27 July 2009

The mood

Yeah, the mood to blog is here.
While the music is on, my hand can’t stop typing.
Just follow the beat babeh.
Even I’m listening to Tanpa song right now.
(Jiwang? Ok, I love the vocalist punya voice. Awwww.)

Nothing much for today.
I was doing my preparation for my fyp.
I keep walking through C09 to find my lecturers.
And need to call the lecturer yang suddenly hilang.
Well, everything messed up before is getting better now.
At least I already confirm what topic is I’m focusing now.
Goodbye environment, I am into hydraulics now.
Stop talking about education lah, the class is over.

Yesterday I did attend my friend’s wedding.
Congrats darling Nad, I do, I do, I do envy you now!
Used to be tomboy but then you’re happily as a woman now.
May your relationship will last forever!
And to mom and dad, I am sorry.
I used to be that way, I hate to menepung tawar segala.
Love both of you, always.


Why, each time I started to believe in you, you let me down?
And why, the pain is still here?

(Ok, let me explain, I miss to have that broken hearted feelings. ;p)

Thank Mikah darling, my life is much better now. With the presence of you, there is nothing else I hoped for.

You make me smile, how could I regret to know you.

Emo gedik.

While having hot Milo, listening to the music and reading pdf about my assignment, something popping in my mind. It’s something that I should keep it safe at my precious blog. Something to be shared to others, even I know it would be quite emotional.

You gave me the friendship smile first time I met you.
But you’re the one who said, “I don’t know you” at the end.

You gave me the hope.
Even I know it is fake, I do believe.
Then you leave me with the hopes, blur.

You’re like a sun while I’m facing the dark night.
Then you’re gone, leaving me in the most darkest night.

You promised that you’ll always be with me, during my ups and downs.
But you let me down and didn’t turn back.

HAHA. Laugh it all out. Apesal la suddenly feels like want to write something terribly emotionally jiwang. Okeh, need to keep on doing my assignment.

Good nights all!

26 July 2009

?? (Part III)

At last. Even old punya template, stil better than td punya. Ishh. Malas na tuka layout lagi! (Padahal sendiri cari pasal.)

Nothing to share today. But i'm going to my bestfriend's wedding tomorrow morning. Well, i am excited cause she used to be a tomboy when i know her but suddenly dia kawin dulu. And i don't have any pictures with her la pulak!! (-.-")

Later lah darlings!

25 July 2009

?? (Part II)

Ok well, konon-kononnya want to go back to the beginning.
But end up this way.
Nvm, will try something else after this.


Suddenly rasa my layout ni buruk pula.
Will find another better layout!

23 July 2009

Discussion lah!

I don’t mind about the notification thru my mail, but I do mind for them that always contacting me using email. Start from now on, I will check my mail only during the weekend. The internet here is so damn laju bagai siput yang berlari pecut. (-.-“)

I felt unwell today, headache each minutes. And my legs seem like getting ready to get cramp, just waiting for the perfect time je nak cramp. So well, I had no mood to do sport or heavy conversation today. Doom’s Diana! And I seriously don’t care whatever you want to think about me cause I have my own reason why I’m skipping most of my practices and meeting. And fyi too, I also make some excuses to skip my day to meet my bf. I guess he already know my hormone is not okay by now sampaikan he didn’t say a word when I said, I need to be alone. Thanks dear!

Ohh, I remember. Yesterday kan my car keys hilang and I redah hujan all the way back to my block from my faculty. It is not that jauh, but then the headache is there till today and up till now. And mual bagai mengandung, even naik kereta pusing-pusing pun dah nak muntah. I need to get some medicine if still rasa tak gembira begini esok.

I got a job for all of the promoters around JB. Work for Digi at UTM for 4 days. Each day they will pay you RM120 including RM20 food allowance. Haaa. Bestkan? So if interested please let me know. Starts next week tao!

Ok la darling, need to take part with my group discussion. :)



After a long time being here at UTM, now I know how to use UTM Wi-Fi. I know, pathetic. I always using private wireless network before so I don’t really know how to use it. Hihi.

Well, yesterday my car keys did hilang and I told everyone about that. I also did blaming Hakim for that, siap suruh dia bangun and look for it at his car. But at the end of the morning, Hakim saw it at the grass in-front of my block. I possibly tercicir that thing while kelam kabut nak pegi kelas without realize it. Ok I know, clumsy and sengal. So it is just waste of time for me to redah hujan semata-mata nak cari kunci kat bilik. Gaha!

