31 March 2009


Someone did this for me. Arigato!!!
Surely da tade keje lain kan nehh?
Sila tidur, esok kelas siang.
Again, terima kasih daun keladi.


30 March 2009


“How about an open relationship?”

Open relationship = Being with a person and at the same time they have the freedom to date other people – no string attached!

Errrr.. no thanks mister.
HAHAHA. I am not that stupid.
p.s: I am nothing to do with this entry. Bosan!

26 March 2009

TOPTOP ohhh..

Oh yeah. I have my other half back! My super-precious laptop is with me now. Damn I just too excited and I keep checking my folder to make sure it is still the same without losing anything. And so far nothing is missing. Two thumbs up for HP!

I will always update my blog as before. But the final exam is just around the corner. We’ll see about that la. Ohhhh my…. Still am happy to half this thing back after more than a week without this it’s driving my crazy. My new target, once I already work I will buy that maxis laptop with modem. So I can online and update like each time I want too. Even the connection here SUX!

Actually now I’m, writing using Notepad due to the connection. Haiya. I have 2 lab reports to be done by tomorrow morning but I haven’t start yet. Malas! This weekend will be busy and it will constantly busy till another 2 weeks time. Then I am all free for my study week. Free pulakkan… it will be more extra busy KOT.

Haa.. Nothing is worth more than my precious laptop. If before I always complain cause I save almost of my assignments and project in this terchenta so now I can easily refers to this thing. If before I seems like blur with everything I’m doing, now I can done my lab report without any doubt. Apesal tah, but the chemistry between laptop and me is extremely indescribable. Haaa… since tadi I keep talking bout my laptop. So Mr Toptop, sila jangan rosak lagi. I can’t probably live properly without you. Huahuahua.

Hurm. Am I that selfish? Guilty.

25 March 2009

Is that drugs too?

Few days ago I found a bunch of pills in my collection. And I get interested to try a type of this pill because I am in a middle to try something new I’ve decided to try it. At first I thought it is just a random pill that I used to eat. But this time it is different because the sensation and taste of the pill makes me feel addicted and head over heels each time I enjoying chewing it. It’s been nearly a week to try and have it in my life. I still can’t get enough of it and I still craving for more of it. Erghhh.. It is an addiction. POSITIVE.


Haha. Percaya ke? Sila percaya, I am a drug addict now. Please don’t let my parent know, they will kill me. ;p

24 March 2009


Diana Naubi is numb.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Just now I did call HP Company to ask about my laptop. I felt that the conversation is damn weird.

“Hello HP Johor Bahru”
“Emm.. saya nak Tanya pasal laptop saya”
“Oh, maksud saya no resit.”
Dalam hati, “wth?” and gelabahly cari any number yang macam related to the receipt number.
“0179 kot”
“Eh, mana ada, number tu start dari SR.” <- dengan nada yang ‘marah’
“Alaa.. bagitahu la awal, tak payah nak marah. Japjap”
“SR 23850”
“Ada warranty tak?”
“Warranty dah habis.”
“HAH!" And he behaving like that for a long time. "So kiteorang dah dah kasi quotation?”
“Apesal nak terkejut? Tuari dah kasi quotation and I dah reply kot cakap still nak betulkan.”
Dia seperti gelabahnya checking the papers. And I am wondering whats happening to my precious laptop.
“Cik Diana, tinggalkan nombor awak, saya call balik lepas ni confirmkan.”
“Oh ok.”

After end the phone call I can’t stop thinking. Apehal orang nehh nak cakap dengan kasar. No wonder la usually girls yang jadi operator. And it is a big tense when he acting likes he had no idea about my laptop. Seriously rasa nak sepak dia! ;p

I miss my toptop. So damn much. :(

23 March 2009

Ohhh class.

Again, I’m using my roommate laptop to update this blog.

Just now I have my English presentation of a meeting. Well, even we talk in a bunch of members I still have this crappy nervousness that makes me can’t talk fluently. Haha. Even my presentation in Malay, I still can’t present it properly without any mistake. I need to get ready cause next semester will be my final year and I need to present for my PSM. I need more practice in presenting! Must kot.
My English lecturer did give us the brochure of TESL thingy and have the oral and writing test for UTM students. Suddenly I said to my lecturer that I had zero confidence to take the oral test. The nervousness really makes me felt down. My lecturer said, I can speak why let that thing stop me. Haha. Please Dr Zainab, give me another A for my English. Huahua. I promise you that I will take the test IF I had someone to take that with me as Eacha surrender of taking it. HAIYA.

