30 December 2008



Told you!!! Most of my classmates called me tembam and now I am all invited to MOK’S GROUP. Haha. The group yang call each other mok. Hihi. I miss my friends damn much okeh. Our first day was blast. Chaos!

Our first lecture dah start. Steel design dowh, my ‘favourite’ part of civil engineering. Heh. But our lecturer macam sangat gila strict pulakkan. 5 person yang absent just now dia g call and ask why they are not coming. So I had no chance to skip his morning classes la kan. Bodoh gila dah plan nak ponteng class. ;p

Then institusi islam pulak only 11 students in our section. Haaa. And all of them pun mmg classmate kiteorang yang gila sekepala. Jijot,ciki,mok,mail,eacha,yanti,anis,fatin,lin,miza&me. Hah. Siap hafal lagi dowh, nak full name pun tawu. Our class ends like at 2.30 and the MOK’s ajak g karaoke. Well, did having fun with them even some of them just breaking up and being too emotional by choosing sad songs. Haha. Gila emo!!

Hah. Look. I still can have a life. Wonderful colour-colour life!



I should going back to UTM tonight, but something comes out.

Ok. I did teman my mom pegi bomoh just now. If you still remember ada satu time tu before final my mom did sakit. Well, till now pun she still suffering. Kiteorang daripada pegi klinik then g hospital kerajaan then private hospital pulak. But then my mom still sakit-sakit. And getting worst now. Lagi-lagi bila time maghrib and tengah malam. So last solution kiteorang is pegi jumpa this bomoh yang my aunty did recomemded la kan.

To be honest la kan, memang at first langsung tak percaya tau dengan this stuff but after seeing it by myself just now mmg gerun la beb. Not my mom la kan, but a patient before my mom did jerit-jerit dengan voices yang menakutkan. Sampai rasa panas semacam that place. Scary tak?

When it comes to my mom’s turn mmg kesian la tengok my mom. I know she did suffering, time pegang tangan mak tu mmg sejuk sangat. Suprisingly, someone did that to my mom. Ada hantu raya belaan kat my mom now. Macam tak percaya je. ‘Bomoh’ tu siap describe lagi siapa yang bagi binatang tu kat mak. Pergh… macam nak pegi kat tempat kerja mak and slap that bitch like thousands times je! Did she ever think if someone did that to her mom pulak?

Hurm. I need to go there again tomorrow. I just hope apa-apa yang ada kat dalam badan mak tu akan keluar cepat. My mom dah suffering sakit gitu for months. Tak sanggup nak tengok lagi. So, I’ll be home tomorrow night. :)


I can’t wait for my class tomorrow. Well, over-excited to meet my classmates!!

Yeah, I want to sit next to Jijot and tell him about everything during my holiday. Digging some of his secret especially bout his ‘love’ story. And I want to go to Kedah! So need to ask him bout that.

I want to stay with Eacha and Yanti. Collect some new gossip among the girls. Well, I miss to hug them!!!

Luby? He is not in my mind. But I really want to know what happening between him and Illy gebam. Woho.. si lelaki buaya darat yang unik. ;p

Hahaha. Well, nak duduk ngan siapa esok eh? Steel design dowh at 8 a.m. Its killing me!

I can’t wait to meet ABG’s too!!!!
Please… I’m craving for the jokes and stories and eating ayam penyet and girls night. Owh. I really miss them!!!

Hopefully, all this mental disorder will go away once I have my life back. Life full of friends and family and the assignments and the books to read. At least I’m not wasting my time thinking bout the stupid feelings.

29 December 2008


I tot I was okay having you pusing-pusing in my small little life but seriously I am not. I hate to have you bugging my konon-konon ‘perfect’ life ni. You are way to hypocrite for me to stand still and be patient. I am really irritated to have you in my life.

So I’ve deleted you from my life.
Is that okay with you?

28 December 2008


1. My eye got infected. Well, it is my fault, using the same lens since .. when eh? Haha. I can’t open my right eye properly. Sobs.

2. I started to use facebook back. Haha.

3. I’m gaining weight now. First words from Lin once she saw me is, “Badan yana dah naik eh?” and I was like, WOAH!

4. Going back to UTM tomorrow night. Sobs.

5. Reading e-book, Stephenie Meyer collection. But since having this eye problem, I’ll let my eyes rest for a while.

6. Won’t using lens for a while. My dad did complain bout my bad habit.

7. I can’t wait to meet ABG and my classmates!!

8. I will celebrate New Year with my sister. So, I’m booked. ;p

9. I want to eat Nasi Ayam Penyet!!! Craving for it since last week.

10. Disappointed with Arsenal’s performance for now. So, no mood with EPL.

11. Happy belated birthday to my dad and Nik Alif a.k.a Dady! Sorry, I can’t even open my eyes yesterday. So no entry lorh!

12. Lastly, I’m being too emotional nowadays. Sorry.

26 December 2008


My last attempt is, PLAYING DUMB.

I won’t say anything again. Lost of words and tired of repetitions. So, how about a round of applause?


You are such a good actor/actress to be.

(I have a sarcasm smile on my face right now.)

Tag from Hudds

#1 describe 10 things about the person who tagged you.
1. Friendly.
2. Kipas-susah-mati Jason Mraz. Haha.
3. Penyayang. Hihi. Kami murid-murid budi penyayang.
4. Khalif cakap Huddy ni gila. But I don’t know why.
5. Kadang-kadang entry huddy ni emo. ;p
6. Hati kental. Hahaha.
7. Kuat makan. She said so. Hahaha. Ape kes makan 100 roti tu?
8. Takut kucing.
9. A friend of mine ckp her lips sexy. Angelina Jolie beb.
10. Tak penah tinggalkan Johor. Hihi. Anak jati Johor la kot. ;p

#2 - Now u have to describe 10 things about urself.
1. Emotional. Haha. Sangat kuat beremosi. PMS kot. ;p
2. Complicated. Me myself pun kdg-kdg tak paham dgn diri sendiri.
3. Suka gila kat chocs sekarang.
4. Sangat moody bila driving. Hoho. Semua benda pun salah.
5. Clumsy! Hehe. Can't wait for the new sem. Kabut beramai-ramai.
6. I have polar bear genetic in my DNA. I need 14 hours of sleep per day. Haha. Percayalah!
7. Love outdoor sports but hate to get burn. Any solutions?
8. Cam-whore tapi sedar diri tak photogenic. Hihi.
9. Irritating. Ye ke? Yes i do when i am not in a good mood. Or when i started to hate something.
10. Kerek-kerek-kerek!

#3 - At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
Lucky 10?
1. Sis Nina - Tade mintak gamba, sila buat.
2. Jijot - Present for the newbies.
3. Alif - Haha. Buat oi!
4. Chuck - Balasan sbb u g vacation tak ajak i. ;p
5. Batax - Assignment before naik sem.
6. Dya - Hihi.. yana nak tambah keje Dya boleh?
7. Eim - Update blog la budak!!!!
8. Affan - Haha. New assignment utk u.
9. Qila - Budak yang busy ngan internship die neh. Hihi..
10. Epa - Apesal dah lame tak update blog? Rindu la!!!

25 December 2008

Owh my!

This entry is published after I’ve think about 10 minutes?


Seriously, I am not in a good mood. Yes, again.

Let me say, I did trust something. Maybe I do believe something I want to believe. Like children who believe that santa does exist but the actual thing, there is not santa.
But surprisingly, what I do believe is not true. And more surprisingly, the trust that I’ve made is broken. Well, if you did know how hard to gain a trust compared to broken it. Btw, I am not losing something expensive or something that I should treasure or what. But I do feel stupid. Maybe I’m thinking too much or what. But what the hell with this feeling?

