31 January 2009


I did realize that my entry macam pendek gila few days ago. Semua sebab lack of mood and I did being too emotional.

So, this is something real bout me now.

I have my riding practice again yesterday. Well, riding Billy yang sangat tinggi. Trying to canter again but this time I really do need someone to lunge-ing me. I want to have the rhythm of cantering. Well, still keras lagi la kot. Haha. For the few minutes of cantering practice dah sengal satu badan. Owh, how could I possibly jadi pro?

Assignment. Still sangat banyak. But I still patiently try to do it slowly. Haih. I wish I can work more faster and finished it by this weekend. I don’t want to have such a rush week next week. Surely I’ll tense a lot, and being too emotional tak tentu pasal. Dear, I’m sorry if I did hurts you with my attitude yang moody extra teruk this time.

Again, sakit mata. I don’t know why. I did take care of my lens, but still sakit. Hurm.. maybe my eye dah tak boleh nak accept this thing lagi kot. Haiya.. need to wear spectacle for few days lagi. To those who love to see in being nerdy, sila kutuk banyak-banyak lagi. ;p

I can’t wait for 13th February. Yes, going to KL again for Rihanna’s concert. Eventhough I have test on that day, I’ll make sure I can find some stupid excuse to take the test earlier. Haiya. Why it must be on Friday? Why?
So officially I’ll spend my weekend there. And V-day pun kat sana? Ok, I am not celebrating it but something for sure, I’ll spend my day with some people. Hihi. There are lots of people in my list. It’s been a long time since my last date with them.
I can’t wait la oh!

So let me say, next two week I’ll busy doing my assignment & revision for my tests. But I’ll find some time to watch movie. Tolong la, it’s been a long time since my last movie that I watch with my super-duper-great-guy-best-friend. Haha. And now he started to judge me saying me that I’ve change. No la, still the same now but busier. You know who you are la kan. ;p

Owh, I’ve stopped eating the fat ginseng tu. Well, my appetite dah kurang from day to day. Haiya… how to be fat without taking this eh? Seriously, I don’t want to be too dependent with this thing. But I really-really-really want to gain weight! Help me. At least teach me to appreciate my body yang keping ni. Hihi.

That’s it till now. Well, for this ‘busy’ week sure my entry after this will be shorter and emotional. Haha.

30 January 2009


Tak ku tangisi
Tak ku cari
Salahkah aku?
Bila aku tagih
Pada janji mu
yang kau padu
bersama ku

- Halisan

29 January 2009

Justin Timberlake.


I miss my ex-husband.
Owh dear new-husband-to-be Theo Walcott, sorry.
I’ll get rid of him soon & so do your current girlfriend, Melanie Slade.
Let’s kill them!


Dedicating Thinking of You – Katy Perry.
I love the song, gila meaningfull. I love the V. I love the guy in this video. I love Katy’s heels. Love it, love it, sweet!!!!

p.s: My ex-husband = JT. Dear can you please release new single? I miss your voice. :)


I want you. But I don’t think I am ready to be in a relationship. Seriously, I am tired of having those stupid feelings like hoping, jealousy, insecure ect. I am really do hate to have that feelings. I feel stupid cause I know it’s really make me hurts.

Teach me how to be feelingless, less jealousy & please fix my damaged heart.
(Playing, Damaged - Danity Kane)

I wish I can keep you as my puppet in my pocket. So you are just mine, no more sharing.

28 January 2009


Aku tak suka tengok diri sendiri sakit hati tak tentu pasal. Pasal tu aku kena pergi format balik kepala ni. Delete benda yang sakit tu biar tak rasa apa-apa.

Hope you don't mind yah siGila. siCantik ini memang gila ego.

Harap maklum.

27 January 2009

No Promises. Tag from Jijot

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag some friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

Losing Grip – Avril Lavinge

Lips Of An Angel – Daughtry (Hahahaha..)

Feelings Show – Colbie Calliat

See You Again – Miley Cyrus

Untouched – The Veronicas

Don’t Stop The Music - Rihanna

My Best Friend’s Hot – The Dollyrots (Wahhh.. gila ah!)

She Wants It – JT & 50Cent (Yes, I want it!)

Goodbye Days – Yui.

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Unusual You – Britney Spears

Sempurna – Andra & The Back Bone.

Rumors – Lindsay Lohan (Oh, true!!!)

Clumsy – Fergie (manede!!!)

Tak Ada Logika – Agnes Monica

Beep - PCD

Menghapus Jejakmu - Peterpan

Blur – Britney Spears (heh?)

My Immortal - Evanescence

Touch My Body – Mariah Carey

Stick With You - PCD

Don’t Tell Me – Avril Lavinge

No Promises – Shane Ward

I'm tagging NO ONE.

Kampung oh kampung

I’m back!

Let summarize my balik kampung story.

