31 May 2009


Oh darling ku adiks-adiks.
Thanks for the date.
Thanks for the day.

I hate working.
Apesal esok isnin?

Still awake.

Oh, did you watch Hush Hush V already?
Gila sumpah it’s reminds me of my breaking off thingy and all those drama dulu.
I mean, I played it for millions time kot by that time.
Luckily, they did change the song.
Siap ada lagu I Will Survive.
Yeah, I’m survived & have a better live now.
Agagagagagaga… :))

Still marathoning the V. Even dah gila sleepy!

I miss.

I miss to blog.
I have a date tomorrow.
So, keep the words till tomorrow.

Btw, utk those yang kat chatbox tu.
Haha. Malas na type kat that box thingy tu.
Affan, yeah... i still remember okayy. But i ni fail seh nyanyi in english. ;p
Najah, weheee.. mama hakim da pesan kat hakim balas jasa parent dulu. so kene hold dulu la kot. HAHA. yeay, dah ade fb jugak!! :D
Hmm, alaaaaa.... num celcom tu mmg sepatutnye ta kasi org kot. sejuta kali sorry! muah-muah-muah. yana kat kl kejap je la kot. kat nilai lame. next month ade dtg lg kot. KOT.

Good night.

28 May 2009

hindi mode~

I still watching Hindi movie.
And yet I can’t really cry right now.
Kuch kuch hota hai best la!
Back to old time gila.
& I can’t stop singing.
Oh well Hakim, thanks cause listening to my music.
Next time I record and burn in a CD letak in your car eh.

Another wishes..

How I wish there is a guy like ‘him’ to love me.
Damn. Did guy really believe in love?

Oh Tuhan, Shahrul sangat best kot.
Cinta Untuk Ain best.
Hiks. Maratoning dengan puas.

Btw, I want to dye my hair in black back.
Please… :(

I just watched, Bionik 2 episodes and sangat gila disappointed.
Just wasted my time je. Heh.



Barca must win tonight. Must.
I’m dependent on it to plan something for my weekend.
Please win tonight.
I had loads of things in my mind right now.

Gd night.
Bring me the good news tomorrow morning.

26 May 2009

Alif oiii.

Thanks Alif for the buah pelik.
Thanks for not forgetting my house.
Thanks cause you still remembering me.
Thanks for the suprises time malam-malam begini.
Thanks for making me damn clumsy depan your cousins.
Derrrrr.. Malu oiii.
But then again, thanks a lot dude!!!
Miss our old time. :D

p.s: Esok kita support Barca tau!


Ping pong ping pong ping pong.
Ding dong ding dong ding dong.
Ting tong ting tong ting tong.

Oh well, it seems like most of them tanak pegi site today. So I will be doing nothing kat office ni lagi. Yeah again, I’m planning to sleep after my lunch. Hopefully boss balik after this or pegi meeting. My other girlfriends testing karaoke-ing kat department bawah. Ish.. later on I’ll join them juga, nak update this thingy dulu. :D

Oh. Actually, tengah upload intern part II pictures! Project 40 million kat Sg Plentong and 3 million kat Sg Skudai. Gila ahh. What a waste! I did burn now. Kulit tanned owh! Bt yang anehnya, my neck pun burn tau, macam free hair pula. Next time kena pakai tudung tebal so that cahaya tak dapat menembusi kain tudung. Haha.

Semakin lama wearing tudung I get used with it. Cuma certain time memang ada bad tudung day sampai rasa nak bukak tudung or kadang-kadang iman runtuh juga terbukak. Hiks. But later on surely dengar ‘siren’ bebelan. No worries, I’ll try my best untuk sentiasa pakai after this k. Unless if I did work for Celcom. ;p

Less than 7 weeks to go then the new semester will start. Ohh cepat la, I am sick with all this work thingy. And I can’t wait to spend my days with him. Agagaga. Nak pegi zoo and some interest place with him. If before you keep playing dota for two years, now biar I tunjuk you ape yang ada kat JB ni. Ahaha. :D

Why I still want to keep blogging sedangkan I had nothing in mind lagi? Humphh..

25 May 2009

I'm home.

Wahh… it seems like sangat gila lama tak update. Now you know why la kan Mr Chuck.