I am sick of it. I tried so hard to get rid of it. Feeling guilty, jealous and have all those negative feelings. Better for me to be plain-shy-nerdy geek or acting like crazy-sarcastic-heartless bitch. Both different character but at least I have a path to go.

If I choose to be plain-shy-nerdy geek – whatever they said, whatever happening. I will just shut my mouth and let it the thing goes by without any statement or I won’t defense myself. And surely I’ll cut my social time so I won’t easily get contacted by those people that really makes me feel this way. Just imagine ugly Betty in me.

But if I choose to be crazy-sarcastic-heartless bitch – why bitch? If I’m being that way surely they would called me bitch. HAHA. And I will said, whatever loser! You’re not at my place. This will be a vice versa from the geek. I will defense myself with my sarcastic words. Well, i won’t take those things seriously. Let assuming me as Regina George from Mean Girls movie.

Both are a different character. But it is a way for me to defense myself. Defending from being fool again by all these feeling.

24 December 2008

10 lucky song.

Sangat bosan. So I did shuffle my malay++indonesian song juke box and will describe bout it. Okay, this entry will be a total craps so stop reading if you're not interested. :)

1. Kangen Band - Tentang aku engkau dan dia.
This song really reminds me when i was in semester 3. The love conflict and everything. Haha. Each time i played this song memang tangkap cintan ah beb. Sebab each words do mean something to me 'dulu'. Btw, i love the melody macam sangat tenang. Hehe. Is it?

2. Peterpan - Menghapus Jejakmu.
Haha. I love the vidoe clip!! To those yang tak penah tengok try la youtube. The girl sangat cute and sangat sengal sebab follow all the guy punya steps. To those yang nak move on maybe this song macam sesuai kot tak la too emotional. Sure time dengar tak nangis.

3. The Lima - Buronan Cinta.
Cute!!! Haha. Nothing else la kan nak cakap sebab this song macam common. I love this part, lebih baik ku lari cari pacar yang baru. Macam sangat senang nak tukar like tuka baju. Ni macam Jonas Brother version melayu. Or KRU junior. Heh, but i am bored with KRU song yang macam sama jenis.

4. Melly & Paundrakarna - Tergila-gila
Another ost from Bukan Bintang Biasa punya movie. Well, for newbies yang baru couple maybe feels this way la kot. Terawang-awangan. Hahaha. I can't stop thinking of Raffi Ahmad now. He is wayyyy to hot. Will watch BBB for the third round la nanti. Haha.

5. Dewa19 - Sedang Ingin Bercinta.
First time dengar lagu ni time kat Kemaman. Siblings Nazim did addicted to this song and all the way dalam kereta dengar lagu ni. So this song terus stuck in my head till now. Well, Dewa memang the best kot. Their music memang mantap++lyric yang sangat pelik. Haha. I love the girl punya suara sebab gila gedik. ;p

6. Tangga - Akhir Yang Indah.
Something i do love about Tangga is, their lyric selalu related in my life tau. So macam each time download their new single mesti for few weeks akan repeat the song. I still looking for their album kat M'sia but tak jumpa. So, if someone did find Tangga's album please let me know eh. Recomended song of diorg punya lagu now is oh teganya. Sangat cute gila ok!!!

7. Fabulous Cat - Bawaku Terbang
At last lagu Malaysia. Hihi.. Lagu ni maybe lirik dia kot yang best until i did save kat dalam my folder. Unik and meaningfull. Tapi, lagu ni sangat panjang. So each time play this song mesti at last i'll foward to the next song.

8. SO7 - Betapa.
To my classmate, sila jangan gelak. Heh. This song time study week UTM and mostly semua dengar kat radio. So while i am so addicted to this song and tak boleh download sebab tak balik rumah, i did bantai menyanyi sampai salah lirik and kawan-kawan yang study sama semua bantai gelak until now pun ada still ingat. Hampeh tol. So nak feeling bout this song pun dah takde sebab this song mcm kind of joke utk diorg. Grrr.. i miss u guys tawu tak?

9. D'Masiv - Cinta ini membunuhku.
Ini lagu putus cinta. Hahahaha. Ok, i don't want to be too emotional. But my sis did say that each time i sing this song dalam kereta my face will suddenly change like i really do mean it. Haha. Love sucks babeh and its killing me. So betul la kan if i'm making an expression if i sing this song.

10. Ajai & Tungku Mimi - Kayangan
Apesal ini lagu? Hahaha.. well, my friend suruh download this song and i still have it here. But this song tak best kot. Cerita dia pun macam tipu sebab macam tiba-tiba aje seorang raja nak fall for an ordinary girl. But the blog thigy kat itu movie makes me have a blog at the first place la dulu kan. Maybe i still unlucky sebab takde adik raja pegi baca my blog. Vocal both of them sgt tak best! Fullstop.

Overall, yes i have lots of Indonesian song compared to Malaysian song. I am not into indie band malaysia but love to seek for indonesian underground band. Reasons? Haha. Their lyric is meaningfull & tak meleleh. Huahua..

Ok, i already killed 45 minutes of my time to listening and describing the song. My sis said this is just waste of time. But better doing this than doing nothing kan. ;p

Take this & go away!

I think I made it a game to play your game and let myself cry.
I buried myself alive on the inside.
So I could shut you out, and let you go away for a long time.


Yes, you are a winner physically.
But a total loser for me.

23 December 2008

Latest Pixie

Nahh.. but my face memang aneh!

Sort off la kot. I hate my hair!

Happy face?
Yes! I am excited.

Somewhere i can swim.

Last Sunday. Hoho.

I need a new flip flop. I love my jeans. I need a hair-do, again. Eat more!

p.s: Pst.. my pose my kind off old school kan?

21 December 2008

Gadis Biru

What I can conclude with my 2 days job ni, I am really enjoying it! Really-really do had fun with the promoters and the crew. Maybe because most of us pun sekepala.

I did promote bout SUKSES simpack, do I really do need to explain here? Malas-malas. But then our target is Indonesian, so I did need to speak in Indonesia. The girls semua hebat dowh tukar their language once dapat the target. After few times of promoting baru la dapat mengayat mengancam sikit. Hihi… our place of work this time, semua lubuk-lubuk orang Indonesia.

But then there is one time our dealer leave us kat pasat malam full of orang Nepal and Bangladesh. They don’t even know how to speak in English. Hampeh tol, sales memang drop habis that time. Next time I want to take Nepal or Bangla classes, so boleh communicate ngan diorg. ;p

Last day I did hang out with the girls. Ajak diorang pusing JB. Well, I really enjoy being with them. We talked about everything. We laughed like crazy and do crazy new stuffed together. It’s been a long time since my last date with the promoters. Promoters’ rocks babeh!!


Gadis biru version II. But this time baju kene pulang. Gila kedekut management. :((

Kami si gadis MUKTAMAD. As stated kat our baju. ;p

From the left: Liza, Tini, Me and Erin. Gonna miss them. Much!

20 December 2008


I am tired!

p.s: I am tired with you too, tired of missing you. :)

19 December 2008

Owh. today.

Officially I already go to Jusco Bukit Indah!

I love the croc’s shop! But the crowds make me sick. So after 2 hours of window shopping. I’ve decided to go home. Maybe I’ll go there again soon, I want to buy something. Ramai sangat orang tadi malas nak queue! Guys, confirm kat situ TAKDE movie. Okay.

Don’t try Starbuck’s new dark cherry mocha! The worst beverage that I ever try from Starbuck. Sampai pening dowh. Grrrrr…

I’m out for my part-time job! At last I have something to do with EXTRA-EXTRA pocket money. =D

I miss collection.