Yes, my grandmother house gila besar! So let me say my kampung Jengka pun seems like no longer being a kampung. Because of it is big and batu bukan kayu. Hamek, tade feel like when I was primary school weh. But then it is comfortable if ramai-ramai balik kampung and did staying there for few days. Gila havoc!
Still, I love this place more than being at Singapore yang tak macam kampung.
At least being here takde water heater terpaksa juga mandi using air kolah yang besar and sejuk nak mampus. Toilet cangkung at the back of the house so each time nak g toilet malam mmg kejut others suruh teman. Dapur yang extra-extra besar so senang nak buat kenduri. Still ada telaga in front of the house in case takde air. Bilik kaler-kaler so nak check-in kena choose colour (ok, I know mmg aneh). Still ada feel being at kampung yang seronok!

Surprisingly kat sini dah ada coverage. Gila disappointed sebab feeling kampung hilang lagi. But kemajuan for my kampung I should at least proud of it kan. ;p So while jalan-jalan kat pasar sari I saw la some of the childrens there dah started pegang phone and some of the stall jual accessories phone. Durh.. when I started to dumping my phone time tu la diorg baru nak kecah-kecah pasal phone. Sian!
My cousin yang primary school phone tanak maju pulak. Derrr.. tunggu sis besar ni beli i-phone (another 3 year lagi lepas grad & dah keje & that time i-phone dah tak laku ;p)

I’m driving back there. So awal-awal lagi I choose to drive kat Mudazam punya jalan. Reasons:
1. I want to improve my potong-memotong skill. Haha. Gila ah best bontot kereta orang and tengok orang depan gelabah. Tak include diri sendiri yang macam cacing if kereta belakang did that to me kan.
2. Once belajar kat matrix Pahang, I did get used with that road. So if nak balik matrix all the way there I’ll cry macam budak dalam bas. Gila stress tgk jalan tu dulu. And if nak balik jb, I’ll look at the road all the way back sbb tak sabar bila nak sampai.
3. Last time lalu that road, I am crying so badly in the bus. Reason, my ex yang hantu tu la. Grrrr..
So while driving lalu kat jalan tu memang all things & kenangan semua keluar. How I wish to turn back time and lempang myself that time suruh bangun and be more matured. Wakakakaka.

There is another family yang ada kat my granma’s house. And suddenly something popping in my mind, yes, I know that guy.
I still remember, both of us still in primary school that time. That time cik Esah’s wedding. So everybody was there. My family by time going there by bus. So at that time, time nak balik the tickets semua sold out. So our family memang dari Termeloh we going to Kuantan then to Kemaman. Just untuk cari tiket balik Johor. And all the time I did spend my time with you. I still remember kita main tangkap pepatung kat surau. Main playground burger kat A&W kemaman tu. We did share bout your schoolmates and lots of things yang sgt childish by that time. We sat together in the bus and still talking bout anything until both of us fall asleep. Once kat Kota Tinggi your mom wake you up and you just said bye. That’s it, since then, I never see you again and forget bout you. Until I meet you past few days ago.
Did you still remember me? Durh… I want to ask you, but your family sgt gila alim until I had no chance to talk to you at all. I did realize you did look at me many times juga, I bet you also wondering the same thing like me. I don’t even know your name till now and I can’t recall at all.
Hope to see you again next year or another 5 more years ok sedara. Owh, or when your sis get married nanti. By that time I will, ask you bout this. Tak puas hati weh! I did tell my sis bout this, my sis ckp I am gila seba things gitu pun nak ingat. Humph..

Enough with my kampung-mampung. This time baik memang kejap gaban! Tak puas main. :((

23 January 2009

ABG's date

How I miss being together with them. Well, I mean four of us. Four, not three like we used too before this. As Anis always busy with her things until dumping us. Haha. We don’t mind as long as she still remember what ABG’s stands for.

It starts from our MHS. Anis is my roommate. Min is my groupmate. Yati is Min’s friend. Hot is Yati’s roommate. I met Min and get to know Yati too. Once I know Min is from Kedah, I introduce her to Anis. And that’s it, we spend the orientation week together.

And it goes by till now. But not totally different. If before I’m not talk much with Min, but now I can talk a lot with all of them. Haha. And something drastic is when Anis not joining most of our dates since last year. But seriously our friendship is still going strong. We not doubting each other & surely sharing things up.

I really do love them.


Now I know what are you feel when you backstabbed me back then.

I’m not hating you, but I want you to learn something.

Yes, learn from your mistakes don’t repeat it again.
Twice is quite a number for a same mistake.

Wish you luck.

(Opss.. I did it again.)

22 January 2009


1. Mount and warm up the horse with work in the walk and trot. A good way to warm up your horse is by tieing a lunge rope to it and let it walk and trot around in a circle.

