12 November 2008


Well, I'll change my number soon. The number of strangers in my list make me sick. I'm sure, someone did 'selling' my number. Gosh. I hate Nabil Fikri. He is the most emotional guy that i ever met. Having big fight with him just now. And he did cursing me and my family. Fine, if anything happen to me, i won't stay still. I am not a looser. I'll prove it. Jerk, asshole, moron!

He called me fucker. Did i have the thing to fuck? Such a moron. Haha.. I know he did not taking biology classes, but don't be too stupid please. Go and futher your study ok mister.


dya amelly said...

who's that jerk, yang?

Diana said...

tah la. i malas pun kot nak ckp sape. tapi si tak gune la kot.hahaha.

dya amelly said...

wah.. nabil fikri tu cam pena denga jew nama die.