29 October 2010

What do you guys do often?

Dinner around Taman U or UTM always reminds me of him. We always had our dinner together. Besides of that he is my movie partner and my karaoke partner. Heeee. He's the best. But he is not a good companion for shopping. Which he easily gets tired/bored when we're our for shopping.

28 October 2010

Day 7 - BF challenge

What was the last movie you last saw together?

It was The Child 3D. We wasnt really plan to watch movie as we don't have any idea what movie was in theater at that moment. And suddenly he starts complaining that he never watch any 3D movie. So suddenly he head out to Ulu Tiram and hello The Child. I rabun, so kena pakai 3D punya cermin mata memang tak nampak subtitle as ini cerita Hong Kong. So I keep bebel-bebel tak nampak sampai for the first time Hakim tak segan bangun untuk pindah tempat depan gila so I boleh nampak. Yes, sometimes Hakim unexpectedly romantic memahami or maybe sebab dia penat dengar I cakap, "Ape cine ni cakap wehh?" HAHA. At least we had fun and we learn something new, tengok 3D movie kena amik sit tengah, kalau duduk belakang TAK puas.

p.s: Sebab challenge sanggup gila on laptop mengamuk dengan Screamyx. Bongok gila tade connection tadi. Pffft.

Hari meroyan jiwa raga

Siang siang lagi rasa macam dah malang sikit. Time nak on PC suddenly semua gelap gempita dan system32 dikatakan corrupted. Alaaaaa! Macam nak menjerit bagai tapi consider diri dekat office and ini pc office jadi macam boleh tahan sabar. Kalau laptop buat perangai gini memang dah mengamuk jadi hulk version pink. So yeah okay, mesti hari ini hari tak produktif sebab tak ada pc, I meroyan tak boleh nak online. Kalau nak harap Bubole si kecil ini, tak puas! :(

Esok pagi meeting. Macam tiap-tiap minggu je pun meeting, tapi tiap kali meeting I tetap rasa otak I kosong pegi tulis apa yang semua orang cakap. Sila take note, semua orang. Heh, patut jadi secretary I ni. Tapi tanaklah berboskan bos yang garang dan selfish dan kaki perempuan dan gatal dan dan dan, mestilah nak yang best aja. Paling koman pun boss mesti baik sokmo belanja makan, sambil tu wife dia yang datin pun baik hati, kasi beg LV lama-lama dia kat I bila dia beli beg baru. Fuhh. Memang bahagia betul kerja gitu.

But hey, I bukan secretary, I cuma seorang jurutera tak sampai sebulan umur. Kira kalau parent paksa jalan makan sendiri memang I merengek nangis. Haha. So I pun tak expect pape dekat diri sendiri. (_ _") <- muka putus asa nak berhidup, belajar malas, kerja tak tau, tapi kena sara hidup sendiri. Kenapa dah 22 tahun 11 bulan beberapa hari I dah hidup? Kalau baru bulan-bulan mesti sedap je masih tidur dalam pelukan hangat ibu menyusu bergigih jadi baby montel. Tak adalah kurus begini bagaikan kurang nutrisi padahal makan cukup 4 kali sehari.

Padahal nak mengadu pc office rosak meroyan, dah berjela entry. Huhu. Aah, dalam diam-diam I berharap laptop hakim rosak, biar meroyan dia tak main dota sehari, lagi bagus sebulan. I memang menyampah betul dengan dota luar dalam. Heh.

Lagi, macam tak boleh buat je challenge hari ni. Ganti esok boleh? Dan lagi, boringkan blog kalau tiap-tiap hari pun cerita pasal boyfriend, kau ingat blog couple apa, bukan kau suka obsess dengan diri sendiri ke cik Diana? Hehs.

Bai pembaca beberapa ketuls. ILY. Esok junksale dekat City Plaza, yuks? :)
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27 October 2010

Day 6 - BF Challenge

What did you two do the last time you hung out?

We're out for a date. Karaoke and had dinner together. We both are so into karaoke! And we love to play kid pretending we're on stage, jumping and dancing. HAHA. Try imagine us in My First Kiss song. Funney! I wish I had someone to capture that moment. Ok enough, as we're not going to go out for a date for quite some time after this, usah dikenang kenangan manis. Heeee.

26 October 2010

Day 5- BF challenge

Make a list of the things you like about your boyfriend.