Last night I have some emotional problem without any reason. To make myself okay back I’ve wastedspending my night by exploring UTM. I used to be doing that before with Khalif. But since he already has a GF and being busy, I rarely doing it until my sis come and always with me when I need to share something. But being with my sis is much better because she know how to playing like a girl and always love to ‘cuci mata’ and gossiping. (Oh god, don’t let her read this!) Thanks la sis, BETA SAYANG KAU MOKK!
p.s: To you who joining us last night, I hope it won’t be the last. Sila jangan serik. ;p

Just now I saw my junior yang have the face like Walcott. I call him Theo versi II. Haha. But at that moment I am late for my class, so I ran all the way to my faculty. Once I saw him I just give him my friendly smile and he said “Hi KAK! Mesti dah lambat pegi kelas kan ni?” I just said “A’ah” and continuing running and complaining WHY DID HE ALWAYS CALL ME KAKAK? Haiya. Am I that old? Maybe he knows how to respect people older than him kot. Maybe.

After a week my VB classes cancelled. Today I had chance to see my Dr again!!! Ohh En Sarcastic, please be like you always be. Sila jangan bermoody. I will come early to the class today. HAHA.

22 March 2009

Pack ur things!

I watched almost all the big game last night. And I am satisfied when MU and Chelsea losing to ‘small’ team. Ok maybe not bandar-bandar kecil as they said when Arsenal losing to Stoke City before kan, but at least they are losing even the play very well juga last night. And it is not waste of time to me to stay up and watch Arsenal’s game. Most of the player did play well last night and the game was great sebab New Castle pun seems like not giving up. Hey, did Wenger lose his weight? Haha. Dia lagi skeleton than me. ;p

My active10 list had change again. The first 4 will be my family member’s coz I love to call them when I needed someone to talk too. The others are my current friends that I used to text and call for this semester. Haha. Saidah++Yanti, I will always contact you for the intern in-case I think I need to complain to someone tau. Or I might be asking you some question about civil thing. Haha. Haram nak ingat all those thing since our first year!

Ouh. My mom already starts nagging asking me to pack my things up. Later Babeh!

21 March 2009


Oh yeah. New layout for my blog! I’m wasting about approximately 1 hour and plus for make everything done. But there is still some part that I let it ‘empty’ for a while. I had no idea for now. Btw, I still looking for the comment link for my blog. Wait till I get my laptop then I will made a comment link ok. So at the mean time, please do comments me at the chat box of texted me will do. Haha.

I have something to write here just now, but since I had the layout thingy did distract me I already forgot what the main point I should post just now. Haiya. Btw, my course mates start to have their own blog now. I hope it will last longer. Please do update it okay my dear friends especially Saidah, Aryanti and Adi. And when Najib, Mok and Ciky will have their own blog ni? I still am waiting. ;p

I’m bored. So I watched some random video or I usually called it youtub-ing. Haha. Some video that caught my eye is:
Jaiho-PCD live performance. OMG, Nicole body is damn hot. Haha. I fall in love with her tummy. FLAT! Aiya. I really envy her. Why someone that non-Muslim Allah give her that beauty?
Tanpa-Sixth Sense video!! I had no intention pun yang that guy already dead until at the end of the video. Haha. Is this really Malaysian video? Mantap!! ;p
Gives you hell and Womanizer – All American Rejects. They are damn cool to make womanizer to be different and it is damn unique when the combine that song with me and you song eh? Coolio!

Confession of a shopaholic will be out next week. Oh god, I can’t wait. But I have my OBE on Thursday morning and few classes at the evening. Huaaaaaa. How could I possibly be the first to watch? Hopefully there will be sneak preview on Wednesday night. I don’t mind to stay up late and I don’t mind to watch it by myself. But I am sure my girlfriends will be joining me or my sis will do. Haha. I am excited!

19 March 2009


“Is it an apple or a apple?”

I keep playing games until I forgot to study. As Hitz.fm keep advertise it, don’t study last minute punya part tu. Damn, I heard it before I’m out for my test. I can’t stop laughing sebab I did the same thing too kot. Last-last I’m blur for all the questions given. While answering memang muka ketat nak mati la. Ohh.. nak lupa bout this test things. Btw, it is an apple bukan a. If la my question is that EASY.

