28 February 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Again, we win the game for FKA’s Family Day. Does it mean that we are the best futsal team in our faculty? ;p

Congratulations girls. I know we can do it, together. Next target, more practice for our SUKAM if nak quota for our final year. Hehe.
Thanks Ciky, Adi and abg Apai cause supporting us. Sangat la gembira Eventhough my skin burned sebab main till 12.30 p.m. How I miss to play around. =)

I’m home. Hihi. I still miss of being home. The couch, the bed, the entertainment, the family members & everything la. How lucky am I, UTM is damn near to my house. Macam Uniten pegi Kenaria Kondominium pula. Haha. I think my house is much closer kot. But then tiap-tiap minggu nak balik pun susah, due to the stupid assignments or the dates with my friends. But I did learn to appreciate home la kan.

Batax, please la download or tengok Takin' back my love song. Please. Damn hot la Enrique tu, extra, Ciara punya body serious da boom beb. Hihi. Downloadkan mp3 tu eh. Nak, NAK!

my boyfie~

He is too hot until I forgot to breathe for few seconds.

Enrique Iglesias even buat muka marah or muka ego or muka tension, you are still hot. Try watch Takin’ Back My Love video. Seriously, he is damn hot. Melting gila kot Dah tengok thousands times dari semalam but tak puas. Ohh.. I’m fall for him. Tolong, be in front of me and make that sarcastic face! Durhhh…

Officially for these few weeks, Enrique Iglesias is my imaginary boyfriend.

Btw, 1234 – Plain white t punya video dah keluar. It is soooo bored ok. Macam cheap punya video je kot. But then meaningfull sikit la KOT. Heh. As long as lagu tu sweet, it is enough for me.

Wish me luck for my futsal match tomorrow morning. Gold medal as last semester please… ;p

25 February 2009


It’s been a long time since my last entry. I’ve been busy for the whole last week and internet sucks! So it comes up with tons of things I want to share but I am too lazy to type more than necessary. Hihi…

I felt guilty. Again, I’m saying it. Maybe some of you feels like irritated with this words la kan because I’m keep saying it. But that is what I feel.

It started when I have a complicated discussion on Monday night and its goes by till the midnight. I’m going back to the room with headache and get ready to sleep without thinking bout the date. When I woke up at 6.30a.m, I am too sleepy to get up. I continuing my sleep till 7.30 a.m. The headache is still there, at the back of my head. I woke up and go to Anis room asking for paracetamol, then informing Yanti that I’m not going to the class this morning. I continue my sleep till afternoon. The headache is still there but I find the strength to get up and take my bath and take my lunch. I make it fast because I possible can’t stand properly. Once I reached my room I felt something more horrible than the headache, period pain. I’m again looking for menstrual pill, but I had none. I just lying on my bed till finally I know Yanti have that pill. I have such a bad day yesterday. I’m doing nothing at the night until my friend asking me out for dinner. At first we planned just to eat at FKE but its ends up by going out to Larkin Perdana. I’m too blur to think more than I should think. Until I received a message that makes me shocked.

Hell yeah, I’m forgetting the date. More to said I’m forgetting my best guy friend birthday. GUILTY GILA LA WEHH!!! But then I did realize that I’m not a good friend. So thanks for everything, let’ do our own things. Hurm…

Okay, enough. I still am guilty. Haaa… to those who’s listening to my cried last night, thanks. At least I’m not keeping this feeling alone until it affecting my moods and emotions.

I still felt guilty, but I can’t do anything. Just a simple apologize to you. I can’t said it directly cause I still ashamed with myself. Heee… But i still want to wish you here, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KAU!!!

Sorry again.

Till then.

17 February 2009


Dear Diary,

I really do need to express my exact feeling.
I'm going crazy.



Thanks Prof Shahrin coz postponing our test to Friday.
So I got extra a day to makan buku steel.

Should be I have OBE thingy on Saturday.
But it also will be postponed to a date that I don’t know when yet.
Lawatan tapak ke KL.
But it will be my first trip with all my classmate la kan.
Excited sikit.