2. If possible, have an experienced rider or instructor lunge your horse for you while you are mounted (the horse travels in a circle around them using a lunge line). This way the person on the ground is controlling the speed and direction of the horse so you can focus on getting comfortable cantering.

3.Prepare your horse to canter by picking up a balanced, forward trot. Sit a few strides before asking to canter. Half-halt before you ask to canter. When you are prepared, ask your horse to canter by sliding your outside leg behind the girth and pressing your leg against the horses side. The horse should pick up the canter. If not, the person on the ground can use the lunge whip (without hitting the horse) to encourage them to move forward into the canter.

4. A common fault when learning to canter is pulling on the reins for balance. This prevents the horse from moving forward and isn't very nice on their mouth! If you are on the lunge line, you can go into two-point position and hold the horse's mane or a safety strap. This will help you develop the feel for cantering without pulling on the horse's mouth. Remember that when you're holding onto the saddlecloth you have less control over the horse, this is very dangerous, instead just sit really deep into the saddle.

5. If you are not pulling on the reins and your horse still doesn't canter, he may just be lazy so you can try giving them a kick with your outside leg or using a crop just behind your outside leg to reinforce the aid. Riders just learning to canter should not use a crop. Coordinating the crop while cantering for the first time is too much to handle! Inexperienced riders should always have a knowledgeable person on the ground for advice, as there are many other reasons a horse may not pick up the canter such as stiffness or lameness that a beginner may not diagnose.

6. Once you are in the canter for the first time, try to relax and breathe! It will take a few times to get comfortable. Ideally you want your seat to stay in the saddle and follow the motion of the horse. Just like learning to post the trot took practice, so will learning to sit the canter. Some horses are smoother than others so if you feel like you are getting pushed around too much when you try to sit, try holding two-point in the canter for a few laps on the lunge so you can get use to the feeling of the canter. If you are nervous and tense, you will not be able to relax in your seat and follow the motion of the canter. if you feel that the horse is going too fast lean back a little bit and your horse will probably slow down.

7, While cantering, just like at the walk, your hands should lightly follow the motion of the horse's head. You want your shoulders, hips and heels to remain in vertical alignment. You need your back and stomach muscles to be supple to absorb the motion of the canter. Your legs should remain still, relaxed and closed around the horses sides without clamping so your weight can sink down in your heels. remember, it is almost impossible to fall off if you sit up straight and follow the motion.

At last, after 5 years of being a rider, i can cantering now.
Haha. Sumpah tak nak pencen ride kuda. Gila puas hati!

21 January 2009

I wish.

I can be there to meet 'him'.
No need to submit the assignmentS.
No test & final for this semester.
I know magic like Harry Porter.
Theo Walcott is my boyfriend.
I have Nicole Scherzinger body. Hot-ness!
I can have the skill to play guitar.
I am Britney Spears.
I can drive F1 car at least once.
I can think like Albert Einstein.
I can be at Emirates Stadium cheering my 'boyfriend'.
Paris Hilton is my BFF.
To go to Niagra Fall, honeymoon.
To help Palestin & be there now.
No more stressfull moment.
I can play football, not futsal.
My sis get married first before me.
There is no regrets in my life.

20 January 2009


Hentikan makian dan ayat kasar, mari kita beristighfar.

Okay, i will try to change.
No more harsh words, for today, tomorrow & the another day.
& it goes by as long as i remember and can behave myself.
Wish me luck.

Bad day. :(

Nak maki boleh tak?

Haiya… the assignment really do killing me softly. I hate to waste my night doing assignments & let my eye have something baggy called eyebags!
I need to eat caffeine just to let myself being aware and not sleep in the class that makes me have stomachache cause I can’t take it. I hate caffeine!
I hate wasting my time go to the library looking for books and have a bump with a total strangers. Bodoh, leave me alone, stop staring me like I’m just wearing bikini.
Conclusion, I hate assignment.
They want me to design a beam and submit it on Thursday morning. What am I going to do?!!!!

Lagi satu.
I got three tickets today. Ha.. from lovable KTHO & Pak Gad.
1st mistake: I don’t have KTHO stickers that cost me RM30.
2nd mistakes: I parked at others student parking, and she did complain it. Bodoh kedekut kau.
3rd mistakes: I forgot to wear my matrix card and have a bump with Mr-gad-yg-hodoh-lg-tak-berperikemanusiaan. Bongok, I hate local university like hell!
So total I need to pay RM75 to UTM yg hodoh lagi miskin ni.

Hari ini memang SIAL.

Owh abg theo.

I met my sis last night, asking her to accompany me going out for a while to draw some money & give my nari-nari ‘makanan’. Haha. Suddenly we talked about something, ‘true’.