Someone did call me ego. Am i? Maybe kot. But usually I’m being ego when I am with certain people je kot. If I could give this ego-ness to a friend of mine ni, sure I’ll give this to her. Just to help her to get rid of a guy ni. I mean, for her good jugak la kan. I am fragile dulu, sikit-sikit giving up and macam mengalah. But I had enough with that. Kepala ini bukan untuk dipijak kot. So I learned to keep my exact feeling and show another expression instead. But normally I’m being like this for the sake of protecting others to see my weakness la kot. And I also learned to be sarcastic and more direct when I did discussion bout things. Positive change kot. So that u know why I’m being like this. Accept me the way I am or just go. I know u can find better. HUH?

I already get my internship place. Thank god. My dad keep nagging me "why I post my resume late", "why I didn’t call the company", "what are you going to do if you did not get any place for the intern", why-why-why and all those blaming stuff. I had enough of listening and it is end now. Yeah dad, I am busy for this coming semester break.

What else? I’m bored la owh!

Oh hello?!

Haha. Someone did say that I am complicated. REALLY? Maybe i make my story so damn complicated while at the actual life i don’t really affected by those crappy things that i wrote here. I might be thinking bout it for few minutes but most of the time i’m enjoying my life kot. Appreciate this short time called life. Or i might be laying on my bed sleeping all day than wasted my time and my expression of emotion thinking of it. Life must go on like Rihanna sing it, so live your life lalalalalala...

The Compaq factory did called me and telling me the cost for my toptop is rm900++. Its killing me when i thinking bout the money i had spent for myself this month. My car last week cost my parent rm400++. After this i’m waiting for my digicam to broke down or maybe my handphone-baling-anjing-pun-tak-mati rosak. Ohh.. i don’t want it to happen!

Changing my language process//Proses penukaran bahasa

Mari belajar berdiri mengunakan satu kaki. Maksud, belajar berdikari.
Aku pernah guna ayat ini,

Kau bawa sebelah hatiku
Separuh jiwaku
Yang mampu
Sempurnakan aku.

Aku tarik balik ayat konon-konon sweet tu. Mungkin soul aku tinggal separuh. Sedangkan pokok pandai nak bercabang besar lalu jadi rendang. Jadi sel hati aku pandai la kot nak membiak kelak. Lagipun, aku memang sempurna. Cukup sifat. Cuma kurang hot sebab macam skeleton. Tapi tetap sempurna luar dalam, masih waras. Oh.. jangan risau, supergirl takkan cepat jatuh bergolek. Separuh hilang macam scintilla of atom la! Dan harap maklum, aku tak pernah nak berdendam. Mungkin cuma under-estimate dalam hati je kot atau mungkin terkasar ayat bila terlampau beremosi. Tapi overall aku dah malas nak layan.

Apakah? Rintihan hati? Bukan ok! Mungkin aku rasa janggal bila tiba-tiba terasa terlampau baik dengan orang yang tak patut aku baik pun. Baik or pretend untuk baik? Diana si poker face.
Aku kagum dengan satu makhluk ni. Makhluk sebab kalau manusia at least dia masih ada rasa kesian. Dia sangat hati kering. Sangat yang amat. Aku terkejut dan berasa simpati. Mungkin ego tu dah jadi kawan baik ataupun soulmate setia. Kepada anda sila ambil award ego itu daripada gadis yang jadi biskut chipsmore untuk anda eh. (Opss.. gadis itu bukan Diana, kalau aku sure kena lempang atau aku pegi calarkan kereta dia a.k.a kereta idaman aku tu. Haha)

Lepas ni sila paksa aku jalan guna satu kaki.

17 March 2009

Makan Petang

I have lots of things to spilt it out here but i am too lazy to type anything.
Overall i need to say that i have such a horrible week.
Like i'm losing half of my precious things.
But live must go on, and lets moved on!
I like to move it, move it. Hihihi.. :)

Ohh.. bila laptop beta nak siap dibaiki?
Bosan, sunyi, lagi macam kemurungan hidup tanpanya.
Playing Tanpamu song.
I love that song sekarang.
Even certain time rase macam gila emotional.
But i'm showing some expression la kan.
Tade la hati batu & muka poker je.

