30 August 2009

Promote ;)

It seems like I am busy with my things few weeks ni sampai had no time to blog. Ohh.. Not included part-time job on the weekend. Tired ohh. But then I still browsing for something to read so that I had something to share here. End up with I go to bed before I write something. Pftt.

Btw, I found a great blog to read now. Coolio lah!
He is different from the others makes me feel the excitement when read his blog. You’re amazing lah Fauzi Rassull. Guess I’ll make the “I ATE FAUZI RASSULL!!” sign later on. Ceh, gedik mahu try juga. (-.-“)

27 August 2009


While everybody else seems like busy doing their assignments, I sleep and stuck under my blanket. Yes, it is comfy to be there. The best place untuk nangis juga. Oh, please, I’m not being emotional. I just want to describe the goodness of being on my bed even you’re not sleepy.

I realized that since Ramadhan starts, I haven’t made any revision at all. So you know how my mind works now? I just follow the flow, listen to anything that my lecture said in front of the class, attend discussion without any ideas, and copying the notes without reading it. Damn, my brain seems like broken okay sebab useless sangat. But yesterday I played who has the biggest brain, I felt something buzzed my mind/brain/myself. Gaha!
Blame me cause became such a brainless human nowadays. (-.-“)

I miss home and I’m going back home again tomorrow and have my mom’s cooking as my breaking fast food as I well-known the bazaar ramadhan now is not as great as before. Blame the H1N1, some of the people hate to be in the crowd now. So the bazaar seems like, boringgggg.

I want to take a nap before going for a talk about degree plus plus. And its raining outside. Best time to sleep meh! Goodbye~

p.s: I want to eat; nasi ambang, pudding custard, bubur lambuk, bubur kacang, & onde-onde. And not forgetting, my mom’s kuih boyan. Damn-damn, suddenly lapar.

26 August 2009


Woah, now I realized that my blog is already one year old! I usually deleted my blog once I get tense with something before, but this time I keep using this just certain time I did changing my url for all this while if I did get bored with my blog. But so far, its already a year since few days ago. Why I don’t even celebrate her birthday? Jangan berkecil hati ok sayangku. Gaha.

I am busy with my thesis now. Need to read two examples of thesis for my reference. Damn I am stress with this thing. And why certain time I felt awkward to face someone I am not really into now? Or am I the one who making the gap to everyone? It is weird but its feels great to be natural. At least I’m trying too be me with everyone.

Fasting week is tiring but I realized that I’m getting busy nowadays. Hish. Life still goes on even its killing me softly. Damn. Damn. FYP macam kentang! I saw a poster about further study at UNITEN. And it is by research related to hydrology. It caught my eyes once I saw it, but Hydrology is so not my lane of work. Gaha. Tanya bapa later on.

Mikah, thanks for the present, the time and the gedik-gedik. Hiks. I had fun yesterday. Malam ni kita main futsal okay? ;p

p.s: Am I invisible? Am I?

22 August 2009


The word yang boleh describe everything now.
But still, I'm watching futbal now.

21 August 2009

I wanna touch you!

My new addiction I know. (-.-")

V1 & V2


Entri time macam ni memang mintak kena lempang dengan emak saya. Apa-apa pun selamat menyambut Ramadhan sayangness. Tiada pesanan ringkas untuk difoward lagipun nombor ini memang kurang dipasarkan kepada awam. Gaha! (-.-“)

Dirumah. Seperti yang sering dilalukan setiap hujung minggu Cuma kali ini lebih special sebab akan sahur kat rumah. Kepada yang tinggal jauh-jauh, jagan bersedih hati ok. Mungkin lain masa dapat sahur & buka kat rumah juga.

Oh, apesal bahasa melayu karangan?


19 August 2009

Worried okay

My friend’s dad used to be UTM lecturer before. Suddenly called my friend as ask her when UTM will be officially closed because of H1N1. He heard something from our lecturer. H1N1 is getting worst darling, please take note that.

