29 August 2013

So much of Eid and life

Eid this year is the most tiring one compared to the previous years. And it turns out weirdly when most of the people i knew is not well during the eve. Somehow, nothing much to share, i am glad that i manage to gather with my families and close friends. In shaa Allah i still breathing for next year celebration, with my fiance' or husband perhaps? Aherherher

For the last previous weeks i have been tested with a greatest test among all. And i realized that i had so much more to learn to prepare and to achieve. I finally come to a conclusion that i actually a failure at the current moment. My thesis for master is a trash and well i seems like lost track on everything. I do nothing everyday. I thought i think but actually i also don't have any idea on what is on my mind. Alhamdulillah i am sorted out a bit now.

Sometimes this kind of test teaches us to be more wise and realize on things that we seldom overlooked. 

What doesn't kill you make you stronger. I am grateful cause i finally come to my sense now. If this are called as sense, i hope i can remain this way for long. Hopefully whatever pain that i have now will diminish over time. Oh, this guilt also must go within it. Gotta stand for myself too. 

As for now, lets focusing on what i want to achieve in life.