I tak cukup tido.
Semalam pegi Roostbar.
Gatal minum capucino.
I am allergic to caffien.
Sure lepas tu tak boleh tido.
Badan penat tapi mata bulat.
Last-last menggigil tahan penat atas katil.
Terkulai layu macam cacing.
Paksa sorang kawan ni teman.
Siap ugut tak kasi dia tido dulu.
Last-last bila sedar time subuh 3 new message masuk.
Sorry Azhar, i know i am not a good friend.

Pagi lagi,
fikir nak pakai tudung apa.
Fikir nak buat apa lepas kelas.
Fikir nak bergembira macam mana.
Fikir bila nak buat lab.
Senak kepala, sakit otak.

Sangat tension kot sekarang.
Tak tahu kenapa.
Kiki dah penat dengar i bebel dari tadi.
Cakap pasal nasib yang kurang baik minggu lepas.
Assignment yang beranak tak nak berhenti.
Rindu nak pegi swimming.
Tempat LI yang tak confirm lagi.
Rindu nak tengok laut.
Nak tengok upin-ipin takde time.
*Masalah peribadi.*
*Masalah peribadi.*
Kalau layu cactus tu esok sure sebab dia dah tension mendengar.
Tak sabar nak tengok Kiki ni berbunga.
Ohh.. lupa nak cakap.
Cactus ni nama dia Kiki.

I did something yang i did not usually do.
Being to friendly dengan a total stranger.
But rasenya i feel glad bout it.
At least tade la orang panggil i gila.
Sebab cakap ngan Kiki.
I still know how to comunicate with human.
Mumble sana-sini, buat kerepek dengan repekan.
Hilang stress kot.
Tade la kepala ni rasa nak duduk bilik sorang-sorang,
Konon-konon menangisi hidup.
Sedangkan tade ape pun.
Thanks la kepada siapa yang bersama beta buat masa ini.

Btw, ada orang panggil saya story-teller.
I am thinking...
patutkah saya bercerita tentang dia di dalam ini.
Mungkin boleh blackmail dengan cerita begitu.
I nak camera pelik itu.
I nak pacat sedunia dipupuskan.
I nak ular seekor.
Lepas tu i nak tom yam.
Then i nak gemuk tanpa perlu makan.
Apa lagi eh?

Ohhh tuhan.
Ape yang hamba-mu dah buat ni?
Marilah mendirikan solat, azan Asar sudah berkumandang.

Moral of the story.
I hilang cinta hati toptop sampai jadi gila.
Yes, GILA!
Tolong kembalikan dia.
Playing Pulangkan-Misha Omar.


12 March 2009

Reasons? You!

I’m using my roommate’s lap top as I am damn bored right now and she isn’t here.
Well, most of them asking me or some of my friend why it is so sudden for me to wear tudung now. Let me give my reasons here la. Malas nak cakap over and over again.

1. I already think bout this banyak kali. Since last semester kot, but I keep hold it up dulu sebab tak nak rush in makin decision at the mean time, I start to buy things yang suitable for gadis bertudung pula. Make myself prepared la kan.

2. First person yang I asked for opinion is my ex. Haha. He did support me 100% la as he said I am old enough and till when nak tanggung dosa auratkan. Did u said that? Something like that la kot.

3. Last week while first time teman my mom pegi berubat, someone did ask me to wear tudung as to respecting the others. Kira tak nak tambah dosa dorang tengok aurat org KOT. Haha. That guy sangat attractive kot, macam Fahri. And actually it is the first time kot kena gitu after a while. So macam terlembut hati sikit la kan.

4. I tried to go out wearing tudung and its not so bad la kan. As Amir said, I know how to behave kalau pakai tudung. So macam positive change la kot.

5. Beside that saya sangat suka tengok Fateen Dayana pakai tudung!! Even dia baru 17 but dia dapat pakai tudung dgn cantik. Haa. Tu tak masuk lagi kanak-kanak comel yang memang pakai tudung. Malu kot ngan mereka kadang-kadang. ;p

6. I watch astro oasis last week diorg did discuss pasal wanita-aurat-personaliti-kewajipan. I learn many things la dari cite tu. Memang member kesedaran la compared to budak matrix yang cakap tade point and more to nak hentam orang e. I learned something from that la secara tak langsung I betul-betul decide nak pakai tudung permanently.

