21 November 2012

Korea - Part 1

Do you know that I only spent RM2000+ for my Korea backpack during Autumn last year? Well, this time I wanna share how I manage to spend wisely for my 6 days trip to Korea. But honestly my friend did a lot of homework before we fly there. I owe her big time seriously. 

Firstly, book your flight ticket real early to get a great deal! Always check Airasia promotion because I think it is the cheapest flight ticket in town. Well, for my case - i bought my ticket for only RM700. Well, considered as acceptable - but you may get even cheaper price if you book during the promotion and real early. Sampai sometimes boleh jammed Airasia punya page. (-.-") 

Once you get the ticket, then you can start planning. At my time I got almost 8 months to find the place to stay. Where to go. And most importantly, to save money! 

Well, you might need to do some homework or read about place you want to go. Honestly during that time as it is my first time - I just look into places that I want to go. Without really want to explore Seoul city. It is my biggest mistake seriously. You should should should really plan and make it pack for the whole day of your stay.

I'm going there with 2 of my friends. So we're staying at Is@k guesthouse. We booked for 2 double deckers  bed. which we have an extra bed. I am not sure the exact cost for our stay but I think it is around RM350-RM450 for each of us for 6 days and 5 nights stay. For me it is affordable. And that place service is very good, the people who is in charge can speak good english you can sit at the living room and talk to other guests and makes new friends. They also have a laundry - but it gonna cost you money. The wi-fi is FREE. 

But then, the not so good thing is, you going to share the toilet with other guests - but I can assure you the toilet is clean. It is like they check the toilet every few minutes. Other thing is, the guesthouse is at level 4 of the building. So I suggest you not to bring big travel bags - seriously!

Oh, Is@k guesthouse is located at Itaewon. You don't need to worry about transportation because the public transport at Korea is good. And the guesthouse from the terminal is just a walk distance. But still you going to complain IF you bring an excessive big bag. 

This is the only photo that I have for Itaewon. 
*I couldn't believe it!*
And I don't have any photo of the guesthouse. 

Till the next Korea entry. Seriously I going to write about it this time. 


17 November 2012

Pray for Gaza


Most of the Muslim is talking about Palestine - Israel issues. Most of us are praying for the best for our Muslim family there. Well, I suppose doa senjata senyap Islam. But honestly is that the only thing that we can help them selain daripada if we have plenty of money and kita derma?

And what's up with all those boikot things yang orang duk gembar gemburkan?

Seriously dulu I fikir boikot those thing macam bullshit, but after few reading, I macam had a wake up call realised, even 0.00001% pun it still contribute. And the smallest thing to do is to refrain buying things yang obviously ada alternative lain. For example McD, marilah kita berhijrah kepada Burger King. Or maybe Coke, yok ramai-ramai make a change pilih Pepsi instead. 

Boikot ni bukanlah macam nak diorang jatuh bankrup ke apa. It is just to show to people that we Muslim do care on what happen to Palestinian. So that diorang tau, yang tali persaudaraan ini masih ada. Bukan kita yang kat Malaysia ni so called aman-damai being ignorant. 

Memang, kalau dulu I selalu fikir it is the government's job untuk sekat semua benda benda ni tumbuh macam cendawan. But seriously, our politic is corrupted enough - for both kerajaan and pembangkan. Diorang don't have time to put more care on Palestine issues sedangakn Malaysia have the own problem - internal ones. So kita sebagai Muslim, apalah salahnya make effort to it. Bukan team Ikram Malaysia je work for it, tapi semua. Kalau seluruh Islam dalam Malaysia ni do care and contribute. Confirm it meant something to the McD's owner. 

Kenapa tu dua je? And not Nestle, Starbucks and other brands? We try slowly. And tell me, siapa yang tak makan maggi? (T.T) It is hard. But pengorbanan kecil ni, tak setanding langsung dengan keadaan mereka kat sana. 

Like I always said before, I am not pious, I always pray so that I can be istiqamah on what am I doing for Islam. But then, I have very strong attraction towards humanity. And that's why munculnya this entry - which this is rare.

So, embrace your humanity, and do care about the Palestine/Syria/Myanmar issues. It matters even we're Malaysian.

14 November 2012

King Diana is Back!

For something that is obvious, yes I am back to this blogging world. But I don't know how long this gonna be. As Diana always being so flick hearted towards everything. The last time I blog was like last year. Then I changed to tumblr for a while and do some reblogging. Phew. Bosan bagai.

For those yang still connected with me via FB and twitter and recently instagram most probably tau yang I further my Masters at UTM. And I resigned for good. So lepas ini korang takkan tengok I membebel complain pasal kerja, boss or anything related to kerja type of complains. Mesti I bebel on assignments, test, finals macam zaman I degree dulu. Oh I miss blogging!

Will catch up some more later. Gotta go to UTM even damn this is my mid semester break!

p.s: Seriously KING? The king a.k.a owner of this crappy blog.