29 April 2009

Oi Oi

To whom who may concern.

Maafkanlah bila ku selalu
Membuatmu marah dan benci padaku
Ku lakukan itu semua
Hanya tuk buatmu bahagia
Mungkin ku cuma tak bisa pahami
Bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku
Aku cuma ingin jadi terbaik untukmu
(Tangga - Terbaik Untukmu)

Well, sorry for everything. Making that barrier between us for the whole stressfull weeks ni. I miss you guys damn much. As tomorrow is our last paper, I’ll be back like I always do before. Hihi. I just need few hours to cover my sleep then lets rock on!

p.s: I can’t wait for tomorrow. More free time to watch movie, more free time to sleep, more free time to type craps here. Loads of time to be wasted! Yeay!!

p.p.s: Najah, congrats tao dpt KMNS. Third generation yg being there. U go girl! Btw, nanti I na ikut Hakim jumpa ur guy jugak tao. HIHI.

OUT. Eat some more books.

25 April 2009


"Turtles play a critical role in keeping marine ecosystems healthy; the same ecosystems which sustain our fisheries and tourism industries that provide food and livelihoods for millions of people. Marine turtles are threatened with extinction due to various factors, including: the practice of consuming turtle eggs, marine and nesting beach pollution as well as illegal trade of turtles and their parts. Leatherback turtles have already been declared functionally extinct in Malaysia. In the 1950s, there were 10,000 leatherback nests in Rantau Abang each year; now there are less than 10. Moreover, turtle protection laws are inadequate. Please sign up and help save turtles!"
Heh . I just don’t know how Abg Zulfa can join them let the turtles go back to the sea. I want to go too but Abg Zulfa tak kasi ikut lagi. At last I’m browsing WWF page just to find more bout this thing. At least by joining this I can help. Come on, join Malaysia’s WWF. It is great to save our environment. :D

To those yang close to me sure know how am I excited with saving the earth thingy ni kan?

24 April 2009


Hehe. After having four papers straight, I stopped from reading any education books. Even I have another two papers next week. Geheeee..

I wasted my day yesterday with dating all day and sleep all night till 3p.m. Well, I’m enjoying it. Once I woke up I read the comic that I bought yesterday, wondering around my room, thinking how to start to pack all my things, watch some crappy movie in Amir’s hard disc. Ok, I’m not doing anything today. Useless gila kot. I need to study tomorrow, MUST!

Oh, I need to go to Larkin tomorrow to see my intern office with my mom. Heh, my intern will start on 4th May but why other faculty starts on 11th? Unfair!! Hurm, at last I got my dream intern place, something related to water and my final year project. Yeay! I am back on track, Air-Air-Air.

Oh to si-polan, GET A LIFE!
Stop pretending like it is my fault. It is yours because you don’t know how to survive. Wake up, stop blaming others it is you okayy.

23 April 2009


Award Rules:
1. Insert this badge or the pic above to inform u have been awarded.
2. Make sure u take the pic n said it is from.
3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself.
4. You should choose 5 other bloggers (easier the ones who follow you) and tell their names in your blog
5. Dont forget to go to their blog and tell them they have been tagged !!!

Thanks Jijot for the award. Hihi. Though I’m not in your lists. Agagaga. Cuti ni jangan lupa baca blog Yana and jangan lupa update blog okeyy.

10 Facts:
1. I am in the middle of my final exams now.
2. I still not prepared for my papers.
3. Due to that I need to burn my night and do some revision.
4. So, I am lack of sleep right now.
5. I have a panda eye and it is sucks.
6. Take note that I am lazy.
7. I messed up with some of my friends.
8. I got my dream internship place. (Glad)
9. I miss my home, nak balik!
10. This is my first award kot.

The 5 lists:
1. Epa
2. Amir
4. Eim
5. Qila

22 April 2009


Catch me if you can.

I want something that I don't even know what it is.
I'm chasing for something I can't possibly see it.
I'm lost now, giving up.
So now, do your job.
Chase me, cause I'm tired of chasing nothing.
WTH? Blur.

20 April 2009

Stress Mode

Best of luck for the final exams guys. Break a leg! Heh? Did i do the same thing too?

Btw, sorry for all my wrong doings too. :)

19 April 2009


Who is the person who has your heart at this moment???
  • The heart is stil inside me. ;p

    Are you waiting for something?
  • That shirt. :)

    What were you doing at ten last night?
  • Basically pretending reading Institusi Islam while my mind thinking about Pet Society.

    Did you cry today?
  • No.

    Do you hate the last person you had a conversation with?
  • No, I like him. (^.^)

    Have you ever thought about converting your religion?
  • No.

    Can you sleep in jeans?
  • Yes.

    What cant you wait for?
  • The holiday!!

