so much pimples on my face. Hihi..

10. I want to be a Princess. Can i? Sgt la plastic~


This blogee will be in bahasa rojak. And always gonna be a place for me to talk craps. I won't be serious here. So-so-so, if u really did read this pun, don't get bored keyh. Coz surely my entry akan jadi sangat pelik. Hiks. Me, always gonna be weird & freak.

Describe me,


Anonymous said...

lets talk craps!!!