30 November 2008


As usual my weekend will be my family day. So yesterday, we’re going to Mayfair. I thought we’re going to spend a night there. Haha. I really want to spend a day with my family without any entertainment. Sharing the same place to sleep as that 'home' is so damn small like a studio. But then after Maghrib prayer my mom starts packing. Ok, she wants to watch Sehati Berdansa at home.

I used all my energy to swim. Thanks dad for the goggle. I really do appreciate it. I still not satisfied with the way I swim. Huh. Gonna practice harder next time! But I am sure of something, I love to swim with the dog style. Haha. Kepala tekapai-kapai. I’m burning, getting dark weh!

Big Apple, I really do miss the donuts! Thanks mom. Eat lots of junk food lately. Well, being home is great. I can eat anything in the refrigerator without thinking bout the price. Once again, thanks mom coz spending a lot for the junk food as you know my sis love to eat. Hahaha.


Hey Mr.

I am glad to have you in my life. As we share and decide together, I am glad to know that I am not alone anymore. Having you beside me makes me feel more secure. Hope we will be blessed. =)

You have your own space.
I’ll have mine.
But surely, we still have our precious time together.