19 January 2009

My week.

As the day goes by the assignment getting more! It is just week 3 of classes and I did complaining like everyday with the paperwork and what-so-ever. I can’t wait for this weekend! Going back to my granny’s house.

Things that I love being at kampung:
-There is no coverage so I won’t bother bout my phone.
-My granny always makes fried chicken and I can eat it like everyday. Haha. Ayam kampung weh!
-I want to play with the duck and the goose. Chasing them and get chased. Haha. Macam budak owh.
-I want to go around the felda with my step grandfather motorcycle. Let my hair getting messed.
-I want to go to the nearest minimart to buy lots of junk foods to be shared with the childrens there.
-I want to eat lots of coconut until there is nothing left for anybody else for tomorrow.
-Tolonglah, tolong, tolong. Musim rambutan sekarang! Nak makan sampai batuk!

Whatever it is, there is 4 more days to go. I actually already pack my things! Yes, I am gila excited. I don’t want to use the cloth that I should wear it there. Eventhough we’re not planning going somewhere else. Just staying at Jengka 22 watching TV all day.

But before I’m out for my all these excitement, I need to:
Submit my lab report on Thursday morning.
Horse riding practice on Thursday evening.
Submit VB proposal by this Friday.
For the whole week of holiday, I need to googling some info for my another subject.



ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

nnt bwk blik itik goreng eh...
xkira nk jgak...huhu

Diana said...

nenek i tak ternak itik seh.

khruz said...

eh? u're in for equestrian?

Diana said...

since sekolah lagi kot.
bt otw nak pencen dah.
malas oii..

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

angsa goreng then...
xkira key...
nk gak!!!