27 July 2009

The mood

Yeah, the mood to blog is here.
While the music is on, my hand can’t stop typing.
Just follow the beat babeh.
Even I’m listening to Tanpa song right now.
(Jiwang? Ok, I love the vocalist punya voice. Awwww.)

Nothing much for today.
I was doing my preparation for my fyp.
I keep walking through C09 to find my lecturers.
And need to call the lecturer yang suddenly hilang.
Well, everything messed up before is getting better now.
At least I already confirm what topic is I’m focusing now.
Goodbye environment, I am into hydraulics now.
Stop talking about education lah, the class is over.

Yesterday I did attend my friend’s wedding.
Congrats darling Nad, I do, I do, I do envy you now!
Used to be tomboy but then you’re happily as a woman now.
May your relationship will last forever!
And to mom and dad, I am sorry.
I used to be that way, I hate to menepung tawar segala.
Love both of you, always.


Why, each time I started to believe in you, you let me down?
And why, the pain is still here?

(Ok, let me explain, I miss to have that broken hearted feelings. ;p)

Thank Mikah darling, my life is much better now. With the presence of you, there is nothing else I hoped for.

You make me smile, how could I regret to know you.