I have a secret admirer, since I was in 1st year, I keep eyeing on him. First time I saw him I said, “Guys, I Nampak Theo Walcot!!” and since that he is something that I admire. And it still goes on till... I don't feel that excitement when I saw him now. But seriously, there is no crush thigy, I just like him because of his face je la kan. Macam mahu penggal kepala dia buat collection dalam bilik. Haha.

Alaaa.. lari topic pula.

So we start talking bout him when suddenly I told my sis yang I saw him at the faculty this evening. Then she laugh, big laugh. Ok let me describe bout him dulu. He have Theo Walcott face and he is handsome? Derr.. no la, he have the attraction to make girls to see him twice, but 100times for me. ;p He have a perfect body, woahh.. besar oh badan dia, macam sportsman! And he have a sweet smile, it is a must for a guy yg I like la kan. Hurm.. whatelse? He is kaki perempuanmasjid. Tak tipu weh. His family macam alim gile kot. (I know it from Friendster. Haha)

Suddenly my sis stop laughing and try to imitate his voice. Both of us have a big laugh. Seriously, Abg Theo punya suara sangat aneh, ANEH. My sis ckp dia syg suara and don’t want to let it out. And we both try to imagining him karaoke-ing. Tak boleh nak imagine weh.

Another thing yang makes us wondering. His lunch = half of my sis’s lunch = 1/3 of my lunch. Then he just eats vegetable. Hah? WTH? Diet? Seriously, nasi lagi sikit dari nasi girl. Malu ohh. Maybe dia takut buncit or gemuk KOT. Haha. Yes, my sis helping me stalking on him. Since it is hard for me to have a bump on him this semester. Sengal.

Moral of the story, haha. No one’s perfect. He has the looks, the style, but his voices really make us emm laugh. And to have that type of ‘ketegapan’ he needs to control what he is eating. Sian oii.

Conclusion, I’m not admiring him anymore. Because I started to making fun of him since my sis come here. Alaaaa… jahat gila!

& I had no time to waste my feeling lagi. Haha. Simpan cinta untuk suami. ;p

19 January 2009

My week.

As the day goes by the assignment getting more! It is just week 3 of classes and I did complaining like everyday with the paperwork and what-so-ever. I can’t wait for this weekend! Going back to my granny’s house.

Things that I love being at kampung:
-There is no coverage so I won’t bother bout my phone.
-My granny always makes fried chicken and I can eat it like everyday. Haha. Ayam kampung weh!
-I want to play with the duck and the goose. Chasing them and get chased. Haha. Macam budak owh.
-I want to go around the felda with my step grandfather motorcycle. Let my hair getting messed.
-I want to go to the nearest minimart to buy lots of junk foods to be shared with the childrens there.
-I want to eat lots of coconut until there is nothing left for anybody else for tomorrow.
-Tolonglah, tolong, tolong. Musim rambutan sekarang! Nak makan sampai batuk!

Whatever it is, there is 4 more days to go. I actually already pack my things! Yes, I am gila excited. I don’t want to use the cloth that I should wear it there. Eventhough we’re not planning going somewhere else. Just staying at Jengka 22 watching TV all day.

But before I’m out for my all these excitement, I need to:
Submit my lab report on Thursday morning.
Horse riding practice on Thursday evening.
Submit VB proposal by this Friday.
For the whole week of holiday, I need to googling some info for my another subject.



Meet Uncle Hussain win?
Maybe deria pendengaran juri rosak.
Atau mungkin juri tu budak-budak gig yang corrupted.
Pakai seluar kecik, baju tah apa-apa, melompat-lompat bagai orang bodoh.

Faisal Tahir deserve to win.
Dia ada suara, talented gila.
But then telinga juri tu memang dah rosak agaknya.
Atau mungkin dah bosan dengar suara Faisal Tahir.
Mungkin juga takut tengok gaya emo dia.

Aku tak minat AJL.
Sebab winner dia selalu macam loser.
Juri Malaysia masih pekak musik, pekak vokal.
Suara orang nak terberak juga dia pilih.
Nak bawa jenis musik baru, tapi agak-agak la.
Musik tu buat pekak telinga adalah.
Ok, aku memang bukan pencinta musik Malaysia.

Kecuali drummer Estranged yang hensem tu.
Dan Faisal Tahir yang hot tu.
Dan M Nasir yang macho tu.
Dan ......
Siapa lagi artis yang hensem ah?
Aku kurang mendengari lagu Malaysia.
Gig aku dah serik, cukup aku rasa rimas sekali.

Ok, aku cinta musik Indonesia yang unik lagi bermakna. Haha.

18 January 2009


I am quite disappointed with a friend of mine ni. Well, not with him but his girlfriend. I already know that guy for four years but his damn girlfriend still jealous I did close to him. Like heck! Bodoh hape kau?