I miss my kampung!! Well, time ni kat playground rumah my uncle. At that moment even my dad pun main mende tu. Hahaha.. can u see my happy face? Can u? ;p

Okay. Muka tak besalah gila kan? Btw, i miss my skin time ni. Well, completely fair! Tade la putih but kaler sekata. Haha. After survey camp, camping, bola baling & futsal tournament habis burn. But nak salahkan siapa pun, i love outdoor sport!!

This is my longest natural hair. Heee.. i miss this hair. Each time tgk pic ni mmg sure i will say, i want my hair to be like that! But dah tak boleh coz my hair now sgt gila tak cantik & dah tak lebat & dah tak hitam macam tu. Salahkan the chemical!!

Latest photo! My pipi did tembam a lil' bit, KOT. Hoho...

p.s: Click photo to enlarge. =)

18 December 2008

A girl with a broken heart.

Yeah, I can still remember the pain.

Each time I’m being alone I feel so weak. I can’t think of anything. Life means nothing but miserable. I feels like giving up in anything, everything. I feel like want to commit a suicide so I can end all this feeling, the pain deep inside my heart. Yeah, everything means nothing to me that time, what I feel is only the pain. Pain of losing something I treasure, pain of being betrayed by someone that I trust. The pains that I need to face after make the decision to love someone strange.

Yes I am weak at that moment. I cried like every minute. I think negatively. Everything is blank and I lost my hope. Friends do come and give their supports. Their common expected words, “Be strong Yana”. But they don’t feel the pain, I did and it is killing me. Again I admit, I am weak coz I have a fragile heart. Day goes by days, week goes by weeks and month goes by months. I slowly learn to accept the fate. Life must go on.

They said, we can forgive but we can’t forget. But did they ever consider what my heart feels? Yeah, it is complicated. I wish I could make it simple, settle everything down and have a restart. But it is not that easy. It won’t be easy.

The pain will end as the time goes. But here, deep inside my heart, it won’t be the same anymore. Cause it is once broke.

Hey kawan, I will always be with you. You helped me before, we shared it together. Why this time when you needed someone you forgetting me? I’ll always be here to hear and share the tears. Cause I still remember the pain.

I will say it again, BE STRONG SAYANG!!

Sorry, i love her.

Yes. I am ignoring you.
Can’t you see it clearly?
Or you want me to say it out loud?
Or maybe you are waiting a letter from my lawyer?

Let me make it clear, again.
I won’t expect anything from you.
Even a scintilla of virus, I won’t.
Cause’ I know, it won’t happen.

Owh, I nearly forget something.
I want my favorite vase back and my gold fish.
You can keep my CD’s collection if you want too.

Well, let’s move on.
You can flirt like you always did before.
And I can party-ing like everyday.
No more stupid ring to stop us.

I’m glad to leave you for Katy.
I’m glad to choose her than a moron like you.
I’m glad to have a life back.
As a lesbian.



First of all, I really feel sangat gila guilty sebab terhilang Dya’s url before. But then I found it and dah link miss cantik itu semula. =)

Yesterday me and my sis do open our precious chest. Well, peti yang full of our childhood photo tu. Both of us just can’t stop laughing each time we changed the pages. Each photo ada sentimental values seh. Serious, if one day someone nak blackmail me, memang the pictures will be a good item.
What I can see from my childhood world kan. Since kindergarden or baby lagi I tak pernah ada rambut panjang. Let me say, paling panjang pun time first year kat UTM. So, can u guys imagine, me having ‘this’ type of hair dari kecik. Worst I always having short hair yang macam Rihanna tu. Nak jugak Rihanna. Hihi… and since kecik my rambut ni macam sangat messy dan senget. Yes, senget. I love to cut my front hair by my own in front of the mirror. But lastly mesti senget. Like mesti tau, cuma nampak ngan tak nampak je la kan. But then, I still love my hair. Haha.
Then, kecik-kecik memang style guna seluar kaler-kaler eh? Me and my sis have lots of coloured pant. Pink, green, red, light blue and yellow. Yes yellow! Haha. Eventhough now pun I only have one red jean. Tu pun sangat jarang guna. So, my sis keep saying that kecik-kecik lagi she already being a diva coz sangat daring in dressing. Heh. Tapi if they want us to wear back all those cloth sure my sis akan buat muka.
I miss my house kat Simbang. Most of our picture time childhood kat simbang and that house sangat gila takde furniture macam sekarang. Well, I like my house now, but dah tak spacious macam dulu tau. Hihi… but then when I did ask my sis dia nak pindah balik to our previous house tak, she said no. Obviously maybe because of our neighbour kot. Hahaha.
Moral of the entry, I really do miss my childhood moment.

Right now I’m having chocolate fudge from Secret Recipe. Haha. And my choc stock is ready in the fridge! Yippie~

Yes, yes. I am on my way to gain my weight. So, goodbye skinny-old-me. Wish me luck dear!

p.s: Why I’m being so happy tonight? Hihi…

17 December 2008

Tag dari Faten.

Do you think you are hot?
Hot, tidak. Hahaha.. i am gorgeous! (perasan kentang!)

Upload a favourite picture of you.

Why do you like that picture?
The latest picture among the others la kan. Sangat dah gila lama tak snap pixie after my hair cut. Grrrr...

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Yesterday. Hihi..

The last song you listen to?
You're so gay - Katy Perry

What name you prefer beside yours?
Annabella or maybe Isabella. Sangat suka Bella. Apehal tah.

People to tag?
♥ Sis Irena
♥ Affan Azami
♥ Farra
♥ Epa
♥ Khalif

Who is number one?
My favourite soulmate. Hihi. I love you!

Number three is having relationship with?
Hihi... scandalicious. So no one knows. ;p

Say something about number five?
Rookies dalam blogging ni. So tag ini adalah present ok.

How about number four?
I want to meet her!!! Wondering when. :(

And who is number two?
My favourite guy for now. Hihi..

16 December 2008


1. What is your phone number?
- I won’t publish it here.

2. Who do you miss?
- Girlfriends.

3. Who do you love?
- Family & friends.

4. How are you?
- Fine but not in the good mood. A jerk pop up today ruined my mood.

5. How many siblings do you have?
- 3

6. Where were you yesterday?
- Home. Doing nothing.

7. Rain fall down, what do you think of?
- It is time to sleep. =D

8. What was the last dream you had about?
- Something about having new person in my life. Hurm.. weird!

9. Are you a lover or hater?
- Both. But mostly depends on my mood.

10. Have you ever been kissed on the cheeks ?
- Who doesn’t?

11. When was the last time you cried? Why?
- Few weeks ago kot.

12. What is wrong with you?
- Yeah, what’s wrong with me? I really hate to have these feeling!

13. Are you a player?
- I wish I could be one. Muahahahahahaha.

14. Are you lonely?
- Who knows? ;p

15. When was the last time you hangout? with?
- Last week. With my bro.

16. Will you kiss someone tomorrow?
- I don’t know.

17. If you're given $1000, what will you do?
- The reason they giving me money? Saving KOT.

18. What will you do tomorrow?
- My organizer is empty. So no specific activity.

19. Are you mad?
- Kinda. Ergh. The presence of ‘it’ make me feel so stupid.

20. Who's your girlfriend?
- My sis.

21. kissed o hugs?
- Hugs.

22. father o mother?
- Both. I just too depend on them.

23. sista o brotha?
- Both. Hihi.

24. money o lyfe?
- Emm.. tricky dowh. Money do leads to a better life. So it will be money. Hahaha.

25. eat o drink?
- Nak tercekik hape makan tade air?

26. study o work?
- Study ++ part time job. Muahahaha. Still get the monthly allowances and payment.

27. shopping o chilling?
- Chilling.