Islam’s Presentation – 17/2
Kontrak Test – 18/2
Visual Basic Test – 18/2
Steel Design Test– 19/2 <- I HATE THIS SUBJECT!
OBE thigy– 21/2
English’s Presentation – 23/2
Kontrak’s Assignment – 25/2
Construction Assignment – 27/2

I am over-stressed.
Can you please at least be with me?
Or just leave me alone with my things?

I am moody now.
Who cares?
I am notadequate’ with this type of ‘load’.
(Haaa.. kan da guna ayat Steel ;p)

I don’t want to be like this too.
Macam haram!

16 February 2009

I'm in love?

The meaning of kisses:
-Kiss on the stomach be ready
-Kiss on the Forehead expresisng​ a love for him/her
-Kiss on the Ear seduc​ing​
-Kiss on the Cheek cute
-Kiss on the Hand​ I adore you
-​Kiss on the Neck ​We belong toget​her​
-Kiss on the Shoul​der I want you
-Kiss on the Lips I love you

What the gesture means​:
-​Holdi​ng Hands We defin​itely​ like each other​
-Slap on the Butt​ That'​s mine
-Holdi​ng on tight​ I don't want to let go
-​Looki​ng into each other​'​s Eyes liking each oder​
-​Playi​ng with Hair Tell me you love me
-Arms aroun​d the Waist​ I like you too much to let go
-Laugh​ing while​ Kissing ​I am completely​ comfo​rtabl​e with you

Don'​t ask for a kiss take one
If you were thinking about​ someo​ne while readi​ng this​
you'​re defin​itely​ in Love

13 February 2009

Sorry, this is what i feel.

Last night I did post my status kat FB.
Diana is gila annoying with that someone. Muntah darah.
The exact case is.
A long friend time kat sekolah rendah called me just to ask me for Dya’s number.
Well, it’s been a longgg time I am not hearing something from him.
And I'm not ‘that’ close to him la kan.
First thing that he said is “Hey, u kenal Nadiah Amalina eh. Ley tak I want her number?”
Bapak tak desperate pulak.
I asked him where he did knowing her, from FB.
The problem is, that guy is well known as playboy and if I not mistaken he have a girlfriend right now.
So what the hell nak flirting around lagi?
So I said to him, sorry, I won’t selling my friend’s number.
Macam nak tambah je, to a person like you.
Seperti masukkan my friend dalam mulut buaya pula.
And I said, she probably be broken hearted now.
Dengan tak malunya he reply me saying that he can fix it.
Haaa.. ayat yang membawa symptom muntah melampau.
So, I started to make sarcastic voices while having the conversation.
Asking him to ask the number by his own, make some effort la kan.
I know what is the feeling if my friend selling my number to strangers lagi-lagi if that strangers tu buaya yang tinggal kat bumi, so I won’t do that la kan.
Maybe he started to realize yang I dah menyampah, so dia giving up la nak dpt that number lagi.
Conversation end dengan penuh rasa meluat.
Not enough with that, suddenly je he comment me kat FB.
Sejak bila pula I am close to you sampai nak panggil dear?
Menyampah double!

Don’t blame me la kan why my status macam tu.
If that my weakness pun, at least I’m showing what I feel and takde la pretending to be okay sedangkan tak okay.
And at least takde la physically susahkan orang with my words pun.
Be at my place a, and seriously I am NOT in a good mood pun.
So GTH with other’s opinion pun.
But this time mmg I am seriously direct kan.
Cause you can know who is the person once korang tengok my FB.
Sorry aa if that person is your close friend or what.
Ni my opinion je pun, sebab we don’t really know each other pun.
We never ever have serious conversation pun.
Suddenly she’s popping out and complaining.

Well, I will delete her very soon.
As dia tak ley terima sangat kan my so called weakness tu kan.
Tak yah baca my status next time ok!
: )


1. Tolong, I really do hate when someone that I don't really know calling me dear, sayang or something yang sekutu dengannya. Meluat!

2. I am not born as a Yellow Pages for guys yang gila desperate for my girlfriends number. Tolong aa, I am not going to sell my friend number to a playboy like you. Take note that.

3. I am over stress. Still doing my stupid Geotechnics thing. Haaa.. and two of my gf are here studying macam psyco make me moreeee tense sebab I am the only one playing around. Haha.

4. Homesick but tak ley balik this week. :(

5. I already missing him. Haih.

12 February 2009

Tag From Maria Elena. (i miss u!)

