19 May 2013

Marriage, No?

Nowadays, I don't feel like getting married. Like really not going to get married, forever.

We might think that marriage is something sacred, something that really true and something forever. 

But I don't know, it is either I just see it now or people nowadays are really out of control. Divorce are all over the newspaper - especially for the famous people (not included random people). Yeah, as much as people get married, there are some groups of married people are in turmoil - and they ended up by divorce. I still don't think it is normal.

I still loathe to see married people being all lovey dovey with other person besides of their spouse. I mean like, where is the loyalty? Where is the sacred of the marriage? Where is the vow of taking care of each other? Where all the love that previously that exist between them - gone?

Is there someone or something that we can put the blame to if ever it is happening?

Love is weird. How come we can fall in love over and over again with different people but we can't fix the love that used to be there all along but somehow it gone nowhere as it is an everyday routine.

I think marriage is a responsibility. But to get married with someone you love - it is a bless.

So it is a lifetime responsibility. As for women, yes we need to prepare the needs of the husband. Make sure things are in place and be a understanding companion when the husband had a rough day working. Yet, after years of being a wife - a mom - some women forgets to take care of themselves. They wear improper clothes, had a bad hair day everyday and being the messy self of herself when they're at home. Which somehow, the husband will only see the crapiest part of us - which it may lead to had an attraction to another woman. So yeah, how busy we are - women must take care of our appearance.

For men, I don't want to be a judgmental but I expect them to understand that we women work hard to provide the best for home. If you have a loyal wife - good cook - manage to take care of your children - appreciate them more. It is easy to find a companion but it is hard to find a soulmate - the one that sacrifice their everything to a family. 

No one is good in that except your wife/mother. If you didn't believe it, look at your mother. How much she had gone through for the family. 

Getting married is ain't easy. Even when I look at my parent and see how the differences between them - which I can't put myself in that condition yet. I mean, give and take like for 27 years? And what if I need to deal with rejection over and over again? Emm, the fact that possibility of arguing but still ended up need to sleep next to him. Errr another consideration. 

But I want baby! Why Keek have so much of cute babies there?! I really want one. But the fact that kids growing up and another responsibility of coloring a person - as it is a parental job - well, i put an excuse to that too. 

Argh. I hate growing up!

So the moral of this entry is, marriage is ain't easy. And once you get married, please make it work till you die. People nowadays easily giving up with love, they don't know what is the definition of fixing anymore - even if they are a surgeon or an engineer. (as surgeon work with healing body organ and engineer good at fixing things, LOL)

Till then, Assalammualaikum. 

p.s: I am getting older and that is why my entry is getting bored. Ergh.