28. dancing o singing?
- Singing!

29. pink o black?

30. cold o hot?
- Both.

31. snow o fire?
- Snow.

32. cooking o washing?
- Washing.

33. hp o pc?
- Toptop.

34. cola o sprite?
- Cola.

35. coupled o married?
- Single tade?

36. chicken o beef?
- Chicken! Makan ayam tiap-tiap hari pon takpe.

37. chocolate o ice cream?
- Choc. Haiya… my choc stock dah habis. Need to buy it tomorrow.

38. funny o serious?
- Funny. But when it comes to serious matter be serious la.

39. miss o love?
- Hohoho. Hate?

40. cried o killed?
- Killed. Killing is the best way to solve a problem. HAHAHA.

i hate to be this way!


Did you ever feels this but when you look around, no one there to be with you. Stucked alone. With all these feeling haunting you all night. I'm blaming myself coz being so weak and fragile.

Yes, i am stupid.


15 December 2008


Dear Umi Maria,


On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy, I hope all of your wishes come true. May each hour and minute be filled with delight and your birthday be perfect for you!

p.s: Did i need to wait for another year to meet u?

Lots of love & missing you damn much,
Diana Naubi

13 December 2008

i miss~

I’m way too thrilled to hear all of their new songs. Yes I am t.A.T.u fan. Reason? They have unique voices and their song is so different from others. Hihi… and they are so-like-a-lesbian-sweet-couple. Eventhough they are not. Well, the album haven’t sale at M’sia yet, so I’m downloading it now. Excited!!!!!

p.s: I have their original copy for their previous albums. Gosh. I miss them!

12 December 2008

oh today.

Gd night _________.

Last night I did message some of my friend this message. Well, to those who received it. I really do thanking/missing/remembering you. I really do appreciate your presence in my life. =)



Thanks for the present. I just received it this morning. Thanks dude. Really appreciate it. I love everything about it! Red is my favourite colour and there is my name at it. Thanks-thanks-thanks. I don’t know to stop saying it!

p.s: Promise I won’t eat it. =)


I am Isabella.

Like Beyonce and her second name Sasha Fierce. Me too! I already have my second name, Isabella. Isabella is my emotional name. Hihi… can I said like that? Well, certain time I’m being too fragile, easily crying, shy and damn different from miss-talkative-Diana. So I really enjoy having a second name for my second personality.

Did I have only two personalities? Maybe moreeeeee. ;p

11 December 2008


I’m watching Cicakman2 just now. What I can say is I am quite disappointed with it. Maybe I expect more while I should not expect anything. Aish… at least they had tried. Why I always complaining?

I started eating my medicine back. Gosh, I sleepy like all day kot. And I have a big appetite of eating now. Nyum-nyum. But hopefully I’m not getting sick like last time. Owh, how I wish I can turn back time. When I was chubby for a while tu. I want to jog, sit-ups and do things to maintain my weight. Now, I just a skinny unconfident girl. Really? =p

Enough mumbling for now.


Confession of a shopaholic.

I seriously can’t wait for it to release on 2009. Gosh. I am so excited about it! I watched the trailer like many times. Hihi. Over-acted!

p.s: Please… no pirates dvd. I want to watch it first at the cinema.

At last!

Big at last!! I can use the internet. Heck! What happen to my modem? I already complain it many times to streamyx but it is still the same. Let me say it this way this time, streamyx sucks!

Ok, enough with it. Better to start mumbling before I’ll get disconnected after this.


People say the love the truth, but in reality they want to believe that which they love is the true.

I’m once having this type of problem. I just face something that I want too. I dump everything that I don’t want to think. Or maybe I dump something that I hate the most. Another few days, weeks or maybe months I just stop thinking of it. Okay, I’m a lil’ bit facing it now. Not truly facing, but I started to move forward. Haha. Truth is always gonna be hurt, that’s why I hate the truth. I learn something precious now, never trust no one especially the one you love (excluding your family).

OMG, I’m talking shits!


Owh. I did something to my hair yesterday. Gosh, seriously, I hate my new hair. I won’t talk about it much, so you’re lucky to see me in my everyday-bad -hair-day mode after this. Haha. I just can’t wait for it to grow longer so that I can do something different after this. Btw, I’m not cutting it, just an inch of trimming. And do something terrible. Gosh-gosh! I don’t want to talk about it. End!

I already watched Wild Child. To be honest, I want to have blonde hair. Can I? It won’t happen unless I did dye my hair. But I was like, am I crazy? Another crappy thought of mine. I won’t do that for sure. I love her handbag, all of it!!!

I’m going to watch Cicakman after this(i mean in the morning). I just don’t know why I’m being so supportive with this movie, maybe it is not good as spiderman or superman or any other international superheroes. But at least the KRU team did try to be different. I love the different!

p.s: Maybe I just want to see Aznil. Wondering… =)

09 December 2008

I'm back!

I already deleted all unwanted stuff in my head. Haha. Frankly speaking, maybe I still not totally okay but I am sure I’m getting better soon. Very-very-very soon. Sure! Sorry if I’m being too gila-mengada-emotional-terlebih. Thanks for the advice and the words dear friends.

I just want to congratulate my cousin Kak Ety for her wedding last weekend. I hope her marriage will be last longer like forever. I also want to celebrate our new baby of the family, Nur Nabila. I’m officially being aunty now. Gosh, I started to fall in love with her from the first time I touch her! I’ll pay her a visit more often after this.

To someone I’ve been admire since I am in a first year, yet till now I still have a knot of excitement when I hear about you. Thanks for the simple-short-text-message. I am so-so-so damn excited when I received it. Imagining Theo Walcott text me, but this is more realistic.

Why pretend to be there while you don't even care?
It is just another disappointment.

I’m facing the reality. And because of it, I’m let ‘it’ go. Hoping I can change something to be different. Haha. Sometimes, I’m trying to be at your super-complicated-situation. But what I can conclude clearly is, we are different in many ways. And I realized something, I am stronger, braver and matured than you. Guys are born to be a leader if you can’t be one, you are a total loser. Again, I am sorry for everything.

p.s: Damn lazy to activate my FB and FS. Haha. Let it be. =)

03 December 2008


Diana is away.

Status : Not okay!

I wish I could share, but I can’t. It is all stucked and I just don’t know how to figure it. So I really do need a break. Have my own private time to think and decide. Let me put myself in a rehab. So long dear!

02 December 2008


Naqiuddin @ QQ @ Barthugs
Sending birthday blessings filled with love and peace and joy wishing sweetest things happen right before your eyes.

Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! Hihi..

p.s : Brit, happy birthday to you too. Love you!


Thanks to those who still remembering my birthday and wishing me.

My 1st present is from my siblings. Thanks for the wish and the kiss ok, not kiss, licking my face. Ergh. I really do appreciate it. Haha. Well, Sis Irena, you’re the best! Thanks for everything dear sis, I really do love you, you know it.

Mark, thanks for calling. Seriously, I am less expected that you will call me, but you did. Thanks dear bestfriend! Hope to see you this weekend. I really do missing you. =)

Dear mom & dad. Thanks for everything. You both give me a perfect life. Thanks for taking care of me since I was a baby. Well, I’m might be not your best daughter but I really do love both of you. Thanks for the sacrifice dear parent. Thanks coz giving me chance to have a perfect life. Thanks for all the support. I am nothing without you both, you know it.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks you guys!
matin // ep // matun // irena // batax // anis // nazim // izran // acik // armh // jijot // mark // minmin // huda nadirah // ril // dady nick // umi maria // kau amir // alif // yanti // aiz // mumy lydia // affan // nada liyana // farradeyla //abg nash // yatyat // anny // khyrel // jia hui // eacha // najib // hazim // hanim // cik yah // illehyana // hawa syafiq // aiman // kala // nabil // huda danari // amoy // shuhadak // dakkolin // hanim // najwa // shahazmi // amir psyco // caca // tebu // yaya

Thousands of thanks you guys. Getting older! Hate it.