Haha. Tu je kot reasons yang ada. Lagipun dah sampai seru kot. I dah delete my togel picture kat FB, Cuma kat blog ni, once internet laju nanti, I’ll do something bout that. And, nak gunting rambut la oh sebab I don’t want them to have an idea macam mane my hair now. Soon kot.

Btw, tadi ada motor hantu yang langgar nari-nari but then terus blah without even saying sorry! Dah londeh bumper nenari sekarang. Arghhh…. Tension!

11 March 2009


Why I always feel bad about myself recently?
Macam sangat gila jahat. :(
Sorry, my bad to suddenly attacking you.
Sorry, my bad to always moody and says harsh words towards you.
Sorry, my bad cause can't be a good friend for you.
Sorry, my bad cause i can't always be there for you.
Sorry, my bad to judging you from your mistakes.
Sorry, my bad to make that loathe face when i saw you.
Everything la, towards everyone pun.

10 March 2009

Some updates.

Officially I am no longer free haired girl. Haha. I am enough of playing around and socialize and being crazy. Now I need to be more matured or at least pretend to have that matured face. Soon I’ll delete my entire sexy/free haired picture at my facebook. Btw, I am glad with my changed. Thanks to those who supporting me especially my girlfriends and him yang accepted me as what I am. Yeah, I’m Spiderman!

Yesterday the lightning did kill my lap top! Gosh, I am damn sad bout that as I said, lap top is half of my life. More to say, it is my close boyfriend ever. The motherboard seems like not worked out anymore. Well, I’m looking for the main branch of Compaq factory. I need to service it fast or I’m going crazy to live without it. Ohhhh… I’m gonna miss everything especially updating my blog. :(

Btw, my mom still has that thing. How I wish I have that power to kill that thing. Haha. Bunuh jin tak kena hukum gantung kan? ;p

I have futsal match tomorrow. Wish me luck!

07 March 2009


I’m bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored with my hair.

I need to do something to ‘it’ before I chop it out again.

05 March 2009


Ape kes? Suddenly the previous layout dipenuhi photobucket punye wallpaper. Hahahaha. So again, I’m using this layout. Simple!

I called my mom just now. Complaining bout few things had happen to me recently. What I love of sharing with my mom is, she wouldn’t babble if I makes mistake. It will be just an advice or at least motivations for me to move on. Compared to my dad yang seriously akan kasi ceramah like an hour or more. Ngeeeeee… I love you la mom!

This week I’m going back home!!! Yeay, I am damn excited without reasons. But seriously I won’t follow my mom to that ustaz house. Serik! And it is my sis’s turn. Plan, I want to swim!!! Nak belajar renang katak. Haha. Oh, but there is a possibility that I might be have another futsal match on Sunday. Hurm.

I did saying harsh things toward one of my close friend. I mean, from the start of the message I did asking him to die.
Mati la u. Sila mati mati mati mati mati. I tanak dengar pasal u lagi, so better u pegi mati cepat so senang sikit.
Haaaa… I know it is damn harsh, and if someone text me like that surely I will ignored it. But him patiently asking me why, siap suruh I pegi perform my pray dulu. Haiya. I am sorry. I am damn moody and I just don’t know how to control my temper at that moment. Maybe I already keep it for a long time sampai nak mengamuk gitukan. Heee… don’t leave me, I never meant what I had said.
Again and again and again, I am sorry. =)

It is raining, and I have class at 2. Ponteng? ;p

04 March 2009


What should I do to make myself know what I really want in life?

I am confused and still wondering what I should be next few years. I still doubting with all my decisions that I have made. I felt stupid once I realized that I had decided it wrongly. I don’t mind if I did not hurts others feeling, but I usually makes some people disappointed with all my stupid mistakes. I felt guilty. But I can’t changed anything, just an apologize words to show them that I really felt guilty with all I had done.

I had my lunch with my classmates just now. I am damn jealous once I know Jijot had planned with his life. I mean, he know what he’s gonna do in next few years. He already thinking bout how to handle a family. Maybe it is too early, but he did not imagining the marrying thingy or what, just how he would managed his wife and mom soon. Hahahaha. I don’t ever thinking how I should behave in-front of my in-law family. It is easy to say that I don’t even know how to cook, nak pikir jauh lagi macam mana?