In a relationship, we need trust. If you didn’t trust your bf, better end your relationship la. Wasting je sharing life if still tak percaya your so called bf tu. Nak jeles your guy rapat ngan his friends utk apa? Wasting your feeling to unnecessary things je tau. Bukan your husband pun. And if kiteorang nak sangat kat that guy, sure dari dulu kiteorang dah seduce die. Heh. Hampas!

Btw, I hereby nicknamed you as cik hipokrit yang kuat cemburu tak kena tempat serta queen control yang perasan diri itu bagus. Hah. I think who know this girl will agree with me la kan. I don’t need to list her attitude yang tah ape-ape kat sini. Tapi serious I think my friend ni sure dah makan nasi kangkang perempuan ni sampai jadi ‘bodoh’ gitu. Haha.

If you want you bf, take it. He is not in my list pun. I have my own type of guy yg obviously he is not listed. Nak dipanggil sayang pun I need to think 100 times la. Hah. My ex’s bestfriend tu, pale hotak kau aku hingin kat die. Otak boleh pakai tak? Sila pikir logik.

Hah, kau lagi satu. Boleh tak sedar diri sikit? Aku ni tak penah desperate nak ngan ‘so-called-bf’ kau tu. Jadi sila hentikan permainan kau tu ya cik mastermind. Aku dah bergerak dari tempat malang aku, sucikan diri dari kejijikan sendiri. Haha.
Selamat tinggal cerita lama!


With no words at all
So tiny and small
In love I fall so deep, so deep
My precious love
Sent from above
My baby boo
Gotta thank you, gotta thank you
Cause without you
How did I get through
All of my days
Without you
Now living with you
See everything true
My Baby it’s you

Thanks for being with me. Thank cause’ always stand by my side, supporting me, cheer me up & share things together, our things. You make me feel complete, like I found my other half. I just hope you can stay with me ‘longer’. I just can’t bare to live without you anymore.

Ok, I admit, I’m in love, again.

17 January 2009

My bad.

I have such a bad temper now.
Siapa sanggup layan?

Semua barang pun kena hempas bila marah. Tangan sume nak gigil-gigil tahan marah. Muka memang dah macam sial. Mulut pun memang dah takde insurans la kan semua nak kena maki. Tapi satu je la, aku suka maki kat orang yang aku rapat depan orang aku marah aku cume pandang slack. Malas nak cari gaduh. Owh, aku tak suka pandang orang yang aku tengah bengang sebab aku takut over acted pula.

Aku benci rasa gini. Ape kes tah nak hangen-hangen. Tapi marah aku tak lama. Memang lepas tu aku akan rasa guilty gila la kan sebab nak wat muka ngan orang lain. Worst, makin teruk seh temper ni. Macam nak lempang diri sendiri je.

Try la naik kereta time aku drive. Sure korang ley pekak dengar aku membebel. Kawan aku cakap if ada speaker+mic kat kereta sure pencemaran bunyi akan berlaku dengan teruk. Tak pun driver kereta tu menangis sebab aku maki dengan teruk. Haha. Diorang kata aku memang suka buat dosa mulut sebab takde insurans nak maki tak agak-agak. Sampai teruk gitu!

Owh, teach me how to control my temper. Tolong!!! I just hate to hurt others feelings ngan attitude ni. Macam nak benci diri sendiri pun ada. Haiya.

p.s: Sorry to let you read all the harsh words in all your received text messages. My bad. Hiks.


Pagi-pagi dah gastrik.
Macam haram!

16 January 2009


F _ _ K!
I just woke up. Bodoh tak? I should not sleep at the first place. Then my phone silent pulak. Derrr. Texted my groupmates, then he said he will update with me later. But, I missed a meeting and Prof Shahrin wants to see the minute meeting and I as the secretary of the group need to do it but I didn’t come. Bongok-bongok!

I’m not going back home this week. As the group discussion need me to be there in the weekend, so I won’t home to upload new songs and watch more MTV. The assignment & lab report really do bugging me after this while. Halaaaaa…

How I wish there is no lab. I want to go ‘there’ and meet ‘him’ and have some quality time together. But, I can’t. Too busy to wasting my time, maybe next time ok darling!

p.s: Thank Chuck for the video. I’m loving it. Haha.. Gua kene blackmail beb.

Owh the outing!

“Lompat lagi lompat”

It was great to had fun with them. Why the unplanned things always doing well? Btw guys, I really-really-really tired of laughing stupidly seeing you guys playing the games. Eacha & Syafiq did do well. Wakakakaka. I love to see you guys make the ‘what’ faces. ;p

Wish me luck for my discussion at 9a.m tomorrow.
Wish Syafiq luck for his quiz tomorrow morning.
Wish Batax luck for wake up early at 8a.m tomorrow.
Wish Yanti luck for her lab at 11a.m.
And we just arrived at 5a.m just now.