01 December 2008


Chelsea 1 - 2 Arsenal

Arsenal scored 3 goals. The Chelsea’s goal is own goal from Arsenal player remember? Haha. I am so happy!

Second best gift for tonight. Thanks Arsenal.

Btw, Theo Walcott is on his way to Malaysia. That’s why he is not playing tonight. We’re gonna have a great date for tomorrow. I just can’t wait!
(Ok, this is way to ‘perasan’ mode.)

p.s : Full entry will be posted tomorrow.

30 November 2008

Comics anyone?

I have loads of comics that I don’t want anymore. So, if you interested with romantic comics from Gempak Stars. Please do let me know. Maybe I can give it to you. I need to clean up my place from those book that I already read for hundred times. I don’t need it anymore.

- Desir-Desir Sakura.
- Plastic Boy
- Aspirasi Cinta
- Wasilah Kita
- Meniti Hari Esok
- Sesuatu Yang Indah
- Lovely Baby
- Chocolate #1
- 80°C
- 80°C Masa & Waktu
- 80°C Masa & Pertemuan

If you interested with the books, let me know. Okay!


As usual my weekend will be my family day. So yesterday, we’re going to Mayfair. I thought we’re going to spend a night there. Haha. I really want to spend a day with my family without any entertainment. Sharing the same place to sleep as that 'home' is so damn small like a studio. But then after Maghrib prayer my mom starts packing. Ok, she wants to watch Sehati Berdansa at home.

I used all my energy to swim. Thanks dad for the goggle. I really do appreciate it. I still not satisfied with the way I swim. Huh. Gonna practice harder next time! But I am sure of something, I love to swim with the dog style. Haha. Kepala tekapai-kapai. I’m burning, getting dark weh!

Big Apple, I really do miss the donuts! Thanks mom. Eat lots of junk food lately. Well, being home is great. I can eat anything in the refrigerator without thinking bout the price. Once again, thanks mom coz spending a lot for the junk food as you know my sis love to eat. Hahaha.


Hey Mr.

I am glad to have you in my life. As we share and decide together, I am glad to know that I am not alone anymore. Having you beside me makes me feel more secure. Hope we will be blessed. =)

You have your own space.
I’ll have mine.
But surely, we still have our precious time together.

29 November 2008

Babe Yatie.

May your day be filled with laughter on this your special day and may the finest things in life always come your way. May Allah bless you & your birthday wishes come true.

Enjoy ur day!

27 November 2008


I’m feeling guilty.

I messed up before. Now I tried to fix everything back. I mean, at least I did apologize to them who get involved. The more I know about these entire things, I felt really disappointed with myself. How could I be such a selfish person? But as usual, no more regret after what I’ve been done. But at least I did feel guilty. Certain people, doesn’t know what the meaning of feeling guilty. They don’t even know how to say sorry. Hell yeah, go on with your ego. Hopefully the ego will bring you to be a ‘better’ person. May Allah bless you.

To you, you, you, you and you. I am sorry. I do mean it.

Female Survey

1.Does your password have to do with a boy?

2.What's one thing a guy can do to make you like them?
-I loveeee a guy with a sweet smile. Haha.

3.Are you a girly girl?
-I don't think so.

4.Small or a big purses?
-Purses it will be small or medium. But I love oversized handbag.

5.What are the signs you like a guy?
-Haha. It is a secret between me and my sis.

6.Do you enjoy drama?
-Big yes for now. I had nothing else to watch.

7.Do you stay friends with your ex's?
-So far, i am quite close with all my ex-s

8.Did you dress up on Halloween?
-No no.

9.Do you call anybody by their last name?

10.How many guys will reread this just because it says "FEMALE SURVEY"?

11.Do you wear makeup?

12.Can you put on Mascara without opening your mouth?
-I am not into mascara.

13.Have you ever cooked for a guy?
-My dad?

14.Have you ever broken a guy's heart?

15.Eyeliner or Mascara?

16.American Eagle or Hollister?
-American Eagle.

17.Heels or flats?
-Flat. Haha. I am tall enough to wear heels.

18.Skirts or jeans?

19.Socks or leggings?

20.Heels or sneakers?

21.Hoops or dangling earrings?
-Dangling earrings.

22.Have you ever had your heart broken?
-Of course yes.

23.Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?

24.Do you have a best friend?
-A? I have loads~

25.What do you think about the person you like?
-He is hot. Well, sportsman always do hot.

26.Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
-Wohh.. Big no.

27.Do you like your life?
-I'm appreciating it.

28.Ever walked into the guy's bathroom?
-Yes. Haha.

29.Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
-Yes. When I was young.

30.Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
-Haha. Yes. Sorry to both of them. Sorry!

31.Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
-Like always kot. ;p

32.Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?
-Yeah. But ini supergirl, it won't be long. Maybe.

33.Cowboy or gangsta?

34.Preppy or Punk/Goth?

35.Well-educated or Drop out?
-Educated please!

36.Contacts or Glasses?

37.Good cook or took you out a lot?

38.Funny or serious?

39.Romantic or Daredevil?
-Haha. Romantic.

40.Cute or hot?

41.Long or short hair?

42.Smoker or nonsmoker?

43.Willing to be your love one life partner?
-I do. ;p

26 November 2008


Ehem.. ehem..
I’m dating too much with the television. Headache!

Just now someone I do admire called me. Haha. I just can’t stop jumping excitedly after got his call. Eventhough he just inviting me to his brother’s wedding at Tampin. Btw, at first I had no idea where is Tampin until he tell me that Tampin is at Negeri Sembilan. Haha. Great! My mark to be his girl had been deducted. Hump! I should googling it first before asking him where is Tampin. Hampeh tol. Bout this guy, he is my junior and we are at the same faculty. Haha. So it would be big no-no for me. Aiyo, I just don’t want to have a boyfriend that I can easily meet him. Surely I’ll get bored easily. So, let me put him in my secret admire lists.

I post something to someone yesterday and that person already got what I sent to him. Thank God, I am really scared if that person did not get that thing on time. I want that person to be happy but I can’t give happiness easily. Hopefully that present make him happy at least a minute. =)

Tercipta Untukmu song. I really do love that song. Hurm. How I wish I could do something about it. Rahasia Pelangi, new TV3 drama using that song as their theme song. And because of that, I’m following that drama. Like heck?! But the actress is cute (even I am more attracted to hot-gorgeous-bitch) The actor, I don’t like him! Poyo jelly ah!

So, I’m out for now. Haha. Want to date with my Mr. TV again. Hopefully no more headache for tonight. I don’t want to sleep early. Macam budak okay!!

25 November 2008


She's back! OMG, cantik-cantik-cantik.

I started to love her back after reading most of her fan’s blog. Britney, I love you. Can’t wait for Circus! Eventhough I already listened to half of that album. I miss her decent voice macam lagu Everytime. So I found this new song from her, My Baby. Gosh…

Will download her album esok! And if the album satisfying, I will buy it!


If I play silence means I am disappointed. I won’t said anything coz I am not that type of person. I just hope sooner or later you will realize that I really do expect something different. This disappointment means nothing, coz I’ll let it be. Tomorrow will bring a new chapter of my life. A better new life. Insya-Allah.

Btw, I just hope you learn something from that. I do mean it.

p.s : Amir, thanks for the Gloria scarf. I really do appreciate it. =)

24 November 2008


Bored. So I’m doing this tag from Affan. Even I said before that I don’t want to do the tag. I had found the folder. So, lets do it!