And well, I might be have a presentation tomorrow morning la oh. And I was like, sumpah gila haram bosan to wake up early in the morning. Oi, tak reti nak tidur ke makcik? Oklah, need to sleep. As I know how to use the Wi-Fi now, I bet the entry takde la that kesian as before. (Hopefully!)

Good Night darlings!

p.s: I miss you MIKAH DEAR. Opss!

21 July 2009

Unexpected present.

I already start my futsal practice. Even I know I am not a good player but still I want to play. At least I do something for my college while do sport for my own good. Hiks.

Just now he did call me and asked me to meet him in front of my block. Well, I expected his call but I never expect to get something from him. He gave a sock. Yeah, socks. Maybe a good luck charm for my futsal practice? :p
Seriously unexpected. And I don’t know how he knows that I only have a few of socks je, just 3 in my cupboard. Sila gelak if you want too. I just don’t know why la sangat rasa wasting beli stoken tu. (-.-“)
One of the sock tu my mom belikan as unexpected gift jugak. SOCKS okay?! But another two tu, I bought time desperate nak main boling but tade socks. Sila gelak lagi. I know I still si fakir stoken.

My class had been started. But, I’m facing this problem, my mind is still in the idle mode. It just go nowhere while my lecturer giving their lecture. At the end of each class, I just don’t know what I had been listening before. I need to pay more attention in the class. Must!
(Cita-cita pelajar tahun akhir. Sila muntah.)

Oklah, need to get ready for my practice. And I can’t wait to eat! Lapar~

19 July 2009


The quick one.

1. My mom dah start suruh pack my things yg sumpah gila bersepah. Need to balik campus before hari gelap.

2. I still berfikir what song should I download even dah mcm puluh-puluh new songs ade kat my window. (baru lepas download oii)

3. I bought new seluar untuk sport, mane tah yang lama punya hilang. Need one for futsal practice.

4. I bought Helios Eclipse epilog. The latest one lah! Hihi. I had been waiting for it for a long time. :)

5. Makan dengan melampau just now. Rasanya don’t need to eat for two days kot sbb totally full.

6. My tabung is empty now. I need to start over, while duit for last sem next week hantar g bank.

7. I sleep more than enough but still rasa nak tidur. Why?!

8. I miss my darlings ABG. Hiks. Even baru satu hari tak jumpa. ;p ;p

9. I’m about to make a cheerleader group for my futsal team and for UTM’s squash team. ;p

10. My sis dah bising so I need to stop now. Goodbye darlings!

17 July 2009


Eacha cakap saya suka berbelog. Kongsi everything with others. Tapikan, saya belog untuk diri sendiri sebab boleh kira bagai diari masa lapang disamping dijadikan medium untuk imbas kenangan lampau. Kadang-kadang bila tengok balik entri lama, saya rasa geli hati, kadang-kadang rasa nak pusing balik masa ketuk diri sendiri biar tak buat benda yang menyakitkan hati. Even tak pernah pun nak sakit hati melampau. Kan saya dah bilang, saya supergirl.
- Diana Naubi


Hiks. An update while waiting for my next class. I am somewhere in my faculty yang ada internet connection yang super laju but still tak boleh main game facebook because of the computer tak upgrade. Ish!

And I dengan bangganya dah tengok Harry Porter walaupun i tak pernah baca the book. Anyway, not a big fan of reading la kot. Hurm, i still frust dengan storyline dia. Oh yeah, angkara tak baca buku sampai i don't know yang Albus Dumbledore akan mati. Still graving la kot sampai masuk mimpi and i keep saying, bila nak siap next movie ni? Sebab sangat gila malas nak baca the book. HP yang ni is the least favourite la kot compared to the others. ;(

(Suddenly i heard Eacha laughing while facebooking. Seems like she addicted to it now. ;p)

Today I'll have ABG's day. Will watch that Skrip 7707. We love ghost story! Even tak book lagi. Apesal la I suka sangat book movie tickets? Hopefully I'll have the time to upload the pictures tonight or maybe tomorrow. Sangat la melupakan bloggy ini. I'm sorry darling.