Caring, childish, talkative, someone i can trust, loyal, sweet, shy, good listener, patient, sometimes he can be romantic, someone i can depend on, happy go lucky. Ect ect ect. I like him because of him.

25 October 2010

Day 4 - BF Challenge

5 facts about your boyfriend

#1  I hate the fact that he spend most of his day time by sleeping and awake during the night like an owl. So to Hakim's next girlfriend, you need to be patient if he ignored your call during the day. It is hopeless to wake him up. Pfffft,

#2  He is patient. I had a terrible mood swing and sometimes I just mumble/complaining/cursing at him while I had a terrible day. He just listen to me without any word. Or maybe he pretend to listen to me while playing dota. But at least yeah he lend me his ear by listen to me.

#3  He is not a guy into car or driving. Basically we always had a problem when it comes to drive. We hates driving so much until sometimes we just don't go anywhere because we're too lazy to drive. So Hakim is not a gentleman type guy who drive when we're out for a date. Em-em'

#4  Name it, Hakim is so into sport even he seems like a weak-I-don't-have-strength type guy. HAHA. He watch football more than webcam-ing me and same goes to badminton, F1, Motor GP ect ect. Twice in a week he will be out either playing futsal or maybe badminton or whatever it is, i just don't give a damn on it. Guys, they just loves hanging out than staying at home don't they?

#5  He is different when he is with me. Totally different. I don't date a cold hearted, aloof, boring guy - that is just a damn mask he wore in front of the others. He is the one who talks much, childish, and he is the one that I comfortable to hang out with.

But then again, I do hate him as much as I do love him. Or maybe I hate him more than I do love him. He is the pain in my ass, he is a damn boyfriend, but still, he is one of my option. I won't let myself totally fall for someone. :-)

Monday Craps

I don't need you to be me. My life would be just my family, me, me, me, me, me and me. So I don't care about you or your opinion or whatever you might think because it is just me. And why did you care if I am the freaking b*tch? It is me and I am the only one who knows what am I doing or why am I acted like this. Heh, self obsession in the middle of the night. (-.-")

And why on earth I am still awake as tomorrow is Monday and probably it will be a blue Monday and it is a mooday for me . At least I should get enough sleep tonight so I can be wise tomorrow. Eh, did I ever act wise? Oh, you don't need to tell because I don't really give a sh*t to it.

Oh, I don't think I am a b*tch yet because I am not the freaking prostitute and I always follow the curfew that my parent have made and I am still aware of limits of a Muslim girlwoman. But yeah, I don't wear hijab yet, not good, not good. But girls who don't wear hijab is not a b*tch don't they? Now I feel bad.

Akayy, i started to be emotional because I am sleepy and I can't accept the fact that tomorrow is Monday and I need to wake up early, drive through the heavy jam, do things to earn money and need to stay awake till 9p.m at least. Haih. I wish I am a new born baby. (-.-")

I better get my ass off to bed. Night earthlings if you're still awake and get yourself read this stup*d entry. And enjoy your Monday/Mooday or what every you want to call it for those who read this emm  during the day. Harhar.

p.s: I've watch 3 episodes of True Blood, so much of naked warewolf, 2 or 3 censored parts, and lots of killing scene like killing is not a crime. Whatever it is, vampire, warewolf, shifter - they don't really exist. So why do I waste my time watching it? Oh, yes, the hot guy I remember. I love watching hot guy acted like a vampire. But excuse me, I don't adore Edward-Twilight because he is too skinny, I need muscles here and there. ;-p

p.p.s: I totally need to sleep now. For real BYE!

24 October 2010

Day 3 - Boyfriend challenge

Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

Ehem, favourite picture? Oh well, he is not photogenic but well, I had one in mind.

We're at Delicious at that moment, and suddenly Mzyyh snap our picture so tada both of us posing like a sweet couple but we're not. Hehs. And we won't. I love the bright shirt colour. Oh yeah, he didnt touch me hokey at that time, no dia tak pegang belakang i sebab kami memang tak romantik. But eyy, why lah i love the peace pose, buat i rasa childish. (-.-")

Ehem, there are story behind the shirt he wore. ROTFL. He need to learn more about shopping after this. Sambung giggle. Night earthling! I though tak sempat nak buat day 3 challenge due to the screamyx, but then okey pula. So yeah. Done with day 3!

p.s: I've watched Life As We Know It yesterday! Wait for the review okey. ♥

23 October 2010

Day 2 - BF challenge

Favorite picture of your boyfriend

Heh. He is not the guy who love the camera. So I rarely satisfied with his photo. But then among all of his photo or our, i might say i would love this one. ♥

This photo was taken when he was on vacation. So called top of Europe. So he wrote my name on the snow. I might say it is a romantic act as emmm i'm not going to think of him kot when i was on vacation with family. Kot. So i felt touched bila suddenly he showed me this picture. But I didn't make it as my wallpaper la kan.

