09 January 2009

Loser part 2

Someone did disappoint with me, but what the heck?

Well, you have right to hate me. Sila-sila, I don’t mind. But I have my own reason why I’m being like this. I chose her than you. Sorry. I am a woman, and I need to be with her more than you. Btw, I am shame to have you as my good friend either.

It is hard to lose a friend. Yes, it is really hard for me to say nothing while you judging me saying I’m not a good friend. I tried my best to play neutral, but still, I can’t control my temper. I can’t cause you did a really terrible things toward my girlfriend. How could I possibly accepting your mistake just like that?

I’m sorry, I can’t be your bestfriend anymore.

I’m sorry, I did hurt you.

Yes, I did feel guilty after received your message. But I can’t do anything. Cause I’d chose her. I bet if other people, they might be do the same thing too.

So Mr so called 'L', I hope you doing ok after this.

I don’t care.