02 March 2009


How I wish I could enjoying my night to sleep.
I just feel insecure each time I know it is night and it is dark.
I feel like I’m losing myself, the old hati kental Diana.
I mean, I ignored everything just for the sake of sleeping.
I tried to make myself believe with myself, not to be scared.
Forgot the un-wanted memory, but I can’t.
It is still there haunting my night.
I awake at 4.30 am, blur and I can’t continue my sleep anymore.
I’m not craving for more sleep like I used too.
I read my stupid education book just to make myself sleepy, but it won’t work.
I end up with sitting at my desk, online.
Lucky there is an owl that still awake, I don’t really know what he is doing.
But thanks for accompany my ‘night’.
Even we just met once before but we managed to talk a lot. Impressive.
Again, thanks dudeeeeeee.

Sun, how I wish you rising up fast.
I just can adapt the dark now.

And please Diana, come back and be yourself.

p.s: I received a damn sweet message last night. Thanks. =)