16 January 2009

Owh the outing!

“Lompat lagi lompat”

It was great to had fun with them. Why the unplanned things always doing well? Btw guys, I really-really-really tired of laughing stupidly seeing you guys playing the games. Eacha & Syafiq did do well. Wakakakaka. I love to see you guys make the ‘what’ faces. ;p

Wish me luck for my discussion at 9a.m tomorrow.
Wish Syafiq luck for his quiz tomorrow morning.
Wish Batax luck for wake up early at 8a.m tomorrow.
Wish Yanti luck for her lab at 11a.m.
And we just arrived at 5a.m just now.

I am tired, but not planning to sleep. Haiya. Btw, I've upload the picture at the Facebook! Sila menjamu mata melihat kerenah 'kanak-kanak' tersebut.
- Batax, pose bawah meja.
- Eacha pose kat meja sebelah.
- Soon, i'll upload Eacha & Yanti Goyang Inul. ;p


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

heh...i missed the quiz...
bgn lmbt pnya psl...
sbb : ada jam loceng dimatikan...
ada phone alarm, but enjoy the
alarm song...
moral : change ur alarm tone with
the suitable one...or else u gonna
end up like me...haha...
seb bek lecturer baek pnya...
dpt repeat quiz...huhu

Diana said...

same je la.
i bgn kul 11 kot.
haram tak sedar
dah lapa baru nak bgn.

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

kita serupa...
nway...syndrome yana da abes

Diana said...

mlm tu overexccited kot.
dah lame weh tak kuar!