TYSM, frienemy.

22 October 2010

Day 1 - BF challenge

Where did you meet your boyfriend?

First time i met him is during the end of 1st year during my studies. He is Aryanti's friend. I just give a glimpse to him and continue eating or maybe texting my current BF at that moment. But i can't deny that he caught my attention la kot that moment. So our first meet will be at keropok lekor Pulai la kot. ;-p

Only when i was in 3rd year baru we start knowing each other. And another unplanned meeting is at Bibik's ayam penyet. Which all of the sudden he pop-ed up and join our table and eat with us. And yeah, i don't talk much at that moment. Third time meeting baru macam planned punya thing, i asked him to join me and my friends do bowling. And yes, as usual i kalah. (-.-")

We usually date around utm, i guess. We watch football together at P19, eat ice cream at Azah or maybe Kolej 12. We watch movie at U-Mall because it is near and cheap. Where else? Hurm, i think i miss UTM and him and friends. ;(

FYI, now we rarely date. Or we just do the skype-ing thingy with the webcam. We talk for hours and play games and brag about anything.

21 October 2010

10 Days Boyfriend Challenge

I found this on Tumblr. And I'm about to do it. Hopefully mr so called boyfriend didn't read this. Yes, I dont know what to blog about and I am scared I complaint too much so lets do something more fun! And yes, lets do this too girls! ♥

01. Where did you meet your boyfriend?

02. Favorite picture of your boyfriend

03. Favorite picture of you and your boyfriend

04. 5 facts about your boyfriend

05. Make a list of the things you like about your boyfriend.

06. What did you two do the last time you hung out?

07. What was the last movie you last saw together?

08. What do you guys do often?

09. Give your definition of love.

10. Write a letter to your boyfriend.

p.s: Can I start doing this tomorrow? ;-p

18 October 2010


Ini first attempt i untuk masuk contest. Sebab baru konvo pun nak berlagak masuk contest pic convo. Heh heh. I terjumpa contest ini dari my friend Qila Azman, so macam nak cuba nasib juga hantar gambar masuk pertandingan.Wish me luck! ♥

Click banner kat bawah ini untuk tengok contest ini. Kalau berkenan silalah masuk rakan taulan. :)

So ini adalah gambar beruntung pilihan hati. Even ini pun secara candid bila tiba-tiba dengar orang jerit kuat-kuat, "Diana!!", bila toleh nampak camera so ajak kawan yang kenal dari minggu orentasi tengok camera sambil buat muka gembira. Yes, kami graduan UTM yang periang, penggembira serta meriah.

So, so, so kena tag orang. Makin ramai di tag posibility menang makin besau orang cakap. Tapi kawan saya yang blogging boleh kira pakai jari. So rakan-rakan baru grad, lets masuk contest ini. Sure korang pun ada gambar kegemaran time konvo and sure lagi grand dari i punya you. 

 Aryanti Rashid ; Maria Elena ; Epa ; Eim ; Mastura ; Najib ; Nany ; Wanie 

Disamping itu juga, ingin diucapkan kepada rakan-rakan kelas dan fakulti dan seuniversiti yang mengenali saya, serious dohh, belajar 5 juta kali ganda lagi best dari kerja. Pegi mam la dengan gaji dapat every month, tapi tuhan je tahu stress dalam jiwa tambah rindu kat korang lagi. Kalau boleh turn back time, memang i takkan complain assignment beriban, final dah dekat. Sekurang-kurangnya ada kawan yang akan back up. Bila kerja tak ada kawan macam korang. Gila rindu.

Hoish. I lupa ini entry masuk pertandingan. (-.-")


*gambar dari Googly Gooeys - boleh cari dekat Facebook*

Traffic jams create monsters out of happy people.