    When was the last time you told someone you loved them and meant it?
  • Haha. Yesterday.

    Are you good at giving advice?
  • I don't think so.

    Are you good at giving directions?
  • No.

    When is the last time you told someone you're okay when youre not?
  • Haha. I'm not sure.

    Do you want to live with your gf/bf?
  • I want to live with my husband. Heee..

    What song do you listen to feel happy?
  • Emm. No specific song, depends on the mood.

    Garfield or mickey mouse?
  • Ohh mickey!

    In a week, how many times you go online?
  • Like always.

    Complete this sentence: THE WORLD NEEDS
  • To be saved. Join, WWF. Lets celebrate EARTH's DAY this 24th.

    What was the last thing you ate?
  • Breakfast.

    Something happened today?
  • I laughed while reading my Tagged inbox. Damn.

    Where is your sister/brother right now?
  • Studying at the family hall.

    Do you have friends?
  • Yes.

    In the past week, have you felt sad?
  • Stressed.

    What were you doing at 9 am this morning?
  • Sleep.

    Is your room clean?
  • I still can live with it.

    In the next 4 months, what are you looking forward to the most?
  • Merdeka? HAHA

    Did you have a good day yesterday?
  • Oh yes. I got enough sleep.

    In the past week have you gotten sick?
  • Mind sickness.
  • :((

    OMG. I miss this thing. If I know earlier I will go to Tebrau first before heading back home. Shit! At least I can grab their basic!!

    Just now Arsenal lost to Chelsea. Well, I had nothing much in mind except, what the heck Fabianski. Did you fight with your girlfriend? Big disappointment la! Da la he makes the same mistake twice. Enough, I need to stop thinking bout this. Just ruined my mood.

    18 April 2009

    My Wish

    Please la menang tonight. Over Chelsea pula tu. Semi final FA cup. Best of luck!

    Ohhh… I want to see my Theo Walcott. Hope he’ll be there. : )

    p.s : Luckily my guy is a sportsman, so everything going smoothly. Hahahaha. Next time kita main squash pulak eh. ;p


    I am on my way to take my lunch. Yeay, feeling like want to have mee rebus. Luckily him also feels the same thing too. So we’re on our way to Angsana and have lunch. Ehe…starving!

    My paper will starts on Monday and straight till this Thursday then another week I’ll have another two paper on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I will start my holiday for few days before starting my intern on 4th May.

    Ohh.. makan!

    16 April 2009

    Stress okayy!

    I just realized that my faculty has their own wireless connection and it is damn fast. Well, next time if I want to download things I will be here. :D

    I have a cup of Nescafe and a cupcake for my breakfast. Haha. A great start for a harsh day. I still have a lab report to be done, the steel assignment & estimating assignment that I don’t have the question yet. And I haven’t started my study yet. Durh. Its really do make me feel over-stressed with the load that had been forced to me. And I am in the middle of failing myself with all this stressfull mode. Oh, this entire thing is not including my personal problems tau, if I did think about that, it will be worst. Heh.

    Ok, I did complaining again here. As usual, the blog is a place where I let my feeling to be express when I am not in a really good condition. And usually during stressfull moment like now, I will usually update it even I know the reader will be decreased due to the exams.

    I am disappointed with her. I am mad at him. I am guilty with him. I am irritated with her. I am guilty at him. I felt sorry for him. I think she is kind off sarcastic. I hate the girl who is stalking me. I had enough of pretending and saying sorry. I started to read a person now. I am guilty with her. I felt sorry for her attitude. I think he is such a loser. I think he is freak. I think I’m going crazy.
    (All of these people are the different one. Yes, you guys really do my personal problem now.)

    Let’s be selfish and save my soul than being patient and hurts myself. I had enough chasing. So long and goodbye dear problem-maker!

    I won’t say sorry no more to the person I don’t think I need to say that words.
    I won’t contact or know anything about the person I think I don’t trust them.
    I won’t stupidly being hypocrite just to make them happy.
    I don’t want to make you satisfied to see me down.
    I had enough.

    15 April 2009


    Morning! Well, I want to share something with you besides of want to thanks this mister for all his effort to make me happy and forget the past. Heee. TQ very much Hakim.

    I hereby declared myself as no-longer-single-in-the-air. Yeah-yeah, I am officially taken now. I know it is kind off fast for both of us but we have so many things in common. Only us know what we’re facing now kan u? It is crazy!

    We watched F&F at last yesterday, after loads of things happen before. After the movie he proposes me along with a bear and 4 sweet cupcakes. Haha. Eventhough I can see his nervous-ness that makes me want to be playfull as usual. But seeing him being sweet with the efforts that he had given I just can’t say no. So we’re officially became US today. Haha. I did glace at the car’s clock before I saying yes, it is 12.18 a.m. LOL.