I am tired, but not planning to sleep. Haiya. Btw, I've upload the picture at the Facebook! Sila menjamu mata melihat kerenah 'kanak-kanak' tersebut.
- Batax, pose bawah meja.
- Eacha pose kat meja sebelah.
- Soon, i'll upload Eacha & Yanti Goyang Inul. ;p

15 January 2009

Hello Today.

The assignment started to get more and more from day to days. But from all of the assignment, I am really scared with the steel. I really have zero confident in that type of subject. Yes, I messed up on most of that type of paper before. But my promise this semester, I’m gonna do the best for Steel!

I am a lil’ bit worry bout the quota before as Eacha is no longer KTHO’s AJK. I really really hope that our futsal team still gets the priority at the L12 block. I don’t want to stay at the old building! Creepy owh.

Maybe some of my friends keep asking me who is my Mr now. As I seems like to happy-tak –tentu-pasal most of the time. To be honest there is no one. Officially, no one for now. So don’t make curious face in front of me cause seriously I had no answer for now. So still, my status is single. But I pronounced that I had enough with my over-friendly attitude ni.

I am seriously mad at two of my friends right now. If a girl rather choose a loser to be her soulmate than a bunch of girlfriends that always supporting her. What we should call her? Moron! And last night is the first time I texting her with my cursing-sarcastic-direct words. I hope she really know that I am damn disappointed with her.
Owh loser, I hope one day the karma will goes back to you. And sorry, we are no longer friend. I don’t even want to see your face. So, GTH! You deserve to be there.

I’m late for my lab!!!
Later dear.

13 January 2009

Things that I hate while having a relationship.

I hate to have those arguments because of the small matters. It is stupid.

I hate to have all that jealousy feeling, it really makes me feel more stupid.

I hate to wait for his call as he promised but then he totally forgot it. Stupidly waiting.

I hate to texting like 24/7 and report every single thing that I do. Stupid journal on the phone.

I hate to cry at the night just because he said something that hurts me. Stupidly wasting my tears.

I hate to love someone more that I did love myself. The major stupid after all of the stupidness that I’ve ever done.

But, I still choose to fall in love with you. :)

12 January 2009


I want to wear high heels for my wedding day.
Eventhough I am tall enough but heels is an asset for me. Are you expecting me to wear wedding dresses with flat shoes? No-nope!

So my boyfie must be tall enough, so that I can wear 3 inches heels. Wakakaka… since when I started to think about wedding dresses nih? Him la, suddenly talking bout wedding plans.

Btw, can you stop running in my mind? I can’t stop thinking of you. Lol.

Hey Kawan

I’m so sorry if you did feel that I am damn busybody bugging your life and everything. But seriously, I did that because of I really do care bout you. Or easiest way to describe it, I really do love you as a friend. We did close before, and the way I know you before is so damn different. Well, people’s changing as the time goes by. But I really not expect something like that from you. Cause’ I know, once upon a time before you are a really good guy.

Btw, it is your life. I did once advising you so now it is up to you. You know what the best is for you. But something for sure, I really really do care about you no matter how far and how long we have been apart. Take care dear friend.

Love, Me.

11 January 2009


Why forcing us to use elearning if the internet at our university is sucks?

and if you want us to use elearning, why the notes & the assignments can’t be downloaded?

and why some of the computers cannot open the webpage because of the certificate problems?

So please don’t blame us cause post our assignment late. Seriously, elearning really do make me sick.

Prof Shahrin, I hope one day you will read this. ;p

10 January 2009


Big confirm. I'm going babeh!!!!
Please, no test, no assignment, no dates, no anything important.
I'm going to skip my classes on that day. Only that day.

09 January 2009

Loser part 2

Someone did disappoint with me, but what the heck?

Well, you have right to hate me. Sila-sila, I don’t mind. But I have my own reason why I’m being like this. I chose her than you. Sorry. I am a woman, and I need to be with her more than you. Btw, I am shame to have you as my good friend either.

It is hard to lose a friend. Yes, it is really hard for me to say nothing while you judging me saying I’m not a good friend. I tried my best to play neutral, but still, I can’t control my temper. I can’t cause you did a really terrible things toward my girlfriend. How could I possibly accepting your mistake just like that?

I’m sorry, I can’t be your bestfriend anymore.

I’m sorry, I did hurt you.

Yes, I did feel guilty after received your message. But I can’t do anything. Cause I’d chose her. I bet if other people, they might be do the same thing too.

So Mr so called 'L', I hope you doing ok after this.

I don’t care.


Congratulation ckin, dah pakai tudung eh sempena awal muharam nih. Hihi.. Bukan tudung eh, selendang. Kagum gile!!! Nak jugak blaja pakai.

