01 March 2009


Yeah, it is new layout for my blog. Kawaiiii. I am bored with my previous layout. And, new song for my blog. Not dedicating for anyone but seriously this song is cute! Soundtrack for Confession of a shopaholic, damn I can’t wait!

Know what, yesterday I did teman my mom pergi berubat kat satu ustaz punya rumah ni. And something scary did happen to me. Yeah, and it is for real. Something inside my mom’s body yang buat dia sakit. That ustaz did call it, the thing tu takde nama. Dia just geleng kepala each time we asked its name. Uwaaaa… I can’t sleep last night sbb keep teringat this thing. Next week takmo ikut. Serious, sbb I need to gain my keberanian balik but suddenly hilang begitu pula. Stress tawu takkk.

Will continue later, nak packing balik utm.