The rules:

Snap or just sift through the photo gallery and pick 3 pics of yours which u think are sexy.
Don't have to be revealing (though some said SEXY IS SKIN),
Explain why u think so,
Tag 3 friends (who you think is sexy)

This picture was taken when I am in year 1. My hair is quite long compared to my current hair. Haha. I think this photo sexy because of my hair. Maybe. Most of hot girls have a long hair kan. And for me pula, I love to cut my hair. So, this is my longest-sexy-hair. Hiks.

Siloso Beach Party last year. I am chubby at that moment. So macam curvy sikit compared to now yang macam skinny. Sexy la tu kan. I’m wearing my cousin things at that time. Haha. Fat=sexy! ;p

I think wearing our love one t-shirt is sexy. Haha. Play for me t-shirt song! Hiks.

I'm tagging:
Cik Faten
Cik Huda
Cik Farra Deyla



I already upload a song for my blog. Yes I am dedicating this song to someone. From the first time I heard this song, I straightly think of him/her. So hope you’ll love it. Sangat sweet la ini lagu. Taylor Swift memang suka this type of melody eh?

The stars are shining. Like the presence of you while I am down. Thanks for everything dear.

p.s : Affan, i wat ur tag esok pagi. Ahah.. i loike that taggy! Macam best. Wuhu..

23 November 2008


Part II anniversary.

As today is our family special day. I really am enjoying being home. My cake? It smells good. Hopefully same goes to the taste. Haha. But, the cake is so damn simple. I will make it ‘cuter’ for my second attempt. Macam rajin aje nak buat lagi. =p

I go to my room and look for the wedding album. Gosh. Sangat dah lama tak tengok those photo. Well, as I scanning from page to pages. I am damn jealous with my mom. She was wearing 12 clothes for her wedding!! Heh. Let me list their theme; modern, songket, arab, jawa, minang, kebaya, dress, kurung ect. Hmph… tu tak include my mom’s hair lagi. Haiya. If ada scanner sure I’ll upload everything. Jeles oiii.

Then my mom come and joined me. She showed me my uncle & aunty while they were young. What I can see is, they are so damn skinny back then. But now, everybody had grown bigger. Haha. Bigger? Wondering how big am I when I get married nanti. Haha.

The bbq is over. I’m full! Lots of things I did shared with my siblings. Let the loving couple have their own time. Ok la. Want to play Monopoly. Later-later.

p.s : Hopefully his mom gonna b okay soon. I will pay them a visit tomorrow. =)


The cake. Haha. Ok macam tembam gila kan?



May Allah bless your relationship till the end of life. I love you guys. Without both of you, I won’t be here. Thanks for everything, the love, the support, the advise, everything! So, lets enjoy our family day today. I loveeeee my family!

p.s : Going to bake a cake with my mom. Later~

22 November 2008

ABG's day.

As promised. I already upload the pictures! If you want to see all of it, check my FB or maybe FS. Haha. Thanks to those girlfriends as everyone already back to their hometown. Hiks. Already missing you! Hihi. Thanks to my sis juga coz being with us.

The plan going as what we had planned. But we did not cook coz it will takes lots of time for us yang susah gila nak tolong kat dapur. So we’re not cooking. As expected juga pun, meletup Mayfair nanti. After swimming my legs cramp and I am so damn sleepy while drive back to UTM. Lucky us nothing happen. =)

The pixie~

The things. Haha.

Midnight movie.

Sleepover. My best-damn-girlfriends.

Swimming!! Th best part. Haha.

As we're not cooking. Makan luar!

Quarantine sangat-sangat-sangat tak best! Everyone pun pening after watching that movie. Hiks. As the midnight movie, Yat & Min watching Madagascar while me and my sis watching Selamat Pagi Cinta. Heck?! Okay, Amani seriously 'kecik' and cute. Will wear skirt++sport shoes pula next time. Hiks. Bapak aneh! Like wearing baju kurung with Nike. Haha.

21 November 2008

Dear bloggy.

ABG's day is over. Damn tired! Will upload the photo tomorrow once i'm at home. Haha.

Gonna miss you dear ABG's. Thanks for everything. Including you sis Irena. Haha. Makin gila eh kau. Grrr..

Abang Zulfa called me just now. Haha. I am not jobless!

Ok, i need sleep! Later bloggy~

20 November 2008

Dear Romeo.

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes

Haha. This song is soooooo cute. I'm dedicating it to someone. :)
Love Story - Taylor Swift

Hello today!

I'm having a big fight again last night. Don't ask me who that person is. I don't even want to think about her/him. Yeah. Feeling not okay right now, everything is drive me crazy. Lucky me, I am at home! So the stress really won't affect me so badly. I have lots of junk foods to eat, I have that Mr TV, I have a great internet connection and I have my crazy siblings to share with. Ehe... even I am not sharing, but making fun of it. Life is not hard when I am with my family. Thanks for your support dear dad, mom sis and bro. I love you!

Life is all about making decision. When you choose not to decide, you are such a chicken. Well, at least by deciding you choose something that you want. If you choose the wrong decision, you can learn something from that. If you choose to stand still, I hope you won't regret coz letting all the chances go. I bet the chances won't come twice. Unless if you are lucky. Not everyone was born lucky.

I found my friend blog. Btw, I love one of his entries. So I grab some of his words. Hope you don't mind yah Mr Khruz!

Please people.
Be in LOVE (not make love)
grab a girl a boy and share your stories and flower and munchkins and whatever there is to share

remember your limits
your main responsibilities
and those who actually love you more than your spouse

Why I really love his words ah? Maybe because I am officially single. Haha. So it means nothing to me. Ok, i need to packing for the sleepover. Later dear bloggy.

Layout baru!

Hiks. New layout.

Ok, kinda leceh++susah nak bace. Will change it soon maybe. But seriously, that bunny is cute! Menggoda orang to use it at least for a day. Haha. I already using you dear bunny. :)

I'm going to have my girls day tomorrow. Kinda excited. Yat, Min & Rina. My best girlfriends ever. And we planning to cook and sleepover at Mayfair. Woho. Dah la semua pun tak pandai masak! Haiya. Hopefully everything gonna be okay. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait!

Tired, need to sleep now. Nights.

p.s : I miss you. I hope you know it.

19 November 2008

Tagged by Eim.

take a recent pictures of yourself or take a pictures of yourself right NOW!!

don't change your clothes or fix your hair.. just take a pictures!!

post that pictures and no editing

post this instruction with your picture

tag 3 people to do this

Haha. Lucky me dah mandi while reading Eim's tag ni. Wuhu. The picture was taken once i read the tag but upload this thingy at my home. UTM net sucks!

I'm tagging : Babe Dya, Azra & Batax.


Perut lapar.
Otak tak ley pikir.


Btw, i already deleted you.


Can't wait for the sleepover!
Swimming, girls night.
Mayfair, ABG's is coming.


Having fun with my dear sis tadi.
Will upload the photo esok maybe.
Thanks ril!


-Syarifah Nadzirah Al-Yahya.
-Amir Phsyco ( I miss u much! )
-Hidayah a.k.a Yaya

May Allah bless you all. Hihi. Sharing the same date huh? Bertiga pula tu.

Tag tu esok orang buat tak larat meh!

17 November 2008


Aku kan supagirl.
Jadi aku takkan menangis lama-lama. Thanks coz being with me. TQ so much. I am nothing without you guys. :((


I am still SINGLE.
Tiada scandal, tiada gossip, tiada tanda tanya.
He is just my ex.