Cik akak ni dah pandai pakai tudung 'Ekin'. Hahaha. Kegadisan terserlah. Semua salah kekasihmu yang memupuk sifat kegadisan itu. ;p

Hahaha. Influence 'Ayat-Ayat Cinta'. Perasan Aisyah eh kak? ;p Hihihi.. perasan mode main selendang ckin. Yea!!! dah blackmail kamu~

Siapa? Hihihi... Insya-Allah, soon. Btw, muka saya semakin bulat!

p.s : Saya SAYANG korang!


Tadi saya nampak Abang Theo.

Dia sangat-sangat-sangat kacak! Haha.
Dan semakin putih lagi kurus.


Tapi saya tetap cinta kamu, bukan dia.
Owh Theo Walcott.

07 January 2009

Tag dari Dya yang cantik!

7 ciri lelaki Idaman Anda :
- Caring
- Understanding
- Senyum dia comel. Wahhhh..
- Nak dia botak mcm Justin boleh?
- Sweet. Haha. Biar manis macam gula-gula.
- Loyal. Huuu... Kamu saya punya sorang!
- Happy-go-lucky. Macam saya. ;p

7 Lelaki Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :
- Si comot itu.
- Loser.
- Gigolo.
- Lelaki yang gila kerek macam dia bagus sangat.
- Tak educated. At least, go to college.
- Someone yang dah kena reject ngan my parent.
- Org yang muka garang. Takut oiii.

7 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati :
- Blur.
- Nervous sampai rasa nak muntah. Hihi... thanks min for the support tuari.
- Mulut tak berhenti complaining cuak.
- Jantung macam nak pecah.
- Otak penat nak fikir nak wat conversation ape.
- Mengigil tak tentu pasal. Haha.
- Seriously NOT me.

7 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :
- Genting again please..
- Beach. Haha. But will keep it till my honeymoon. Poyo!!!
- Romantik candle light dinner. Huuu.. nak jugakkan.
- Concert Dewa. We love Dewa!!!
- Back to our first place i met him. Reflash balik the memories.
- Niagra fall. Apesal? Tah. heeee..
- Travelling same-same. Camping ke.

7 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :
- Perfume
- Shirt
- Watch
- Cute sweet cards
- CD full of song that i've dedicated to him
- Anything that he want. I had no other idea.

7 Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda :
- Love Story - Taylor Swift
- Bukannya Aku Takut - Mulan
- Takkan ada cinta yang lain - Dewa19
- My Baby - Britney Spears
- I'm Done - PCD
- T-shirt - Shontelle
- Our song. ;p

7 Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 7 PERIHAL Ini :
- Malas nak tag orang lagi.


Suddenly I feel like I’m melting for him.

Boleh tak don’t be too sweet?

I’m already being head over heel here.

THANKS, cause still being right by my side.


Can’t you see that I’m smiling right now?

06 January 2009

i need you

"You can only appreciate what you have when you authentically feel a need for it."

I need you. So can you please stay with me for a lil' bit longer? I just can get enough with you.
I miss you. Much.


I never feel that I have such a terrible friend until tonight. I started to hate someone I do believe before this. Worst, I just don’t know how to face him after this cause I really really really do hate him after knowing the real him.

You are such a jerk once you started to play with her heart. It’s getting worst when you started to use her. Yes, you using her, she wasted lots of her money, time and everything for you. But you leave her unappreciated for another bitch. Yes, your new girlfriend is such a bitch. How stupid are you to leave her for that bitch. Maybe you don’t deserve good girl like her.

I know she is hurt. You make her that way. What is your reason? Well, if you want her money, she did spend more than thousand for you per sem. Hey, did you ever feel shame of yourself Mr Gigolo? Using your girlfriend money as you monthly allowance? Ergh… Jijik. You goy style but I know the style comes from your ex-girl’s money. Pathetic. You don’t deserve that if you don’t know her. Well, you are nothing without you ‘sugar mummy’. Heh, you can’t even buy yourself lunch!

I hate him. If he did that to me I surely will kill him. But I know he can’t even think of it coz I won’t let it happen. But to see my girl suffering now because of him, it really makes me pissed off like hell just now. I just can’t stand to see how irresponsible he is towards her. He easily moved on like nothing happen. Bodoh tau tak jantan sekor nih!

I hope I never see his face again cause I just scared I can’t control myself and started to be sarcastic or maybe I might be slap him at least once. I can’t be hypocrite once I started to hate someone.

Why I ever know him?

p.s : To those who have a hint who is this jerk, please keep it by yourself. I won’t say anything bout this LOSER.

05 January 2009

KL trip.

It was an unplanned trip.

Thanks to my babes!
Yatyat Minmin Azie Aimi
You guys rocks!!!

I really-really-really had fun there.
Pixie will be upload kat FB once kat rumah.

02 January 2009

Nak makan!