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jijot & Nada Liyana.
Hiks, Jijot hope you like my special performance yesterday. Suara i nyanyi bday song sedapkan? Hihi. Selamat hari tua abg jijot!
Ana, hope you like it. I sumpah suka that 'thing'. Macam tanak bungkus bagi u je smlm. And boleh pulak tade kat bilik time i na nyanyi lagu bday sumpah gila bising utk u. Ishh. Enjoy ur day darling!

p.s: Hv another more minutes, nak tidur bentar bahh. :)

13 July 2009

I saw him

First of all, can I say that F word? Ishh. First day of my schoolday je dah kena saman. It was like, ohh pegi matilah to that person. Can he see that there is not enough parking here? So, what is he expected? Jalan jauh and park kereta jauh-jauh? No way la man, kes curi kat bilik my sis you guys tak settlekan langsung sedangkan it was the college fault. What if my car suddenly hilang? Totally you can’t do anything. And as you well known this university has 29 construction places inside here. So strangers sangatlah ramai sampaikan kes curi sangat banyak now. Can I trust this place lagi?
Pikirlah sikit oiii. And RM 25 is big to be wasted to a useless college like this. Pay my sis approximately RM 850 then baru I changed my mind lah. You are a great college sebab memahami pelajar. F lah!

Still haven’t bought my pillow. Ish, I miss home. Hehehe. Sumpah gedik sebab rumah sekangkang kera.

Btw, my class cancelled today. All of it. Wasted day and baju semua, ohhh.. serta tenaga. Please lah, apesal la rasa clumsy sangat? Hiks. But since dah jadi senior, I tried to be more matured. (heh, am i? did i?)

What else? I already watched transformer. Lambat kentang kan? But then, I just don’t know why I’m not that interested with that movie. I mean, I waited to the movie to be end cepat-cepat. Siap bisik kat orang sebelah, “My butt is getting hot now, I just can’t stand sitting here anymore.” And I still complain that on my way back. Then realize cite tu more than 2 and half hour. I prefer Transformer yang first tu, you can call me weird if you want too. ;p

Just now I did shop for my room a lil’ bit and guess what, I saw Fizo lah! Baru perasan that he is there setelah berjuta kali I did going there. I mean, there is a lot of his poster there. Grrrrr. Terlalu adorable lah dia tu! And my guy terus tarik I pegi department lain sebab menyampat tengok my over excited face. He did throw Fizo picture yang I dah letak kat my organizer for few month since LI start. That pictures la yang makes me have the mood to do my report in the organizer. Gonna miss his presence but lepas ni letak Hakim’s pictures pulak biar dia puas hati. Haha! (Pegi amik bucket muntah kat tepi ;p)

Okeh la, need to mandi and do something usefull at least once today. Goodbye bloggy!

RandamSays: I don’t want teddy bears but I want a mascot bear. It must be big, huggable, and it must be you. (Ok, kidding!)

12 July 2009


Entry at the midnight again lah!
So well, today I do nothing. Just keluar berjalan-jalan for a while with my sis. Looking for new tudung and black inner. Rasa macam dah banyak je inner but apesal macam banyak hilang? Gehe… well, I still looking for tudung for sport je sekarang. And a bag untuk pegi kelas berserta selipar yang molek untuk pakai dengan baju kurung. Wehe~
Nafsu besar terhadap buying things lah!

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Even I haven’t packed my things yet, still nak excited lebih. I’m bored with my practical lah, tu yang rasa study is much more better. Wuhuu~

Okeh la, nothing else to say. Goodbye and good night!

Randomsays: I just don’t know how I can like him at the first place. He is so damn hot! Surprisingly, that guy is Malay and I’ll be in excited state each time I see him. No more TV for next week, so there will be no him. Gonna miss you much handsome, till next weekend thru catch up tv.

p.s: Why lah guna randomsays pula? Sangat banyak baca blog orang punya influence. Grrr.

p.p.s: You, keep packing, I can’t wait!

11 July 2009

Anti Dota.

Tengok, rasa mengada pula buat entry banyak-banyak in one time.
But peduli apa kan, this is my blog.
I'm marathoning a drama, suddenly lah pula.
Sedangkan bukan main anti-tv lagi time cuti.
Bila dah nak start sem baru gedik-gedik tengok.
So i am stuck at tv3 online & 8tv online.
While my guy yang kononnya nak pack his things.
BUSY main dota.
I was like, what the heck mister?!
(Suddenly rasa macam marah kat binatang buruk tu.)
Sedangkan i watch drama yang full of Fizo face.
And ignored him quite a long time.
Fair kot? ;p

At last dapat bukak juga restaurant city!
Okehlah, need to kasi makan my patung-patung.
Then tidur!
Good night darlings.

p.s: Title tak boleh belah. Binatang buruk hampagas betul. Sem depan Ciki kene ajar Yana ok. Nak revenge kat Hakim neh! ;p ;p

10 July 2009

Lets blog.

