23 August 2011

Lovin' Ice Cream

Adorable couple don't they? Current addiction Lie to Me. Lepas ni nak tengok Heartstrings. Yes, Korean drama is my best therapist - I can forget almost everything when I wasted my time watching it. Pssst, I even ignored PING! on my bbm.

I even use this original song as my ringtone. Sila dengar sila dengar. Even satu ofis I ni macam menyampah tapi I suka buat orang menyampah bila dengar suara budak 'comel' gitu. HAHA


Hoishh. Entry pasal lagu Korea je. Sungguh tak boleh belah. Anyway, I'm gonna have a girls time afterward. Sungguh can't wait.

21 August 2011

Imma Superwoman

Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

I found this on my friend's wall - it was so last year wall post but it seems like a wake up call for me. I tried to believe that everything happen for a reason, I always remind myself that Allah would give me a better future if I stay strong with the hardships that He gave me. Hardship is a learning process, like a training to be strong in heart, an experience of life. Girls usually mesti dikaitkan dengan being fragile, macam jelly-jelly suka amplify the emotional feeling lepas tu blame it on the hormone sebab nak period. But it is actually something we can control IF we have that spirit untuk tak nak get influenced by the negatives vibes. 

So jyeah, I am on my journey to be strong in heart. Kalau dulu I suka sedapkan hati sendiri cakap bertabah, nak hati hard-disc so that boleh delete memorie(s), this time I nak jadi kuat. Bukan physically but emotionally. If dulu I have tonnes of friends around me (I do miss my university life) they never failed to comfort me and drag me back to reality. Now, I need to face this alone. Seriously sometimes when I scroll down through my contact, I just don't know who should I call for. Getting old is not fun but I need to accept the fact. What to do, gotta be wise. Gotta be wise.

I don't want to regret in future, there is someone who remind me to stand for self - and I am so going to be one. I can't satisfy everyone, so I am going to satisfy myself starting from now on. And enjoy every minute of it. Trying to create a better future, not to put fake hopes for my future. Note that.

I have a friend which she is GOOD at comforting herself. She's so positive and she spread her positiveness. I miss her so dearly. Usually when I really need a wise advise I'll directly go to her room, but now I tried my best to think like her. Each and every aspect need to be considered including the consequences. I miss my ABG's babes. Thank you for being a great listener back then sygs.  ;')

Wish me best of luck on being a strong in heart person.

20 August 2011

Moves like jagger

Definition of hot in and out guy. Pffft. Focus to Adam Lavine, he is so damn hot. He never failed to make me watch Maroon 5 video for like hundreds time. So so so sooo damn hot. Woke up with a bad feeling; combination of lack of confident feeling plus numbness plus physically not fit. I felt unwell i think my brain is still in sleep mode/idle - nonfunctional. Until I amplified my mind and heart with the jagger thingy and dance to the music then I felt alive sikit. Haha.

I need positive vibes, I need to stay wise.

19 August 2011


You make it easier when life gets hard.

03 August 2011

Pirates Diana

Ehem. I baru ingat entry hari ini cuma nak buat wordless Wednesday until tengah hari tadi I pergi klinik dengan mak I due to tembel kat mata I dah 4 bulan tak reda-reda. Siap dah macam Ada lump. At first memanglah I malas nak layan, pada I as long as tak sakit it is nothing. Sampailah semalam I baca paper Kosmo about a kid yang mata dia sakit sampai buta. Not cool.

Terus hari ni buat appointment pegi klinik mata. End up with I balik jadi macam pirate. Hehe

I never knew it is that serious. I ingat by time nanti lump itu hilang like a magic. It won't. Benda tu siap dah attached to my eyes lagi. Sampaikan time doctor nak potong it takes time. I wish my mom could record it tp mak nak tengok pun tak sanggup.

The feeling sama macam bila pergi dentist, cuma this time mata sendiri jadi taruhan. And tak boleh pejam mata and kena tengok bawah. Kalau tertengok atas memang nampak doctor dengan gunting kecik. It was a great experience eventhough macam scary. LOL.

I am off to bed, dah dozed myself with drugs tadi. MC esok yippie.

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Wordless Wednesday #4

Gonna get myself red carnations today. Oh my I am so in love with flowers.

02 August 2011

Hello August

Current profile picture kat Facebook. Sebab I thought I look like an adult. I have a hectic weekend, okey exaggerate cuma macam packed la kot. So I've heard about JB blogger gathering hari Ahad, tapi I could not make it. Nak sangat pegi and jumpa new people, next time Insya Allah.

Sabtu lepas I pergi Singapore gather dengan family belah abah and banyak gila kanak-kanak comel lari-lari which makes me an aunty now. I rasa ada dalam 8 orang kot and semua pun comel. So there is one time tu I menyibuk dengar conversation mak I dengan mak cik. And mak cik I cakap pasal cucu dia. Suddenly I yang nak menyampuk ni accidentally cakap, "Ma, semua dah ada cucu mak bila lagi?"

And I was like, what am I saying again? Bila orang tanya I soalan bila nak kawin, I punya moody boleh sampai berjam-jam. It was stressful, I baru je 24 tahun and semua pun dah keep asking me that question. Lagi stress bila mak I tak nak back up I once I kena tanya soalan tu. But then I cakap pasal cucu kat mak. Bhahaha. Slowly I sengih bodoh kat mak dengan mak cik pergi lari cari adik I. Sumpah, not going to think about kids lagi.

And my Sunday was a blast. I jumpa ramai orang and spent time dengan girlfriends dari sekolah dulu. Yes, I am not a great friend which I memang jarang nak hang out ke apa, but I really do appreciate if I got the chance to meet them. But then, Madihah being such a great bestfriend lah and MUA too!

Firstly I jumpa kanak-kanak ini! Last time jumpa time tengok Transformer 3. But then time tu I sumpah penat tak terlayan kanak-kanak, duduk tepi diam-diam je. But kali ni dapatlah main-main lepas rindu sikit. I jarang suka budak, but once I attached, asyik nak rindu je. My gash, rindu kat Putra Nazrin tiba-tiba.

Then I spent whole day dengan my friends time sekolah menengah. Meet Fatin, Diha, Adida and me. Thank you for the time babes.

And about the Super Model competition tu. Ehem, let me make it crystal clear dulu. I am not a model, I cuma sangat suka ambil gambar secara gedik and I don't know how to cat walk. Been practicing for hours and I found it as a tiresome thing to do. But then bila orang suruh I masuk benda ni, I was like lets give it a try. And fortunately I dapat masuk final. Terpaksalah I gelabah cari dress hitam - bukan beli tapi pinjam. Make up by Diha. Finalist lain semua model and I rasa emm kecil gila. I jumpa perempuan yang tinggi macam mat salleh. I jumpa perempuan cantik. It was a great experience.

Cuma, I tak dapat ambil gambar time final sebab my babes semua kena balik due to curfew. Thehehe. Cuma time balik I sempat mintak my sister ambilkan gambar I as kenangan.

Rare gila nak tengok I ambil gamba rambut terikat kemas. I am lack of confident bila ikat rambut sebab I rasa muka I nampak lebar bulat macam tu. Hehe. Anyway, thanks to Liyana for the dress. Hehe. Oh rambut gedik konon-konon nak macam Scarlett Johansson tu I buat dekat You & Me Taman Universiti. Apesallah I suka sangat kedai rambut tu. Hehe. They never failed to make me satisfied with their haircut.

So well, I'm off to bed now. Anyway, happy fasting people!

p.s: August is gonna be a great month because it is Ramadhan. :-)