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose six people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!”), and to read your blog, you can’t tag a person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

Sixteen Random Things, Habit or Goals.

1. I love to sleep. I can sleep more than 13 hours per day. Yes-yes, I have polar bear genetics.

2. I love to laugh when I really-really sad. I hate to express what I feel directly.

3. I love someone I don’t really deserve. He is too good to me. Please love me! Haha.

4. I don’t really know either I love my hair or hate it. But the fact is, my hair=bulu anjing yang tak terurus.

5. Theo Walcott is my boyfriend. Take note that!

6. I don’t want to cut my hair until April 2009.

7. I am unpredictable, complicated but easy going type of person kot.

8. I want to get A+ for my Virtual Basic just to prove to Dr Norhisham that I love that subject because of him. :)

9. I am selfish. I think what I want to think and do what I want to do without thinking others feeling.

10. I am sarcastic when I am not in a good mood.

11. I love my girlfriends. Yes, I am into lesbian now. :D

12. I hate something related to structure design subject but what the hell I’m taking Civil Engineering.

13. I want to have Nicole Scherzinger body. Gila hot.

14. My YM id is nanako_icchima. Haha. Gila childish, I’m sign in for it when I was form 1.

15. I hate to make a conversation with strangers. I really do believe in first impression but I don’t judge someone by their appearance.

16. I want to wear tudung once I ready. Soon. :)

Ohh.. another fact, I’m tagging no one cause I know most of you busy with tests & assignment. Well, good luck!

Upcoming stressful week.

Hello morning!

For the first time of the semester, I woke up kind off late today. And I have this lazy mode of going to class. I snoozed my alarm clock until 7.40a.m. Blame me cause sleep late last night. Derr… I need to cover back my sleep time later on, or else the baggy thing will be appear and I am all out to be a supermodel. Haha. Gila perasan, I know that.

I got test tomorrow, Geotechnic. After being here for nearly 2 months, I never ever touch the notes. I just copy the notes from the slide every week in the class without making any revision through it. So I need to be more professional tonight, to finish up all the revision just for a night plus extra few hours in the morning before the test start at 3. Derrr.. I hate test! Stressful owh!

Next week will be extra-extra busy. I have presentation on Tuesday and I don’t even prepare for the slide. I have two test on Wednesday, both of it is some kind of remember thigy subject where I really do hate it to the max. And on Thursday I have another test yang super tuff, my ‘favourite’ subject ever la kan, Steel Design. Why oh why I’m taking Civil?

Haaa.. enough complaining for now. Mahu makan and have lab afterward. Derr.. baru ingat I have extra work, lab report!


p.s: Mr B, will you please be more patient for these few weeks. I am sure I’ll be in extra-not-in-mood mode. Haaa… Leave me alone if you think I am damn psyco ok. =D

11 February 2009


SLK = Small Little Kenari/Kelisa.
ni baru betul.
Stylo, smart & comel.
Kan? Kan?

Guys, lunch at 1.

10 February 2009

Girls don't like boys, girls like car & money.

I’m back, oh back.

I really had fun kat KL few days ago. Sangat-sangat. What I had learned is my ex is still a good friend to me la, as he is the one who really know me well. We tried to fix everything back and start our friendship back after what had been happen. And I really-really-really glad cause after everything happen, we really do realize that both of us is a good friend to each other. Haaaaa.. gila tanak perasan kan.

I love to see Nuruz playing guitar. Then everybody seems like practicing to play Stay song by Estrella. Haaa. So I keep singing along with them. Bila la nak pandai main gita nehh? Ali Baba is their favourite place. So many times juga la layan shisha, puas!

I tried to contacted Affan many times while kat KL. But seriously, are you changing your number? Apesal tak reply my msges? I nak jumpa you la weh!

Rihanna concert postponed. So dah tak stress cause tak clash ngan test. And luckily dah pegi KL last week so this week I am totally free to study. Yippie. And test 1 will started next week. Durh…

But something in my mind while kat KL. I miss my friends kat UTM. Hurm… we did something terrible last week and something happen. Please leave us alone. P-L-E-A-S-E. We had enough playing around chasing for that something.

