13 January 2009

Things that I hate while having a relationship.

I hate to have those arguments because of the small matters. It is stupid.

I hate to have all that jealousy feeling, it really makes me feel more stupid.

I hate to wait for his call as he promised but then he totally forgot it. Stupidly waiting.

I hate to texting like 24/7 and report every single thing that I do. Stupid journal on the phone.

I hate to cry at the night just because he said something that hurts me. Stupidly wasting my tears.

I hate to love someone more that I did love myself. The major stupid after all of the stupidness that I’ve ever done.

But, I still choose to fall in love with you. :)


FatinNadiah said...

tu bukan stupid yana.
tp crazy.
everyone feel that..
so do i.

diLL said...

wee~yana mushuk..
who's d' lucky guy tuew..??

Diana said...

i ta suke rase gini seh faten.
apesal tah terfikir pasal ni.
u ok ta ni faten?

dil, haha.
soon u'll know kot.
jodoh i tu masih nak main semunyi2.

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

theo walcott la tu...

qila, darl said...

if you think he's worth your blood, sweat and tears, tak stupid pun laa. its loveeee. haha. and it feels kinda nice kan? hehe

Diana said...

well, love conquers everything.