14 November 2012

King Diana is Back!

For something that is obvious, yes I am back to this blogging world. But I don't know how long this gonna be. As Diana always being so flick hearted towards everything. The last time I blog was like last year. Then I changed to tumblr for a while and do some reblogging. Phew. Bosan bagai.

For those yang still connected with me via FB and twitter and recently instagram most probably tau yang I further my Masters at UTM. And I resigned for good. So lepas ini korang takkan tengok I membebel complain pasal kerja, boss or anything related to kerja type of complains. Mesti I bebel on assignments, test, finals macam zaman I degree dulu. Oh I miss blogging!

Will catch up some more later. Gotta go to UTM even damn this is my mid semester break!

p.s: Seriously KING? The king a.k.a owner of this crappy blog.