15 April 2009


Morning! Well, I want to share something with you besides of want to thanks this mister for all his effort to make me happy and forget the past. Heee. TQ very much Hakim.

I hereby declared myself as no-longer-single-in-the-air. Yeah-yeah, I am officially taken now. I know it is kind off fast for both of us but we have so many things in common. Only us know what we’re facing now kan u? It is crazy!

We watched F&F at last yesterday, after loads of things happen before. After the movie he proposes me along with a bear and 4 sweet cupcakes. Haha. Eventhough I can see his nervous-ness that makes me want to be playfull as usual. But seeing him being sweet with the efforts that he had given I just can’t say no. So we’re officially became US today. Haha. I did glace at the car’s clock before I saying yes, it is 12.18 a.m. LOL.

Thanks dear Hakim.

p.s: I really, really, really do want to upload the picture of the cupcakes and the bear. But the memory card has some kind of virus until I can’t view anything. Later!