Btw, congrats ya Epa. Glad to see you happy. Hihi. Siap tukar link lagi eh. Kawin jemput I! And bila seh nak jumpa u. Affan, do something! I tak penah jumpa Epa, jumpa u pun skali je. So, bila nak buat sesi jumpa-jumpa?


Phew.. Dah 'merdeka'. So officially the hols dah start la kan? Hihi. Can't wait to go home. Eheh. Even macam lama lagi nak balik. Aiyo! GFs cepat habiskan your paper. Sleepover kat Mayfair main masak-masak, swimming, midnight movie & girls day okeh.

Looking for a guy's watch. Hurm. Any suggestion? Jangan mintak Tag Heuer. I tak mampu! Wuhu.

Out. Nak tido!

16 November 2008


Kat JB sudah.
Miss them already.
Thanks for everything yah.

Pizza.Bahan.Merepek.Hug.Kiss.Lepak.Facebook.Bola. Ala.. sume ah!

Girl, semoga kita ketemu lagi kawan! Hihi. I kite kondem nazim same-same nanti!

15 November 2008


In front of his mom pown dah wat perangai tak senonoh wat muka yang sangat cam-whore. Ni la budak yang paling disayangi. Manje jelly sebijik macam abang dia!

Btw Aboy oi, thanks coz bahan org time makan tu. Sayang ah korang lebih.

Ok guys, mahu sambung bermain dengan mereka!
*Muka gila gembira*

p.s : Nanti nak testing PS3 weh. Wuhu.


Saya di Kemaman. Celebrating birthday Syed Nadzeem midnight ini. Tak payah nak berebut-rebut call dia malam ni nak wish. Just whishper dengan nada romantik kat telinga dia. Heh. Macam gedik gila.

Tadi while naik bus, tersempak dengan my ex-matrix punya budak. Aiman! Even tak kenal pun kat matrix tu, that guy memang peramah gila la. Banyak kot gossip yang keluar tadi. Haha. Tapi segan gila kot tido sebelah lelaki. Nak tahan ngantuk tak larat weh! :) Aiman, nice to know u weh. Nak snap gambar mung tadi segan jelly, so takde gambar. Simpan dalam otak sudeh.

Aku rindu kanak-kanak ini. Peluk cium korang puas-puas malam ni. Haha. Abang dia aku tolak tepi dulu. After midnight baru kamu raja kejap ya gila. Wuhu.

Syed Nadzreen . Syed Nadziran . Syed Nadzirun

14 November 2008


I miss my home.
Malas la wey nak update. Nothing special pun. Nanti-nanti ah.

13 November 2008


: :Izran: :Acik: :Aboy: :Bangah: :
I miss you guys. Can't wait to see ya!

(Trying to upload the photo but failed. Next time maybe.)

To-do List:

Traffic assignment
Hydrology assignment
Hair treatment

Playing : Walk Away, Miss Paula De Anda.

12 November 2008


Another 2 weird number in my list. Misscall.


Need to do my laundry today. But toilet full. Hampeh tol. Penat je bangun pagi-pagi. Sure after this dah tak best if basuh baju sebab matahari dah tak secantik matahari pagi. Lol. So i'm going to do my laundry malam ini. Mungkin. Haha.

Oish. Lupa pula mengapa nak wasting time buat entry 'pepagi' ni.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. But yet i always said that word lately. Gosh. Bosan tol. Even that is my mistake pun, why it is not enough with one honest sorry? Nak juga dengar thousands sorry yang makin lama makin tak ikhlas tu. Haha. Stop provoking me with my mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, who doesn't? Give me space to breath without feeling guilty. Please ah.

I know i always said those harsh words when i am not okay. But i didn't mean it. I just hope you can forget those words so that you can learn to forgive and forget without saying the same thing over and over again. When someone not in a good condition, they can't think properly. So don't judge me while i'm having my PMS. :) Sakit woh itu, pasal itu saya suka mengamuk. ;p

Sorry again. I do mean it this time.
(Owh, sure sorry ini bukan untuk JERK semalam.)


Well, I'll change my number soon. The number of strangers in my list make me sick. I'm sure, someone did 'selling' my number. Gosh. I hate Nabil Fikri. He is the most emotional guy that i ever met. Having big fight with him just now. And he did cursing me and my family. Fine, if anything happen to me, i won't stay still. I am not a looser. I'll prove it. Jerk, asshole, moron!

He called me fucker. Did i have the thing to fuck? Such a moron. Haha.. I know he did not taking biology classes, but don't be too stupid please. Go and futher your study ok mister.

11 November 2008

The 11th.

If a man forgets a woman's need or a woman remembers his mistakes, it doesn't mean they don't love each other.

Taken from Why Mars & Venus Collide.
Suprisingly, i found this book from a guy friend. Haha. Kinda wierd actually.
Oi. Oi. Define Love!

10 November 2008


Ahah. Dear readers, macam ada je kan. Btw, if you don't mind i need your suggestion. Should i delete my FS or not. Hiks, as i get irritates with that profile yang lembab macam siput mengesot. Dah la after an hour mengadap PC edit the pofile suddenly Friendster buat gila and jadi to the normal page. Memang suey gaban la. Geez. Malas nak ingat sebab memang sakit hati gile! Dah malas mahu edit that FS yang suey.

Now tengah helping my roomate with her MySpace profile. Well, MS la yang paling best tuk edit-edit thigy nih. Semua boleh hide. Btw, thinking to edit my blogee juga nanti time hols nanti. :)


Out of this Club song keep playing in my mind.

Sampai masuk mimpi wooo. Rabak siak.
Ok, dude, i'm dedicating this song to you la. Hihi. I want to be ya~

Out for lunch. Later!


He is friendly

BUT, he is not a flirty guy okay! Don't judge him, you just don't know him. Yes, he is friendly. Maybe too friendly, but i know that he won't easily like you. Gosh please. That flirting word is way to harsh okay! And i am pretty sure that you are not that 'good' to say that word to him. So to that him, don't be too nice to her. Well, she is judging you.

Ahah. Being so emotional for you pula. PMS maybe. ;p


What is the differences between Nenari and Corolla Altis?

* Altis is from Japan, while Nenari is 'Malaysian'.
(Thanks Syed for the info, Altis is from Japan ;p)
* Altis is much more bigger than Nenari.

But then, there is still someone yang tersalah pegi kat kereta. I just can't stop laughing at that time. Gahahahahahaha. Next time check your eyes eh dude. Watak dirahsiakan, else he will kill me. I 'lap' u la dude. ;p

09 November 2008


Going back to UTM.

Gonna miss the streamyx
Gonna miss free dinner
Gonna miss free laundry
Gonna miss water heater
Gonna miss the junk food
Gonna miss Astro
Gonna miss my room
Gonna miss everything

Apesal la my sis ada paper esok. Grrrr.
Takpe, lain hari kita balik lagi.


Hush-hush - PCD

I never needed words
I never needed hurt
I never needed you to be there everyday
I'm sorry for the way i let go
Of everything i wanted when you came along
But i am never beaten, broken, not defeated
I know next to you is not where i belong
And it's a little late for explanations
There isn't anything that you can do
And my eyes hurt, hands shiver, so you will listen when i say baby

Who's Gonna Love You - PCD

I'm not dreamgirl, not perfection
Never said I was from heaven
But baby I could be the closest that you met
I was looking for that someone that don't exist and
And he want some
What you want isn't always what you get
No one loves you like i love you
No one in the world

Happily Never After - PCD

No, happily never after
That just ain't for me, because finally
I know I deserve better after all,
I'll never let another tear drop fall.
I'm done, I'm done, said I'm so done
I'm free, I'm free, I'm free
Free to be me.

p.s : Dedicate all this song to no one. Okay-okay. To you, you and you. You know who you are. (Siapa terasa paham-paham yek. Miahahahaha.) Jahat jelly~ Promote PCD new album ni. Best-best!

08 November 2008


Congrats Arsenal.
Takmo cakap banyak, Arsenal memang best la!

-Fabregas dah kembali ke rambut yang asal.
-Song gunting rambut, dah macam Adebayor pula.
-Walcott main dengan teruk.
-Almunia sengal pegi kutip bola kat kaki orang sampai kena sepak.
-Fabianski, kamu cute.
-Rooney macam watak dalam game Bully. Budak nakal woh!
-Rafael da silva, skillfull gila kau budak. Dah la goalkan. I suka ur hair!

Overall, game memang best. Rugi siapa tak tengok. Makan la bbq udang yang besar tu bebanyak. Haha.

GF's outing

The girlfriends. Hiks. Squeezing! I love u la dear~ Btw, the girl in green is my roomate, Nada Liyana. Then the princess kat blakang as usual la, Yat & Min. Jap-jap, apesal my hair looks like sangat sraight ni? Tipu-tipu.

MNG yang baru weh kat CS. Jakun-jakun. Okay, i am over excited once i see it. So, even our movie at 8 and its already 7.50p.m pun i rushingly go downstairs untuk tengok-tengok. Haha. Loveeeee it la~ Topshop takmo bukak kat CS? Roxy? Forever 21? Demand lebih pula~

So, our plan nak tengok the coffin. But terlambat sampai. Instead of watching Mr Bond, kitaorang planning nak tengok cerita hantu. Sumpah Pocong Di Sekolah. Hahahaha. Budak-budak itu menjerit bagai apa karena cerita itu penuh dengan kejutan daripada seraman. Hampeh tol. But sure si penakut-penakut tak payah la tengok movie ni, sure korang tak nak mandi kat toilet sendiri. Hiks.

Ok la babe. I love u la. Now need to plan something for my date dengan Dilla. Eyh Dill, u choose the movie tau. On 17th i dah free untuk berjalan-jalan ngan u. U jangan nak balik Kuantan cecepat eyh. (^.^)



They always be with me when i do my revision for the finals. Thank you guys. Dari belakang En Teito, Cik Barbie dan Tintin.Hahaha. And surely dorang sentiasa ada kat my study desk. Bersebelahan dengan tabung burger yang tak penah penuh since fisrt year. Hahaha.

Tintin tu ada kembar, tapi kembar dia kat Korea. Hope Matin jage miss Nana dengan baik. Haha. Well, ada tulis my birth date taw kat itu Tintin. Hihi. Barbie itu pula tiada specific name. Sebab malas nak fikir. But i did paksa someone to belanje me that Barbie. Malu weh nak beli sendiri, so suruh orang belanja. So time tengah stress tengok past year paper, wasting time la main rambut gadis cantik itu. Panjang wehh rambut dia! Jeles tengok barbie cantik sangat! Owh, si itu Teito. Malas nak explain banyak-banyak pasal itu binatang, tapi that thing kadang-kadang boleh jadi my punch bag la walaupun dia kecik. Haha. Seriously, dah berjuta-juta kali i tried to left him. But last-last mesti pegi kutip dia balik cakap sorry bebanyak. Sayang ah kat korang tiga-tiga 'katak' yang sentiasa menemani beta.

Next time orang tunjuk pulak my bears collection eh. Haha. Nak kena collect yang kat rumah & kat UTM punya pepatung buat reunion. Hiks. Ok ini entry tengah bosan gell taw.


Arsenal - Man U game at 8.40 p.m. Durhhh.. my uncle siap datang sini lagi nak bahan Arsenal. Aduyaiiii. Sure telinga terbakar. Btw, off phone ni. Tak larat nak reject orang ajak tengok sama. Wuuu. Serik wehh! Last season kena 4-1, macam nak pakai topeng je time kuar SS tu. =p
Semoga Arsenal ada bintang luck hari ini. Heh, dah la asyik kalah dengan BANDA KECIK. Haru tol~

06 November 2008


Kau bawa bersamamu
sebelah hatiku
separuh jiwaku
yang mampu
sempurnakan aku.

Kesempatan Kedua by Tangga.
Gila sweet weh lagu ini. Looking for Tangga's album tapi takde. Nak download pun tak boleh. Haduiiii.

05 November 2008


I'm GLAD to see you happy.
May Allah bless you dear.


Kusadari ku tak sempurna
Ku tak seperti yang kau inginkan
Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikapmu
Tak sadarkah kau telah menyakitiku
Lelah hati ini meyakinkanku
Cinta ini, membunuhku

I love this song.

Mimir @ Amir @ Gonjeng
While i tengah nangis macam kanak-kanak petang itu, kamu ter pop-up kat my head. Call u smate-mate nak ajak u kuar memandangkan u dah SOMBONG gile ngan i now. Muahahahaha..We really had a great kanak-kanak outing. Kamu pun dah macam budak weh. Virus Yana is spreading.

Makasih dengan suara Yana yang tak sedap ini. Banyak lagu pulak tu yana nyanyi semalam. Haha.

Makasih sebab drive. Saya mahu main angin malam.

Makasih mendengar mulut saya ini merapu benda tak penting langsung.

Makasih sebab main bowling bersama saya yang pencinta longkang.

Makasih bazirkan 6 jam bermain bersama saya hanya untuk meggembirakan saya. Haha. Tak dapat u nak study. Gagaga. ;p

So at the end of the day, i dah tak down lagi. Thank you so much yahh!! I owe u la dude. But i tak nak main dota! Ajak si nonok tuh. Heeee..


Planning to watch movie on Friday. Any suggestion what movie yang tengah molotop now? Hihi.. sangat dah lame tak tengok movie! (^.^)

04 November 2008


I am so DOWN right now.

I just want to cry. :((

Dear so called soulmate, i do need you more than ever!
I need you.
I need you.
I need you.


03 November 2008


I do care.
Eat ur medicine get enough rest.
Sorry i can't be there for you.
Miss you.

p.s : Jaga diri! Jangan telan panadol 12 biji. ;p

02 November 2008

Dear sayang.

Special pose for celcom. Gosh. Cam-whore tol!

Dipaksa otay. But, we enjoy it!! Biru-biru-biru~ ;p

Sis Nora.
Wishing you best of luck with your SPM. Do your best, i know you can!
Nothing much to say coz i am not a good 'kakak' to advise you.
I miss you la dear! We are a good pair of promoter back then. Gosh!!! I miss to hang out with you. When is our next job together? Cepatan habiskan SPM, then we are free to play around together. I want to make ur bf irritates with my voice. I want him to be jealous coz u love me more than him. Haha.
Love you girlfriend!!!

Define me.

Don't expect me to be something when i am nothing.

Sorry for all my wrong doings.
My past.
My ego.
My harsh words.
My stupid statements.

Well, this is me.
Not intended to change my attitude yet.
Yeah-yeah, i am ego.


I am totally corrupted!
No mood to study anymore.

01 November 2008


Why so serious?
Did everybody PMS today?
Or being too stressed with the final?
Or being too insecure?
Or having fight with their love one?
Or too tired doing the chores?

Whatever it is, let me put a smile on your face.

Ok, ok, i know it is a stupid jokes. But i tried. =p

I just don't want to feel the heat of your problems. I Had enough of mine.
Once again, this time is for me pula




Don't ask me anything bout this entry. Tq.

31 October 2008


Trick or treats?
Happy Halloween everybody!

Thanks Najib! For the testimonial~ Macam, reminders pula.
Hiks. I love eating the books everyday. Erghh..

Still craving to eat some more. Later!

p.s: Never say give up too early ok! Only looser do that. So, come on and start eating. Heck?!