I agree gila dengan benda ini. Seriously no matter happy macam mana pun i time itu, tiba-tiba kalau stuck dalam jam memang bikin spoil mood. Dulu macam semua orang pun nak cakap i happy-go-lucky person. Tapi bila masuk dalam kereta dengan i, memang terus tak rasa i ni happy-go-lucky sebab i memang baran kalau drive. Macam konon-konon sendiri je yang drive betul orang lain drive tak betul. Memang bukan driver kebanggan. (-.-")

Pernah baca tips dari Maria Elena pasal nak jadi penyabar waktu drive tapi memang payah. Ada time tu rasa macam satu badan dah jadi hijau. Semua sebab bangun pagi nak pergi kerja dah mengadap jam. Nak elak punch kaler merah lagi. Kereta dah tak macam kereta dah kot, slow kalah basikal. Kira kalau kayuh basikal sumpah lagi laju. Nasib baik ada radio serta aircond penyedap hati. Kalau tak memang terus beli basikal bawa pergi kerja.

Lagi satu tak tahan, time nak tukar lane - mesti motor berderet-deret-deret lalu. Non stop. Macam main game pulak sebab kena fikir kereta sebelah serta motor, tips untuk mencelah segala. Kadang-kadang kepala macam pusing-pusing buat kira-kira. Tak nak malu terstuck kat tengah-tengah lane then semua motor pun nak hon sebab kacau diorang nak jalan. Kena hon adalah perkara paling memalukan kot, macam kena baling telur je rasa. ;-p

Ah, boleh tak nak cari doraemon pinjam kipas terbang atau mungkin pintu sesuka hati?

p.s: Kau tahu apa perasaan cinta orang yang berniat nak buang kau? *direct translate lagu DoYouKnow Enrique Iglesias. Know what, suddenly suka lagu ni semula.

17 October 2010

Tutti Frutti

Hey hey!

So hari ini i terbuat kerja kurang bernas (lagi), which i plan untuk pegi KL siap dah kautim dengan mak, mak dah approve. So i pun siap-siap then confident gila keluar rumah and drive buat muka tenang padahal tahu sendiri pun macam tak percaya mak kasi pergi KL sorang-sorang then macam tak sedap hati macam ada je tak kena. Confident itu perlu tapi bila hati kurang senang end up with bila sampai yong peng selatan i exit sana and U-turn balik JB. Syabas Diana, awak berjaya membazir sejam lebih dengan minyak dengan touch and go semata-mata kerana perangai weng-weng sendiri. Lain kali kena sedia fizikal mental baru boleh pergi KL dengan tenanglah kot. ;-p

So bila balik and dah sampai JB teringat kekasih gelap lama terus contact ajak keluar. Oh yes, rindu zaman sekolah dulu-dulu bila jumpa si Miera ini - sebab dia kepala otai waktu zaman sekolah dulu, saya cuma anak ikan. Ini gadis pun dekat KL, kadang-kadang baru balik JB. And ajak sekali rakan baik dekat office. Cakap-cakap-cakap, rupanya diorang senior junior. Kecik betul dunia. Melantak makan Frutti Tutti lagi hari ini. Sungguh enak! :D

Oh, rasa teruja bila jumpa kawan UTM semalam. Semua angkara Twitter, sibuk baca tweet orang and join diorang. Thanks korang especially huda, syima, dayah & carl. Sampai 30 notification siot, terkujat kejap. And semalam angkara Huda juga, i yang tak makan yogurt for the first time ever makan yogurt. Tapi yummy seh sampai termimpi. (:

Untuk review Tutti Frutti atau mungkin kalau nak tengok gambar kami sila pergi ke blog Carl Samsudin. Wuhu. Semalam i betul-betul kurang segan depan camera. HAHA. Thanks Alif ♥

p.s: Nelly, thanks for the award!! Hugs and kisses. Esok kakak buat okey. :D

16 October 2010


Ok. entry semalam cukup hemo-hemo. Kajab lagi sure semua pun nak panggil i hemo-hemo sebab macam tiap-tiap hari pun PMS dengan diri sendiri. And i hemo-hemo pun i jarang affect orang lain, tak keluarkan vibes - jom moody bersama saya. Cuma mesti korang semak bila tengok i macam down tapi bila tanya kenapa, i pun tak ada jawapan. Heh heh.