I am super bored with my blog now. Maybe I need to change my layout to make the mood come back. I’m trying to choose the simplest layout. Hihi. And will change the song too. Let him rest in peace by himself. :)

Yesterday I did accompany my ex-roommate to my lecturer’s house. Heh, Dr Norhisham house lah! Over excited, even he said that his wife giving her birth I still excited to see him. I bought fruits for his family and ask about his new baby, it’s a boy! I’ll visit him again with my girlfriends to see that baby. Haha.. His house is big and modern concept. Sumpah cantik sampai I said, “Dr, nak tengok sampai dapur boleh tak?” And he said, “Go on, buatkan air untuk kawan awak sekali.” But I did not, takut woo rumah orang. No photo taken sebab I didn’t bring my sayangness digicam and my phone super kokak amik gambar tak cantik. ;p

I already take my parcel. New couple shirt. Hihi. Gediklah! But then I still like that shirt sebab dia panjang melepasi my butt. And I still wait for my other parcel. And I am looking for long cardigan online. Sejak bila mula shop online ni?!
New resolution for July, I need to save money. Do part-time job and save that money too. And the best part after all the saving things, shopping at Singapore during sale. Mesti!

Haih, I should post an entry about my cousin wedding. But, my laptop charger dah rosak and all the photo is in my laptop, so still no entry lah! Nvm, after their honeymoon yang I also don’t know when, I will make sure the entry is there include their photo yang berlambak lagi. Another must do thing ni!

And if you guys realize, my facebook profile semalam suddenly I’m being single. Please don’t take it too seriously sebab my guy ini seriously gedik using my facebook and changed my status segala. It is nothing, all already been fixed. ;p

Today is my last day of internship. Thank God, I don’t need to be there and do weird things. My class will starts on Monday! And I can’t wait to gather back with my classmate and share about our intern. And I can’t wait to see their faces sebab most of them are getting dark now. Miahahahaha. Three hours free karaoke with my lesbo and I want to spend my time with ABG. Not forgetting my guy, even I need to share you dengan dota. Heh. Itu binatang buruk yang dah mandrem banyak lelaki kat dunia. ;p

Oh, to Najah. Get well soon! And enjoy dating. Ahad ni my turn pula nak dating! Hiks. Study juga, UPS dah dekat kan? ;p ;p
(Apa tu UPS? So-back-to-zaman-matrix)

Last but not least, I already have new Maxis number. I can’t find my old sim card. Class-mate and faculty-mates, I’ll let you know my number once we start our semester. And to those yang lain-lain, I’ll contact you thru FB and give you my new number. (-.-“)

Ish, suddenly the entry jadi panjang pula. Okehlah, goodbye!

09 July 2009

New love

Alana Grace
I'm bored, so tengok youtube. Suddenly try dengar her song obsessed. And i keep listening to all her song. Downloading it. Haha. Sangat addicted to her voice la. Macam kena mandrem. Aneh. So i alreay being her fan la kan? Haha.
Sangat hot lah ini gadis! Super hot. Her hair semua hot. Love. Love.
p.s: Suddenly rasa sangat lack of idea to blog. ;(

08 July 2009

Impressed, perlukah?!

Woah, I am impressed with myself sbb abandon my laptop for quite a long time. Hiks. I’m busy packing my things and helping my sis with her things. Heh. With extra tengok movie and bake cupcakes and kak yana’s wedding on the weekend tuari. Busy kot. ;p

I got my hair done today. Hihi. And I lurve it lah! Macam nak upload the pictures but I stopped myself from doing that so. Haha. Since I’m wearing tudung it seems like my hair ni makin tak terurus. Before something bad happen to my hair, I chop it out first la. And it is already April. Another hair do will be January 2010. Merancang, impressed!

What else?

My UTM room sumpah gila unattractive. Perlukah? But I will do something to make it cuter. Tomorrow will be the day of cleaning up my room. And I will upload the photo soon. :)

p.s: Last goodbye, GOODBYE MJ.