16 April 2009

Stress okayy!

I just realized that my faculty has their own wireless connection and it is damn fast. Well, next time if I want to download things I will be here. :D

I have a cup of Nescafe and a cupcake for my breakfast. Haha. A great start for a harsh day. I still have a lab report to be done, the steel assignment & estimating assignment that I don’t have the question yet. And I haven’t started my study yet. Durh. Its really do make me feel over-stressed with the load that had been forced to me. And I am in the middle of failing myself with all this stressfull mode. Oh, this entire thing is not including my personal problems tau, if I did think about that, it will be worst. Heh.

Ok, I did complaining again here. As usual, the blog is a place where I let my feeling to be express when I am not in a really good condition. And usually during stressfull moment like now, I will usually update it even I know the reader will be decreased due to the exams.

I am disappointed with her. I am mad at him. I am guilty with him. I am irritated with her. I am guilty at him. I felt sorry for him. I think she is kind off sarcastic. I hate the girl who is stalking me. I had enough of pretending and saying sorry. I started to read a person now. I am guilty with her. I felt sorry for her attitude. I think he is such a loser. I think he is freak. I think I’m going crazy.
(All of these people are the different one. Yes, you guys really do my personal problem now.)

Let’s be selfish and save my soul than being patient and hurts myself. I had enough chasing. So long and goodbye dear problem-maker!

I won’t say sorry no more to the person I don’t think I need to say that words.
I won’t contact or know anything about the person I think I don’t trust them.
I won’t stupidly being hypocrite just to make them happy.
I don’t want to make you satisfied to see me down.
I had enough.


ifarr said...

jgn marah epa..huhuhu

Diana said...

epa tade dalam list tu pun. hihi. lgsg tak.

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

jgn mara saya jugak...

Diana said...

dgn u pon tade list dlm tu. HAHA. so, psm suda settle, final then u're free! jeles!!