Her dad said that there already has a victim at UTM, a student dead because of the virus. But yet UTM still don’t want to let us know because of the convocation week. And there’s also a lecturer had been place in the ICU because of the virus. So can you see its worst now? Please, if you did ever go to the pesta konvo, wear lah mask. Risau oii. And another thing that ‘her dad’ advise us is for those yang tinggal jauh try lah find the bus ticket because there is possibility UTM will be closed.

Guess what, because of that I did go to the pharmacy and bought lotsa mask! But I haven’t found the one yang bercorak-corak and colourfull. Manalah diorang dapat those cute masks? And I did bring my sanitizer everywhere just in case. Yeah I know, apesal la suddenly I’m being like this. GAHA!

I have test tomorrow. And I have loads of plans for tomorrow. After the test at 2.30p.m I will go to pesta konvo with my roommate and googling for another new tudung. At night I already had plan with my siblings untuk makan together. I can’t wait!

Okay, I need to continue my reading. Good night darlings!

p.s: I heard that the lecturer passed away just now. But I am not sure either it is true or not. Haih. (-.-“)

18 August 2009


Told yah I’m going to wear the mask!
But don’t trust me lah.
Not all the time pun pakai.
Thanks for the tudung & the dinner.
Even it is weird to eat there.
Thanks again dear!

p.s: Esok nak cari proper mask and gediks pakai pegi kelas pula. (-.-“)

17 August 2009


I am bored, thank you. And if you guys tengah buat muka annoying keep doing that sebab certain time I did annoyed with myself yang jiwang tak tentu pasal. And well, my current laptop wallpaper even I know once I off the laptop the picture will gone. Need to update apetah.

The test is around the corner and I just read few pages of their introduction. Damn me. Goodbye then, hopefully dapat pegi pesta konvo ini malam!


Walaupun saya seorang pelajar UTM yang mempunyai kenderaan serta sihat tubuh badan, kiranya complete sihat sejahtera yang cukup sifatnya. Tetapi walaupun sudah hari ke-5 pesta konvo berlangsung, saya belum pernah menjejakkan kaki ke sana. Walaupun kenderaan saya juga tidak melalui kawasan itu memandangkan kesesakkan lalu lintas yang melampau serta wabak H1N1 yang semakin berleluasa. Tentunya memakai topeng hodoh itu bukan satu cara yang bernas untuk berada di khalyak ramai dengan selamat. Dan semestinya panas baran saya tidak dapat menampung keadaan lalu lintas tersebut.

Walaubagaimanapun, tahniah diucapkan kepada rakan-rakan yang graduasinya siang tadi. Walaupun tidak dapat menyertai anda-anda, saya tetap sayang korang tidak lebih-lebih lagi Alif yang telah menjadi salah satu bongkah tulang belakang saya. Tahniah sekali lagi Alif! Tidak lupa juga kepada Syafiq, Yana, Kurt, Farah dan lain-lain. Walaupun ada nama yang tidak disebut disini tapi korang grad juga, tahniah!

Mengapakah saya menjadi terlalu bahasa melayu hari ini? Harap-harap hari ini dapatlah walaupun sekali saya menjejakkan kaki ke pesta konvo dengan memakai topeng buruk yang bakal dibeli di pesta konvo nanti.

Sudahlah sudah, kena berbuat sesuatu berfaedah pula sekarang.

p/s: Cintanya telah dibagi-bagi kepada benda elektronik pula. Manakala aku semakin jatuh hati kepada broadband laju ini. Entah bila parent saya akan tabur duit kepada saya biar dapat guna broadband tanpa rasa membazir. (-.-")


1. My guy said, “Duduk macam tu je dah boleh dapat duit eh?”

2. I had nothing to do beside of looking to each person yang walk by.

3. Yes, I’m working at Giant but every week tukar spot.

4. I still have another a month to be with them but I am happy with that even dah nak puasa.

5. You can kutuk me if I’m being free hair. I don’t mind.

6. I love to hang out with Kak Ann my so called boss sebab when I am with her I don’t know how to stop laughing.

7. Most of my friend kat Celcom kuat melatah sampai boleh buat music.

8. They call me the miss-sound-effect.

9. Singaporean is my costumer, the one that I need to approach.

10. This will be the last Celcom project that I will follow. Insya-Allah.

16 August 2009


I’m home. Just got back from my part time job and it was great. And I am pretty sure it always gonna be great. But my entry won’t be long la kot as I am damn sleepy right now and I already gave the good night call to him padahal mencicit keluar bilik lagi nak update blog. So yeah, I miss to blog.

