05 March 2009


Ape kes? Suddenly the previous layout dipenuhi photobucket punye wallpaper. Hahahaha. So again, I’m using this layout. Simple!

I called my mom just now. Complaining bout few things had happen to me recently. What I love of sharing with my mom is, she wouldn’t babble if I makes mistake. It will be just an advice or at least motivations for me to move on. Compared to my dad yang seriously akan kasi ceramah like an hour or more. Ngeeeeee… I love you la mom!

This week I’m going back home!!! Yeay, I am damn excited without reasons. But seriously I won’t follow my mom to that ustaz house. Serik! And it is my sis’s turn. Plan, I want to swim!!! Nak belajar renang katak. Haha. Oh, but there is a possibility that I might be have another futsal match on Sunday. Hurm.

I did saying harsh things toward one of my close friend. I mean, from the start of the message I did asking him to die.
Mati la u. Sila mati mati mati mati mati. I tanak dengar pasal u lagi, so better u pegi mati cepat so senang sikit.
Haaaa… I know it is damn harsh, and if someone text me like that surely I will ignored it. But him patiently asking me why, siap suruh I pegi perform my pray dulu. Haiya. I am sorry. I am damn moody and I just don’t know how to control my temper at that moment. Maybe I already keep it for a long time sampai nak mengamuk gitukan. Heee… don’t leave me, I never meant what I had said.
Again and again and again, I am sorry. =)

It is raining, and I have class at 2. Ponteng? ;p