02 November 2008

Dear sayang.

Special pose for celcom. Gosh. Cam-whore tol!

Dipaksa otay. But, we enjoy it!! Biru-biru-biru~ ;p

Sis Nora.
Wishing you best of luck with your SPM. Do your best, i know you can!
Nothing much to say coz i am not a good 'kakak' to advise you.
I miss you la dear! We are a good pair of promoter back then. Gosh!!! I miss to hang out with you. When is our next job together? Cepatan habiskan SPM, then we are free to play around together. I want to make ur bf irritates with my voice. I want him to be jealous coz u love me more than him. Haha.
Love you girlfriend!!!