12 April 2009

Changing mode.

When is my last entry? Ouh, when I was at home and busy playing with Facebook application until I forgot to change my blog’s layout. Derrr.

Yesterday I go to the Johor Tour of Sound 2009. Oh, I am not exactly going, I’m working there as a Celcom promoter. As usual la, being with my crazy-girlfriends around. I really enjoying it la! The work is relaxing, just gave the people around flyers. Then laughing and talking. Ahaha. We done nothing much pun, promoting pun kurang. Once dapat masuk arena memang all the promoters having fun gilerrr la. Seriously, I am totally different when I’m with them. Tah brape juta kali tah I’m shouting, “Bam, I love you”. He is so damn hot, even macam berisi sikit. Something that we will never forget is when Samsons singing Kenangan Terindah we did hugging each other. How I’m gonna miss them sedangkan we just met for few times je.

I got another promoter job at Monsoon cup event. But I need to decline it. Haha. Is there anyone interested to be the girl for this event? Please inform me. : )

♥ ♥ ♥


Please come back here ASAP. Or I’ll going back to my mom’s house tomorrow. I hope we’re doing okay. Let’s drive ourselves crazy. Let’s getting started to count the minutes, approximately another 2640 minutes to go?


♥ ♥ ♥

p.s: Wish you guys best of luck with the exam’s mode. Study week and the final weeks. Please don’t get sick or hurts yourself or commit suicide. Haha. GAMBATE!