So let me say, will do whatever I can do now. Example, learn how to cook and do the chores properly without complaining. At the same time, try to behave myself, be more matured and less ego and also with extra more girlish attitude. HAHA. The short term plans for a better future. Cewah!!!!

03 March 2009


Jika dia cintaimu melebihi cintaku padamu
Aku pasti rela, untuk melepasmu walau ku tahu ku akan terluka
Jikalau semua berbeda kau bukanlah orang yang ku puja
Tetapi hatiku, telah memilihmu, walau kau tak mungkin tinggalkannya
Jadikan aku yang kedua buatlah diriku bahagia
Walaupun kau, takkan pernah kumiliki selamanya

I just don’t know what I want in my life. I am in a total lost now. Haha. I wish ‘him’ to be single so that I am all free to admiring and to stand by him as his wife. To be the second woman in a relationship makes me feel annoyed with myself. But to see him go just like that makes me hurts. I just can’t stand to stand back and pretend like I am feels nothing. Dr Norhisham, you can make that sarcastic face, annoying voice or mumbling bout scholarship thingy, but I still admiring you. Hahaha. Please save one of your son for my future husband.


Ok, I am stressed doing my Visual Basic thingy. Durhhh… Asyik salah save and need to do everything back from the beginning. Tanak macam sial pulak. Plus, I am bored.

02 March 2009


Hari ni baju kurung I sedondon dengan Dr. Norhisham.
(Thanks adi sebab perasan!!)
Muka seronok~

Hari ni juga I nampak junior botak yang tinggi gila tu.
And surprisingly, time I’m trying nak tengok lagi after dia lepas on my sight.
He did the same thing too.
So both of us senyum je la.
Dush-dush, tak nak comel pulak budak tu!

Another person yang in my favourite list kat faculty ni, Abang Theo.
Saya suka muka suci dia.
Please exclude his voices~

Thanks cause making me head over heels for a while.
Even you guys doing nothing, just selling me ur face je kot.


How I wish I could enjoying my night to sleep.
I just feel insecure each time I know it is night and it is dark.
I feel like I’m losing myself, the old hati kental Diana.
I mean, I ignored everything just for the sake of sleeping.
I tried to make myself believe with myself, not to be scared.
Forgot the un-wanted memory, but I can’t.
It is still there haunting my night.
I awake at 4.30 am, blur and I can’t continue my sleep anymore.
I’m not craving for more sleep like I used too.
I read my stupid education book just to make myself sleepy, but it won’t work.
I end up with sitting at my desk, online.
Lucky there is an owl that still awake, I don’t really know what he is doing.
But thanks for accompany my ‘night’.
Even we just met once before but we managed to talk a lot. Impressive.
Again, thanks dudeeeeeee.

Sun, how I wish you rising up fast.
I just can adapt the dark now.

And please Diana, come back and be yourself.

p.s: I received a damn sweet message last night. Thanks. =)



Time sampai after isya’ tu memang tengah ade patient kat dalam. So tunggu je la kat depan pintu tu. I mean duduk kat depan and mengadap all the things yang terjadi kat dalam. Oh, nak complain juga, apesal eh parent ni nak bawak budak kecik datang tengok gini. Dah la memekak nak mati bebudak tu, seriously rasa sangat tak suka if tempat yang sepatutnya senyap tetibe bebudak boleh main siap lari-lari, jerit-jerit. Parent bebudak tu boleh buat muka tak bersalah and biarkan je bebudak tu ‘menyetan’. Sabar je la, if anak I surely dah kena tinggal. Tak pun I dah ikat kaki dia suruh behave kat tempat orang.

Cerita 1
Ada budak ni. Serius muka dia biasa sahaja time tengok kat tepi-tepi time tungu turn tu. Bila dia masuk and berubat, suara tak nak kasar lagi. Siap beraku-kau dengan ustaz tu. Complain cakap dia nak sambung belajar. Biar dia tumpang kat badan budak tu sambung blaja tinggal 2 semester lagi including practical. Hamek, tak nak educated pulak kan benda tu. Degil pun ada jugak sebab susah nak suruh dia keluar. About 20 minutes later, budak tu keluar. Muka memang pucat la and macam malu-malu. Maybe mak dia bagitau kot yang tadi dia menjerit tak nak kuat pulak melawan ustaz tu.

