23 March 2009

Ohhh class.

Again, I’m using my roommate laptop to update this blog.

Just now I have my English presentation of a meeting. Well, even we talk in a bunch of members I still have this crappy nervousness that makes me can’t talk fluently. Haha. Even my presentation in Malay, I still can’t present it properly without any mistake. I need to get ready cause next semester will be my final year and I need to present for my PSM. I need more practice in presenting! Must kot.
My English lecturer did give us the brochure of TESL thingy and have the oral and writing test for UTM students. Suddenly I said to my lecturer that I had zero confidence to take the oral test. The nervousness really makes me felt down. My lecturer said, I can speak why let that thing stop me. Haha. Please Dr Zainab, give me another A for my English. Huahua. I promise you that I will take the test IF I had someone to take that with me as Eacha surrender of taking it. HAIYA.

Last night I have some emotional problem without any reason. To make myself okay back I’ve wastedspending my night by exploring UTM. I used to be doing that before with Khalif. But since he already has a GF and being busy, I rarely doing it until my sis come and always with me when I need to share something. But being with my sis is much better because she know how to playing like a girl and always love to ‘cuci mata’ and gossiping. (Oh god, don’t let her read this!) Thanks la sis, BETA SAYANG KAU MOKK!
p.s: To you who joining us last night, I hope it won’t be the last. Sila jangan serik. ;p

Just now I saw my junior yang have the face like Walcott. I call him Theo versi II. Haha. But at that moment I am late for my class, so I ran all the way to my faculty. Once I saw him I just give him my friendly smile and he said “Hi KAK! Mesti dah lambat pegi kelas kan ni?” I just said “A’ah” and continuing running and complaining WHY DID HE ALWAYS CALL ME KAKAK? Haiya. Am I that old? Maybe he knows how to respect people older than him kot. Maybe.

After a week my VB classes cancelled. Today I had chance to see my Dr again!!! Ohh En Sarcastic, please be like you always be. Sila jangan bermoody. I will come early to the class today. HAHA.