    Thanks dear Hakim.

    p.s: I really, really, really do want to upload the picture of the cupcakes and the bear. But the memory card has some kind of virus until I can’t view anything. Later!

    13 April 2009

    High Heels

    Just now I’m going out with my sister to AEON Bukit Indah. Usually unplanned things always worked out perfectly. Our simple idea is just to go to Perling Mall, our place small shopping complex to eat some dessert from McD as we used to do while bored being at home but we ended up with heading to Bukit Indah.

    Being there my sis will always go to most of the shops and start to googling for cloths. I don’t know since when but she started being like me, never enough with our own wardrobe sedangkan it is more than enough. My sis said it is our genetic. Haha.

    My sis going out with her heels while I just wearing my flip-flop-kabut. She is taller than me and dengan berlagaknya saying that I am tall today. So sepanjang kat sana we both pegi masuk kedai kasut and started to look for perfect heels for class. Heels to class? Us? Hahahaha. PLASTIC! Surely dalam kelas I akan bukak that heels and complaining. Tak include lagi my sis yang jalan kan. But then we’re enjoying la kot tengok and complaining about the heels yang kiteorang try. OMG, tolong la, give me the strength to wear heels permanently. I think I will do if I got Jimmy Choo’s collection. Heh. Tanak demand pulakkan. RM1000+ for a shoes? Derrrrr.. what a waste because of the LABELS!

    Ohh.. we also did talking about magic card. Influence Confession of a Shopaholic dengan Sex & the City la ni. Durh… tak include lagi Wild Child yang totally handbags dia dari Channel, LV, Gucci ect. Durh.

    If I was a rich girl
    See, I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl
    No man could test me, impress me, my cash flow would never ever end
    Cause I'd have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl

    Hamek.. Rich Girl-Gwen. ;p

    I know it is sucks

    Again, I messed up. Being selfish without thinking others condition. I know it is my bad. I do felt guilty but I don’t want to let myself drown in this condition anymore. I felt uncomfortable. I just don’t know how to handle this feeling; I need to run away for now. To those listed below I am damn sorry cause being like this.

    Haaaa.. all of them my close friends kot.

    I am like this due to my moods and my mode. Seriously, I don’t know how to talk to you guys, I don’t know how to seek for apologize, I don’t know how to face it. So I ran away and hoping time will fix it by itself. Something for sure, I really-really-really need you guys in my life.

    Yeah home, I’m coming!!! It is so damn stressfull to be at my college. Being with my family is the most relaxing moment. Haha. Please ignore the nags from my parents or the stupid arguing with my siblings. One more thing home is better than UTM, my room. Sangat comfort ok!!

    Heh. Guys, again, I’m sorry. Especially Yanti kot. She postponed her discussion because of me. Sorry for everything, the gap between us now. Semua la. I miss you, I miss us.
    *Hugs & Kisses*

    (Sorry cause i'm putting this picture to the public. But i want to show her that i really miss this momment. Haha. Did u still remember this picture?)

    12 April 2009


    I still can’t stop my finger from calling that number. Each time if ‘it’ answering my phone calls I can’t stop my mouth from cursing it. I can’t stop my fingers from sending ‘it’ those harsh-sarcastic words. ‘It’ is the most stupid creature that I’ve ever met until I though there is no such species ever existing in this world.

    WTH, you did take others thing and using it like it is yours? Hello? Did you know how to become a thief? If you take someone else phone, just off the phone and get rid the sim card. Don’t be such a dumb. Why la I never think to friend’s finding that number. If I did, surely I can do something now. At least I know where the phone goes now.

    Haaa… so you guys know what am I talking about now right?

    I still am pissing off with that person right now. ‘It’ doesn’t have any right to take a look at the phone pun, but without any feeling ‘it’ did. I just scared if ‘it’ did take any advantage from that phone sedangkan 'it' don’t even have any right to did that. But surely my number will be in a great danger because I did cursing+nagging it for few times. Bayangkan, I called it every minute after I know that phone is missing, until ‘it’ needs to cancel my call. Then fews of text message is given to ‘it’ talking about how stupid is them and I did taught them how to be a good thief. Haha. Common sense.

    Heh, luckily the owner of the phone already cancel the number. So thank God I can stop from doing what I am doing. Hahahaha. I just need to make sure I stay online waiting for the owner of the number. Oh-damn-I-miss-you-la-owner-of-the-number. Hihi.

    Changing mode.

    When is my last entry? Ouh, when I was at home and busy playing with Facebook application until I forgot to change my blog’s layout. Derrr.