Cerita 2
Akak ni memang cool la time masuk. Macam tak sakit. Tetibe je dengar orang mengilai. HAHAHA. Tak tipu, meremang beb. Dia ni pun start la melawan sebab tak nak keluar. Suara sampai luar and memang kasar walaupun perempuan. Time tu I dah malas nak dengar sangat sebab meremang dengar first-first lagi dia dah ketawa. Bebudak tu ada yang tutup telinga sebab memang suara lain gila la. Lama jugak la perempuan tu kena gitu. Bahagian scary tu time ketawa la. Dah la menda tu kuar sure nak cari mangsa baru. Sengal tol.

Then I nampak a woman ni bawak beg LV colour. Durh… tanak stylo pulak beg dia. And baju dia pun seyes macam datin-datin. Haishh.. jeles betul! Hihi. Advertisement sebab tak nak tension fikir pasal scary things je.

Cerita 3.
Mula-mula mak duduk. Ustaz tu start la baca doa, pesan kat mak jangan baca ayat kursi. Mak tutup mata. Then ustaz tu tanya nama mak, mak senyap then macam tak nak bagitahu, cume senyap and ber-reaksi melawan. Means memang ada benda menumpang kat mak. Ustaz tu terus suruh benda tu keluar, tapi mak geleng kepala. Cakap tak nak. Ustaz tu suruh pilih, masuk Islam, keluar dari badan ataupun perang dengan ayat Allah. Benda tu terus ikut ustaz tu selawat tiga kali sambil istighfar. Lepas tu ustaz suruh benda tu keluar lagi, ustaz cakap tak baik sesama Islam siksa saudara sebab mak memang suffer benda tu ada kan. Benda tu cakap tak nak meronta, melawan. Ustaz suruh baringkan mak. Waktu baringkan mak tu, ustaz tanya siapa nama kau, benda tu senyap, geleng-geleng. Benda tu takde nama. Ustaz suruh dia bersumpah tinggalkan badan mak. Semua ayat sumpah tu dia ikut kecuali ayat ‘aku akan tinggalkan badan ini dan takkan kembali’. Dah la tak ikut angkat sumpah tu, siap senyum lagi. Ustaz terus pegang ibu jari kaki mak ugut nak potong if tak nak keluar. Benda tu cakap tak nak potong, sakit. Ustaz cakap if sakit baik keluar. Dua tiga kalu ugut baru benda tu ‘macam’ keluar. And tetiba mak sedar. And acting normal semula. Time tu memang I tahan nak nangis je, tengok mak sendiri macam tu. Habis tangan abah orang genggam sebab cuak and risau. Mak cakap dia dah macam ok sikit, tp entah la. Hope mak dah bersih dari benda tu. Tak sanggup kot. Next week kena pergi lagi. But, maybe tak boleh nak teman this time sebab nak gain keberanian so tak boleh mengadap things macam tu kan. My sis punya turn pulak ;p

If my mom still not okay, please, commended to me places yang boleh ubatkan my mom. Dah lama sangat mak sakit gitu. Duit habis spend kat doctors, tak kira private hospital or normal clinics. X-ray 3 kali in the past few weeks, check darah banyak kali, overall check pun dah banyak kali, but takde brubah pun. Latest doctor suruh buat MRI, cost? Forget it. Still takde sakit. I kat sini yang sakit hati tahan sabar kenapa mak kena gitu.

Need to sleep while I am sleepy. Nights!

01 March 2009


Yeah, it is new layout for my blog. Kawaiiii. I am bored with my previous layout. And, new song for my blog. Not dedicating for anyone but seriously this song is cute! Soundtrack for Confession of a shopaholic, damn I can’t wait!

Know what, yesterday I did teman my mom pergi berubat kat satu ustaz punya rumah ni. And something scary did happen to me. Yeah, and it is for real. Something inside my mom’s body yang buat dia sakit. That ustaz did call it, the thing tu takde nama. Dia just geleng kepala each time we asked its name. Uwaaaa… I can’t sleep last night sbb keep teringat this thing. Next week takmo ikut. Serious, sbb I need to gain my keberanian balik but suddenly hilang begitu pula. Stress tawu takkk.

Will continue later, nak packing balik utm.



I wish I could understand you better without hiding my exact feeling.

This is not right and I hate it.

Be more me please, independent.

I don’t need you as my supplement in my life.