Life kerja seriously hectic. Mungkin i tak sebusy president Amerika atau mungkin perdana menteri. Tapi mungkin sebab kejutan budaya kadang-kadang i terasa semakin tua bila termengadap orang yang sokmo busy kerja. Tahu tak vibes tension ada di mana-mana kat office. Tak ada pun happy gembira ketawa meriah macam dekat office fashion magazine tiap-tiap hari boleh peraga pakaian gembira pakai heels tayang baju multi colour. I wish, i satu hati nanti dapat kerja untuk fashion. Even sendiri pun lampi fashion, tapi tetap nak rasa hidup untuk benda yang betul-betul i minat.

Kalau diberi pilihan untuk rebuild semula hidup, memang i takkan pilih cabang yang sesusah ini. Mungkin time darjah 5 i paksa ayah minta pakai pendakap gigi, masuk kelas vokal, belajar main piano dan jadi penyanyi. Atau mungkin belajar kulinari - buat kek makanan comel dan ambil bisnes sebagai major jadi boleh cakap hello dekat cafe tercomel dekat Johor setalah buat loan dengan bank. Sekurang-kurangnya gembira. Lepas itu macam perasan diri tengah complain stress dengan kerja sendiri, tak complain tapi bandingkan. Heh heh.

Bila dah gini kena sedapkan hati dengan makan benda happy macam ice-cream, tutti frutti ect ect sambil cakap, appreciate saja life sekarang at least ada kerja ada duit poket ada parent ada kereta ada boyfriend ada kawan tak cacat. Bersyukur, tu je yang mampu buat. Sambil senyum lebar tak buat muka meroyan mati suami.

 *fine, i tetap suka meroyan depan camera*

15 October 2010

F everything

Post deleted sebab kurang senonoh untuk kanak-kanak bawah umur. :-)

p/s: If you hate me, do so. I don't have the time to care. If you like me, I'll love you for sure. ♥


Thank God It's Friday, even esok pun masih kerja separuh hari but at least bakal sabtu esok. Mungkin sebab hari jumaat juga i rajin nak blog. Dan mungkin sebab malam ada junk sale jadi excited lebih nak blog. Ah, banyak sangat mungkin siang-siang gini.

Sebelum terlupa, tadi nampak lelaki mat salleh kacak bawa basikal dekat area office. Tengah stress dengan diri sendiri terlempar senyuman pula dekat si kacak. Kejap lagi dia boleh toleh balik baling senyuman semula untuk i. Ya Allah, gugur jantung. Semalam baru mimpi Tyson Ritter hari ini dah ternampak lelaki mat salleh 2 juta kali lagi  hot dari tyson ritter. Sumpah tak tipu mat salleh tu mudalah siot. Kalau boleh rewind balik, sure i dah rewind ikut basikal dia pergi mana. Kata pun dah jatuh cinta pandang pertama. Blergh!

Oh yes, i do miss my blog as much as i miss boyfriend. Or boyfriend boleh letak tepi dulu as dia pun sibuk excited dengan Dota 2 yang bakal release tahun depan. Atau mungkin kerap kali mengadu lapar tapi malas nak keluar rumah beli makanan. Atau mungkin masih tergembira dapat pergi ke motor GP dekat sepang minggu lepas dan berpeluang ambil gambar dengan gadis cantik. Woho.

Sumpah cantik! Awak nak jadi madu saya tak si cantik? Kalau En Carl jumpa gadis ini mesti dia excited nak jadikan gadis manis ini jadi subjek Projek Gadis dia. Hehs. ;p

And ini adalah salah seekor patung-patung dota. Sumpah buruk kalau nak banding dengan si cantik tadi. ;p

Ah cukup, annoying betul kalau tercerita pasal so called boyfriend itu. Bukan i ada kekasih baru ke nama Aryanti Rashid. Hehs. 

Moral of the entry, jatuh cinta pandang pertama adalah ada. Tapi jatuh cinta tak semestinya kawin or maybe couple kan. Heh heh. Or mungkin sebab kadang-kadang wa memang 'fak' benda cinta-cintun gini jadi kalau suka belum tentu nak cop diri sendiri bakal kawin. Sama juga macam i jatuh cinta dengan Amar kat cerita Chinta tu. Heh. Watak dia yang hot, pelakon itu sendiri kurang seronok. Samalah juga dengan Gu Jun Pyo, kalau Lee Min Ho je excited i kurang sikit. Oh, banyak betul i ni suka orang. Banyakss betul imaginary boyfriend. Nvm, as long as i happy.

