22 November 2008

ABG's day.

As promised. I already upload the pictures! If you want to see all of it, check my FB or maybe FS. Haha. Thanks to those girlfriends as everyone already back to their hometown. Hiks. Already missing you! Hihi. Thanks to my sis juga coz being with us.

The plan going as what we had planned. But we did not cook coz it will takes lots of time for us yang susah gila nak tolong kat dapur. So we’re not cooking. As expected juga pun, meletup Mayfair nanti. After swimming my legs cramp and I am so damn sleepy while drive back to UTM. Lucky us nothing happen. =)

The pixie~

The things. Haha.

Midnight movie.

Sleepover. My best-damn-girlfriends.

Swimming!! Th best part. Haha.

As we're not cooking. Makan luar!

Quarantine sangat-sangat-sangat tak best! Everyone pun pening after watching that movie. Hiks. As the midnight movie, Yat & Min watching Madagascar while me and my sis watching Selamat Pagi Cinta. Heck?! Okay, Amani seriously 'kecik' and cute. Will wear skirt++sport shoes pula next time. Hiks. Bapak aneh! Like wearing baju kurung with Nike. Haha.