Terima kasih Amir sebab bawa saya keluar dengan hanya berseluar sotong!
First time owh keluar pegi cs pakai gitu. Comot to the hell! Nasib baik pakai lens, if pakai spec SURE tak comfortable gile. Grrr.. Bt thanks la dude sangat gila happy kot hari ni. Macam nak ketawa sampai menangis walaupun tengok cite hantu. ;p

Hopefully no more nightmares for tonight.

-I woke up early and check my steel notes from e-learning. Nervous owh, my lecturer sangat gila strict. So need to prepare before going to his class.
- I got Cleo limited edition yang kecik tu. Well, reading it for the whole hour time class taksiran & lab punye briefing tu. Boring dowh class yang banyak facts.
- Makan dengan sangat banyak today. Keropok lekor, nasi lemak & cendol. Hanya untuk mkn petang okay! So Jijot paksa jog.
- Jogging ngan Yanti & Jijot. Haha. Penat owh!!! Tanak jauh pulak dorang pusing. But something for sure, i still have my stamina ok. ;p
- I watched They Wait movie just now. I want to wacth anjing chi-wow-wa! Tolong bawak saya keluar~
- I have my dinner twice! But yet still hungry right now. Popcorn pun dah habis. :(


01 January 2009

I want him!

My wish, i want to date a guy like him. Much more better if i can date him. So, wishlist for 2009, nak date with a guy yang macam Justin! Hihi.

Ain't nobody love you like i love you.

p.s : I am still, stupidly waiting for miracle.

Hantu Raya

Hantu Raya dalam budaya Melayu, merujuk kepada sejenis makhluk halus dan perkara tahyul. Ia dikatakan terdiri daripada golongan jin atau syaitan, yang dipelihara bagi tujuan membantu tuannya melakukan kerja dan juga bagi memudaratkan musuh. Pemeliharaan makhluk halus ini dikenali sebagai saka.
Semalam sekali lagi aku teman mak aku pegi bomoh. Aku sekali lagi macam tak percaya apa yang jadi kat mak aku ni. Bila dia kata dia dah baik, tetiba pula ada satu time tu dia tak boleh nak tidur sebab susah nak benafas. Aku memang marah. Marah sebab mak masih tak 'dilepaskan'.

Kali ini bomoh itu menaikkan lagi level perubatannya. Memang muka mak aku pucat waktu berubat tu. Sampai ada satu time tu bomoh tu cakap dia akan cuba keluarkan suara orang yang kasi mak aku ‘hadiah’ ni, dia suruh kiteorang cam suara tu suara siapa. For a few minutes bomoh tu diam. Suddenly, dia cakap, “Akak tolong amikkan barang kat situ. Akak kalau dah senang tak payah la nak kerja lagi.” And it is a woman voices. Kawan mak aku yang kerja sama tempat dengan mak aku. Semua kat bilik tu terkejut sebab orang tu memang rapat dengan mak aku. Rapat.

Aku mencarut dalam hati. Aku marah, rasa macam nak bakar rumah perempuan itu. Lupa sekejap aku bomoh tu lelaki tetapi bila time keluar suara memang real suara perempuan tu. R-E-A-L dowh!

Balik tu satu rumah berkumpul. Kiteorang paksa mak berhenti kerja. Takde sebab pun mak patut kerja kat sana. Lagi pula ada manusia hipokrit yang berhati busuk serta pendengki. Mak aku tak penah berprasangka buruk pun dengan perempuan tu walaupun sampai sekarang mak aku tu tak nak percaya perempuan tu yang khianat dia.

Semalam aku tak boleh tidur. Suara ‘perempuan’ itu terngiang-ngiang kat telinga. Aku takut bila fikir-fikir balik macam mana suara pecah lelaki jadi perempuan. Aku bayangkan rupa hantu raya yang di’hadiah’kan kepada mak aku. Aku bayangkan sakit mak aku. Sampai jadi mimpi. Tah berapa kali aku terjaga malam tadi. Aku benci jadi penakut!

Btw, bila aku fikir-fikir balik zaman macam ni pun ada orang nak guna cara halus pegi khianat kawan sendiri. Sama-sama Islam pulak tu and mak aku tu kerja kat Maahad Johor ok. So macam tak percaya orang tudung labuh pun percaya benda yang sangat ‘kesyaitanan’ tu. Aneh. Abah siap buat lawak, another few years ada santau yang boleh disend guna Bluetooth. ;p

p.s: Hamek, new year celebration dengan nampak benda 'kolot'.



Sangat-sangat-sangat nak buat entry menjela macam karangan zaman sekolah dulu. Tapi esok kelas pukul 8 pagi esok. Hah, just countdown kat UTM dengan Amir tengok Mr Bean Holiday movie kat FKE. Tu pun tak perasan dah pukul 12 pagi. Haha. It brings no difference pun. ;p

Current new resolution, no hair cut till end of April. Woah... how do I survive without any hair trimming & treatment for months. Hurm. But i need to avoid saloon for now, bahaya oii!