Tapi for surelah i tak akan jatuh cinta dekat raksasa hodoh dalam game dota kan. Sambil teringat ada suara hodoh cakap, "monster kill".

p.s: As i pun tak tahu tajuk entry apa. (-.-") Merepek meraban lagi.

06 October 2010

Review Eat Pray Love

Weekend lepas suddenly abah ajak tengok movie. Oh yes kami si anak-anak serta emak terkejut badak. Sebab abah i bukan jenis suka berjalan, suka bershopping, suka membazir - nope. Abah sangat simple dan suka saving. Ada ke patut dia suruh simpan separuh gaji untuk masa depan which dia maksudkan kahwin. (-.-") Separuh baii, mana boleh tahan - wishlists macam berlambak lagi kot, rasanya kahwin macam letak kat nombor 7 dalam senarai. HAHA.

So kami tengok Eat Pray Love. Korang should expect buku dia memang tak ada action, semua cerita pasal life journey Liz keluar dari safe zone dia untuk mencari kelainan sebab dia rasa dia macam dah mati hati. Dia pergi 3 negara which Italy, India dan Bali.

I suka time dekat Italy sebab i suka tengok time dia makan spaghetti. Tiba-tiba dalam cinema dan craving for italian foods. Huahua. Apa i belajar dari situ adalah untuk live life to the max. Tak ada la put a hold into something. And cara berbual kena dengan tangan-tangan sekali untuk tunjuk expression kot. I macam nak belajar italian language dan terbang pegi  lari sana. Makan dan bergemuk.

Second dia pegi India. Belajar untuk meditate segala. And kenal satu lelaki yang sarcastic yet dia macam tolong Liz untuk forgive herself sebab dia penyebab marriage diaorang hancur, kira dia yang minta cerai segala. Disitu kamu boleh nampak Julia Roberts pakai sari kaler hijau, hijau ehh. And balik i try juga belajar duduk bersila kosongkan minda, konon-konon meditate - but trust me i asyik fikir; macam gini ke orang tengah kosongkan minda? Atau, kosongkan minda Diana, jangan fikir pape. Lepas 2 minit i give up. And time tu baru perasan 2 minit tu lama. HAHA

Last sekali adalah ke Bali. Which ada lelaki nama Ketut. I selalu nak gelak sebab fikir kentut. Kat Bali Liz ni belajar untuk hidup balance, enjoy dan meditate. Disamping itu belajar untuk love. Kan orang cakap cinta buat kita jadi unbalance - so tu yang Liz face lepas jumpa satu lelaki yang selalu cakap 'DARLING', i lupa nama dia tapi kita panggil dia darling guy. Liz suka darling guy but sebab dengan darling guy dia dah jarang jumpa Ketut - tiap-tiap hari dating. Liz rasa bersalah dengan diri sendiri dan membuat keputusan untuk tinggalkan darling guy dan balik New York. Seterusnya sila tengok sendiri.

Banyak i belajar dari movie ni kot. Untuk jadi balance untuk appreciate life. And sampai i dah bertekad tak nak kawin selagi tak jumpa balance in life lagi. I nak jadi independent, i nak jadi pengembara - tapi mesti kumpul duit dulu la. Hokey, must do thing before mati - mengembara! :D

So i suka cerita ni. Even tak ada action, i macam masuk kelas untuk hati - motivation. Walaupun time tengah tengok tiba-tiba ada scene kissing mak cakap kuat-kuat, "Diana Rina tutup mata jangan tengok". Malu wohhh. Haha. (-.-")

05 October 2010

Review Magika

Minggu lepas i terajin keluar tengok movie, jadi hello Magika. I memang peminat kerja KRU sebab diorang berani cuba benda baru. Kalau macam cerita wayang melayu lain memang i kurang teruja langsung nak tengok tapi bila samapi KRU production je mesti tiba-tiba i promote kat orang suruh tengok. HAHA

Kita dok bangga-bangga tengok cerita omputih atau mungkin tengok cerita cina bangga-bangga taraf cerita diorang konon hebat kalau nak banding dengan Malaysia, tapi kalau Malaysia pun baru belajar jinak-jinak buat gitu korang dah kondem. Dah la kutuk cgi Msia tak cantik, tak lawo, cerita bodoh, cuba test korang rajin tak hadap komputer berjam-jam nak siapkan 1 scene je. Moral; tak payah nak kondem sangat negara engkau yang hujan batu puja sangat negara orang yang konon emas sangat.