Being at home the internet is super-superb. So I browse some pages and realized that how kataknya I sebab miss loads of gossip and news. Kasihan. I also catch up with the entry from my favorite blog that I usually read. Damn, why the net at UTM getting worst now? And why I still felt that wasting RM98 monthly for broadband is wasting? Ye la, I can go back home if I really need to use the internet. But seriously, I miss the ‘surfing’ life la.

The only things that can make me laugh and said, “Apesal la patung-patung ni comel sgt?” To play this things make me feel more relaxed. After this I need to buy Tamagochi la, so my sifat keibuan terhadap cute things will be given to that imaginary pet.

Guys, I realized something, I love the babies now. Certain time I have the feeling to kidnap cute baby so that I can take care of it until I get bored. Just now I met Haris the baby, seriously that baby sangat chubby even just 8 months old. And he seems like know what am I saying to him sampai gelak-gelak and touch my hand semua. His mom sampai kata her baby flirts with ‘kakak’. So I need to kawin early and have babies so that I can play with them. If tak kawin pun I don’t mind, if dah kerja I’ll make sure to be like Angie. Jaga anak angkat ramai-ramai. Haha. Sila tumbuk saya sampai pengsan. (-.-“)

Okay, I can’t stand it anymore. Need to sleep.
Good nights love!

14 August 2009

Eat lah

Yeah it is me again, blog. It seems like I love to type while waiting for the super lembap internet connection to get connected.

Just now I’m having my dinner at P19 somewhere in UTM. I bet I am rarely having my dinner at UTM since I have my car with me. Reason why I hate to eat in UTM cafĂ© is because of their services yang super damn poor. I need to wait for 10 minutes for the waiter to take my order, itu pun I need to call him while dia sedang hantar makanan to the table in front of me. Then I ordered roti telur and my friend ordered the roti-roti thing juga but he said kuah tanak sambal.

But when the order sampai, both of the kuah ada sambal while my spoon ada stain yang macam bekas makanan. When I saw my spoon tu I was like damn I hate to be here. Rasa regret melampau. My mood to eat dah pergi mana tah but I still bangun and wash my spoon segala. So moral of this entry is, UTM is not the best place to eat.

Any suggestion? Best place to eat at JB now?

So enough of the complaining, terima kasih dan selamat malam.

13 August 2009

I'm Back

I can feel the mood to blog. And it was great because I seem like forgetting my blog and surely it do hurts. Haha.

Today is Thursday and the pesta konvo already open. Surely I have a place to go while bosan kentang at my room. I need to save money and cut my entertainment outside. Besides, loads of things need to be done but I haven’t started doing anything. Damn me, why it is hard for me to realize it is my final year and I need to focus with my subjects besides of my riang ria life ini? Muhasabah diri.

I face such a harsh week. Firstly it is all about RC test. If you know how much I’m hating this subject until all my nerves will change if I know that test is around the corner. Even how hard I put an effort to make the subject easy but at the end I’ll disappoint with myself because it always gonna be sucks. And it is still sucks yesterday. What on earth am I taking civil engineering if I really do hate the structure subjects?

And, did I tell you that I’m facing some boyfriend-girlfriend problems? But I won’t publish it here lah. We’re okay now, as the time goes by it’s gonna be better. Hopefully. Thanks to those who always listen to my craps in YM or need to hear I talk for 10 minutes non-stop. I guess to those people, you know me well lah. And surely you guys miss to hear my voice membebel bak kereta api yang takde brek kan.

I did private my blog for a while jugak. It is all because of lack of entry sampai I felt sorry for myself and close the blog. Tah pape je. But well, I guess after having this tough week I need this thing to share.

Suddenly rasa macam writing diary pula. So long darling!

10 August 2009