24 April 2009


Hehe. After having four papers straight, I stopped from reading any education books. Even I have another two papers next week. Geheeee..

I wasted my day yesterday with dating all day and sleep all night till 3p.m. Well, I’m enjoying it. Once I woke up I read the comic that I bought yesterday, wondering around my room, thinking how to start to pack all my things, watch some crappy movie in Amir’s hard disc. Ok, I’m not doing anything today. Useless gila kot. I need to study tomorrow, MUST!

Oh, I need to go to Larkin tomorrow to see my intern office with my mom. Heh, my intern will start on 4th May but why other faculty starts on 11th? Unfair!! Hurm, at last I got my dream intern place, something related to water and my final year project. Yeay! I am back on track, Air-Air-Air.

Oh to si-polan, GET A LIFE!
Stop pretending like it is my fault. It is yours because you don’t know how to survive. Wake up, stop blaming others it is you okayy.