Back to the review. Ehem-ehem.

Ini version Alice in Wonderland Malaysia lah kot. Ada pak andir, mak andir, bawang putih, bawang merah, nenek kebayan, puteri gunung ledang, badang, mahsuri ect ect. Semua yang konon-konon fiksyen bagi masyarakat melayu semua ada. So memang kita ada idea la kan sejarah watak-watak tu macam mana. Jalan cerita dia; kakak cari adik yang terjatuh masuk telaga lepas tu boleh sampai ke dunia MAGIKA. So sepanjang cari adik and jalan nak balik ke dunia biasa macam-macam orang diorang jumpa. Sila take note ini cerita musikal, kalau lagu banyak sangat sila jangan komplen atau buat bunyi mengantuk. Apesal kau masuk dalam cinema cerita musikal kalau kau tak sanggup dengar lagu dia kan - buat bising panggung je. 

Banyak gila lagu dalam ini, macam tengok highschool musical. I mestilah suka lagu yang happy-happy je kan so macam ada a few lagu yang catchy sampai i boleh nyanyi-nyanyi sampai sekarang, Btw, lirik provided time tu, i macam nak nyanyi bersama macam dalam karoke box tapi segan dengan orang sebelah, jadi jinak-jinak je nyanyi dalam hati. Boleh sahaja cari di YouTube OST Magika, dah banyak sangat dah kot. Cuma, kadang-kadang i rasa suara Diana Danielle tu macam tak match suara Mawi - macam sometimes lagu duet diorang buat i pening kepala. Sorry but tu yang i rasa. (-.-")

I highly recommended korang tengok cerita ini as i nak support KRU of course and betul i rasa cerita ini different. Kira tak macam cerita melayu leleh yang lain. Sebelum tengok movie, pegilah cari disebalik tabir magika kat youtube, so if korang still ada benci dengan cerita gitu tak payah tengok langsung dan masuk dalam wayang buat bising atau mungkin buat wayang sendiri. Pffttt.

Later, review Eat Pray Love pula.

02 October 2010


Oh, saya pun rindu kat awak juga. Sambil tangan rasa kekok tiba-tiba macam nak taip semula lepas lama betul diamkan diri dari dunia blog. Ini semua angkara kawan kerja baca belog lepas itu dok kutuk-kutuk pasal keranda. Hokey-hokey, i dah rasmi keranda kat atas pegi fotostat plan A1, so memang i dah confirm tu bukan keranda tapi super big copy machine. ( _ _")

Life sangat okay, teratur. Woke up early, mengadap jam, been awake for the whole working hours, get enough foods to eat, and sleep early. So you see, working life buat i jadi manusia normal. Tak adalah bangun pukul 3 petang online sampai lupa nak makan segala then tak ingat buat apa, sedar-sedar dah pukul 3 pagi baru hegeh-hegeh cuci muka tidur. Kawan kerja okay cuma maybe i pemalu sampai kadang-kadang kena call mak minta mak teman lunch. You're the best-lah mak!

So far sekarang, i kurang kawan untuk hang out. Maybe sebab me myself pun macam malas-malas nak contact orang ajak lepak so i selalu end up dekat rumah dengan mak tengok drama. Or maybe i masih rindu-rindu deat kawan UTM, kawan cisco sampai macam nak rapat dengan orang lain pun macam susah. Okey, i rindu zaman belajar sebab kawan sepah-sepah. :(

Love life pula macam biasa, so-so aja. Tak adalah macam newly weds couple kan. Call bila sumpah boring nak mati atau tengah emo, text bila jari rajin nak taip (especially dia sebab phone touch screen agaknya dia takut touch screen tu tiba-tiba hilang sensor kot), atau mungkin skype bila rasa diri senonoh and tak main dota baru sibuk-sibuk nak webcam. Jumpa? Mungkin bulan depan, sambil tiba-tiba check date bila lagi free kan. HAHA. Long distance, live with it.

Later i akan update pasal konvo babehh! Or maybe to those yang dah ada Facebook i korang dah ratah my pictures kan. (: