10 March 2009

Some updates.

Officially I am no longer free haired girl. Haha. I am enough of playing around and socialize and being crazy. Now I need to be more matured or at least pretend to have that matured face. Soon I’ll delete my entire sexy/free haired picture at my facebook. Btw, I am glad with my changed. Thanks to those who supporting me especially my girlfriends and him yang accepted me as what I am. Yeah, I’m Spiderman!

Yesterday the lightning did kill my lap top! Gosh, I am damn sad bout that as I said, lap top is half of my life. More to say, it is my close boyfriend ever. The motherboard seems like not worked out anymore. Well, I’m looking for the main branch of Compaq factory. I need to service it fast or I’m going crazy to live without it. Ohhhh… I’m gonna miss everything especially updating my blog. :(

Btw, my mom still has that thing. How I wish I have that power to kill that thing. Haha. Bunuh jin tak kena hukum gantung kan? ;p

I have futsal match tomorrow. Wish me luck!