While I’m going to Cengal alone I saw someone, ABG THEO. Durh.. melting sekejap cause it been a long time since last time I saw him la kan. But once I heard his voice time dia cakap with my friend mmg tahan gelak la kot. Jahat la weh!

Few days ago, I saw Mercedes SLK at one of our guy’s block. Derrrrr.. then while kat Cengal we did talking bout it guessing who is the owner suddenly the car is there too. Once we saw the owner we complaining everything about him. Haha.
“Itu kereta bapak dia dowh, bapak dia kasi pinjam.”
“Apehal lelaki tak stylo bawak kereta gitu. Bapak humble gila.”
“BF orang lagi stylo kot.”

Suddenly the person next to us is his friend and they did laughing and tell what we had said before to the owner. Dengan malunya kitaorang beransur balik bilik. Malu oiiiii. Next time nak ‘bising’ tengok orang table sebelah dulu. ;p

Riding horses is tiring. I want to sleep.

06 February 2009


Seriously not in the mood.

Just now maxis cannot been use. And at that moment I am desperately need to contact someone. Until I wasted my coins just to have some stupid conversation.

Net in my room also damn slowww in the evening. Maybe lots of the girls love to online than go out for jog. Mane taknya girls banyak obesity and cepat mati. Derrr..

Why it is so hard for you to give and take? I just want a simple thing from you. I tried to figure it out but I can’t find the solution how. Once I got the easiest way to settle it down, you give me reasons. Whatever. Do your own things sila.

Btw, I’m officially wanted to sell my Rihanna ticket. I bought it for RM198, but I’m selling it to RM130. I have test on that day, I have CIDB thingy on Sunday morning and currently I don’t have any mood to be at KL at this moment even lots of things had been plan. Please help me to find the buyer.

I wish I am blessed tonight.

The sitting.

05 February 2009



; (


What is the reason you adding someone in your friendlists if you don’t even know them?

Lagi-lagi when that someone is not even related in your life, I mean, your friends also don’t know about them.

p/s: Rimas owh, since when pula my FB start ramai with the strangers yang add. Maybe I’ll approve now, but sooner or later I’ll delete you back si-nosey parker!

04 February 2009


I don’t know.
I started to fall for someone new.
He is a little bit older & seriously not my type person.
But yet, I still like him.

Dr Norhisham, I am admiring you.
Even you are a father of two childrens & you wife is perfect enough.
I still like you.
: )

My target, to get A+ for my VB!

03 February 2009

Being too emotional again

Losing you is like I am losing another part of mine.
But being with you makes me feel like I am losing myself.

What should I do?
I just want to be me.
Live life happily without pretending & hiding feelings.
I wish, I am feelingless.


I dreamt that I am a mother of two sons and I have a workaholic husband.

What is the meaning of the dream?
Macam tanak aneh pula kan. Cause I keep imagining that I want to be like Gabriel Solis without babies. Wondering.

02 February 2009

If I

Thanks Affan for the info bout the new single of my JT.
Well, well, well, I miss his sexy voices!
Keep listening to it for hours but still have the excited feeling of hearing his voice.

Please, at least please perform at Malaysia or Singapore just once. I want to see him live! Surely I am damn excited or acting crazily at that time.

Baby, you’re my disease.
If I, your gf dear JT.

Btw, just now my Chinese friend did asking me why my hair is not in purple. Hihi. I wish it is purple. I wish my hair is in a perfect purple color. Surely my mom will babbling and calls me crazy-freaky-Diana. ;p

01 February 2009


Aku pekakkan telinga,
Bisukan mulut,
Bekukan otak,
Kentalkan hati,
Buang perasaan.

Sila faham, aku cuma mahu satu jawapan yang betul wahai si penipu.


I should post this thing yesterday. But I am damn not in the mood until I sleep all afternoon and once I woke up at 4, I plan to gambling go to Pulai’s waterfall. I had fun there! Then we watched movie & have another crazy night again. Owh, thanks to Syafiq for everything. He is such a mastermind for our night life la!

As usual, photo will be uploaded at FB soon. Hahaha. Hopefully my toptop won’t corrupted or I accidently ter-delete the picture. Heh. Our dream house ada kot kat situ. Well, I’m too tired! Sleep!