    Yesterday I go to the Johor Tour of Sound 2009. Oh, I am not exactly going, I’m working there as a Celcom promoter. As usual la, being with my crazy-girlfriends around. I really enjoying it la! The work is relaxing, just gave the people around flyers. Then laughing and talking. Ahaha. We done nothing much pun, promoting pun kurang. Once dapat masuk arena memang all the promoters having fun gilerrr la. Seriously, I am totally different when I’m with them. Tah brape juta kali tah I’m shouting, “Bam, I love you”. He is so damn hot, even macam berisi sikit. Something that we will never forget is when Samsons singing Kenangan Terindah we did hugging each other. How I’m gonna miss them sedangkan we just met for few times je.

    I got another promoter job at Monsoon cup event. But I need to decline it. Haha. Is there anyone interested to be the girl for this event? Please inform me. : )

    ♥ ♥ ♥


    Please come back here ASAP. Or I’ll going back to my mom’s house tomorrow. I hope we’re doing okay. Let’s drive ourselves crazy. Let’s getting started to count the minutes, approximately another 2640 minutes to go?


    ♥ ♥ ♥

    p.s: Wish you guys best of luck with the exam’s mode. Study week and the final weeks. Please don’t get sick or hurts yourself or commit suicide. Haha. GAMBATE!

    10 April 2009


    I'm home!
    NAKKK tuka layout!!
    Layout ni LECEH!

    09 April 2009


    First of all sila ignore if I did termaki or spelling error or pape la yang seems like too obvious. Derrrr....

    Hokay, i have steel paper tomorow morning as that type of subject it the most stressfull subject that i've ever faced during my 3 years course nih. I burned my sleep time just to make sure at least i had once covered everything and i still working on it. Kira ta habis study la ni even it is 4.30a.m already. Haaa.. then sempat pulakkan na post entry. Tumbuk saya!!

    I need something else to distract me selain the music yang I da bukak gila kuat volume dia. After deciding na focus and ta dengar pape music lagi, i hear nothing selain bunyi cengkerik and kipas. So u know la kan macam mane punye senyap. Suddenly perasaan bunyi hujan ada. Dengan gembiranya I bukak pintu corridor na tengok keadaan hujan pagi-pagi gini. Before i did step out kat luar, i hear a small voice called my name, "Diana". Haaaa.. tanak bodoh pulakkan! Dah tu macam rasa aneh gila. Bongok.

    I just take a glance kat luar as macam da bukak pintu kan, then terus masuk and tengok my roomate and my room's condition. Alaaaaaa... apesal la at this moment pulak. I need to cover macam tanak sikit pulakkan. Bongok tol. As lack of credits taley na call orang and bercerita, solution, blogging la kot. Even i had promise tanak online langsung malam ni. Haaa.. hamek entry kuar time malam. Da la macam dah lama gila ta update kan. Sure readers sume lari. But, IDC.

    Ohh.. baru ingat, i did deleted some of my readers before due to kemarahan serta kebengangan yang melampau till some of them yang ta besalah pun kene. I'm sorry, i'll re-invite u guys back once kat rumah. Haha. Mode na bengang da habis kot. But still macam ada scar kot, so it won't be the same lagi. Thanks for supporting me la kamu. Siap delete my message smata-mata tanak i rasa guilty kan. DUSH!

    Ohh.. malasnya na makan buku lagi! Btw, esok sure kabut. 9a.m, test. Then 11a.m, lab. Ptg i need to accompany my sis utk g bank, so i'll skip my class kot. And i am sure i will be damn tired la esok. So na balas dendam tido. SURE caffien punye effect akan kuar dengan melampau esok. Haha. Wish me luck la eh utk everything.

    Sebab da bosan tengok UTM.
    Hahaha. Cepat la presentation hari Jumaat, then i'm going back home.


    07 April 2009


    Saya suka tengok dia jalan.
    Saya suka tengok dia senyum.
    Saya suka tengok dia ketawa.
    Saya suka tengok dia segan.
    Saya suka tengok dia bercerita.
    Saya suka tengok dia makan dengan banyak.
    Saya suka tengok dia manja.
    Saya suka tengok dia sibuk buat kerja.
    Saya suka tengok dia buat muka kejam.
    Saya suka tengok dia bersukan.
    Saya suka tengok dia gembira.
    Saya suka tengok dia berfikir.
    Saya suka tengok dia risau.
    Saya suka tengok dia kepenatan.
    Saya suka tengok dia kembung lepas minum banyak air.
    Saya suka tengok dia drive.
    Saya suka tengok dia menyanyi.
    Saya suka tengok dia datang kat saya.
    Saya suka tengok dia.
    Saya suka tengok dia.
    Oh.. kalau saya tak nampak dia.
    Saya suka dengar dia cakap “Balik la cepat”

    Mungkin saya pun dah suka dia.
    Sila define suka.

    Semester ni last sem syafiq and alif. Pas ni dah tade kawan macam dorang lagi.
    Jangan lupa yana okayyy..
    : (