Last Tuesday I went to KL. I followed Kak Yana attending her meeting. Hiks. But I did going out for a night and met my guy there. Thanks for coming down to KL saiko. Haha. Siap bawak map sey dia sebab tak tahu where my exact location. Gila it’s still not enough jumpe you for couple hours je.

So I decided to spend my weekend with him. Haha. Thanks for everything dear Hakim. Even tak cukup tidur pun you still teman i. To Najah & Yah juga. Sempat pegi makan kat rumah Najah, kacau mama Hakim masak, & yang paling best main game kat Alamanda. U guys rocks!!!! :D

Nanti la upload pictures kat facebook. Hihi.


Today I had such a sleepy day kot. I slept at my table for few hours. Then sambung kat surau pulak. Well, I know I am not a good workerintern student. But then most of the worker pun cuti MC, gila dowh 6 orang tak masuk office rini. Even boss pun tade, so don’t blame me la kot. Blue Monday~

May Allah bless you. :D

13 May 2009


I think I like him.
I got excited each time I look at him.
I will act crazily when he smiles at me.
I still remember his face when he said,
“Sudikan awak jadi kekasih saya”
Eventhough that words is not purposely for me.
But then I still remember that moment.
I accidently watch Puteri Salju with my mom.
And I seriously had crush on him.
When my mom watch Matahari.
I keep reminds her to call me when it comes to his part.
So yesterday he did popping up.
But I am too tired to watch.
Today, I watched him.
Gila sumpah tak tipu dowh, dia gila sweet.
Fizow ohh i loike!!
Will download the episode soon.
; )

I never appreciated things.
Until I lost it or
I realized that I’m losing it.
Once I realized, I know it is too late.
But I did nothing.
I just let it be and watched the scene.
Opss, I did it again.
And this time I would said it out loud.
I miss u, Hakim.
Sorry if I always act like I don’t care when you are with me.
I rather play pet society than talk to you.
I rather run away than be with you.
I rather sleep than have some quality time with you.
Ok I do regret cause not appreciating our time before.
And up till now pun I keep acting like I’m not missing u kan.
Cepat la cuti habis!
(Readers, jangan muntah. Showing some expressions ni!)

I did having problems with this technician ni.
Gila bitchy and penakut tau si polan ni.
She always listening to our gossips and spread it.
She always acting like she is nice but she is not.
Dah la pengecut!
Nak tegur orang using notes or ada orang tengah.
Mulut dia letak kat bontot agaknya.
Or she is too shy to talk to us yg gila gorgeous ni.
Ok well sis yang gila looser.
Dia siap complain bout us kat meeting board.
Saying that we don’t even care pun nak pegi site.
Hello mak cik, you are the one yang tanak bawak kiterang.
And again, GTH.

I already miss my sis.
; (

11 May 2009


My mom always reminds me, don’t hurt other’s feelings.

So I deleted my entry.

Gila baik kan?

*some text missing*
*some text missing*
*some text missing*

Rugi ohh tak baca emotional diana’s entry tadi.

Heh. No one.

Hello back!

I am bored at my desk. Just looking at my phone waiting for my guy replying my messages sambil pusing-pusing my phone. I know pathetic. Suddenly En Abi looking at me and offered me his PC with internet connection. Hihi. Macam ngantuk dihulur bantal? Ok, I got D for my Bahasa. Lupa sudah!

Woah. Gila lama tak update blog. I miss to talk craps juga, tapi still not in mood to type kot. My intern was tiring. Even I am not doing anything selain kacau my friends doing their works, pet society-ing and reading people’s blog. And after my office hour pun surey I’ll get my rest dengan golek-golek for few hours then bangun for my dinner and check my facebook, then tido. Tade life & tak remaja. IDC, penat!

Ohh.. here nak wishing Najah & Alya best of luck utk korg masuk Matrix jap lagi. Haha. Eya, Lim Kok Wing kan? Errrr… soon dah masuk sane jangan lupa I tao. Sis Fateen Dayana, makan buku lagi byk so that u can choose where u want to go nanti. I know u can do it~
*Good luck la korg!

Dear Mr H.
Wish you luck with your intern.
Chill darling. Chill.
I miss you much.
Baru 3 hari beb.
Dtg Johor eh nanti.
*Start thinking*

Nak gossiping pula!

07 May 2009

Ohh tag.

(Si fan Arsenal yang masih setia)
Tag from Amir. Surely nak kutuk fan Arsenal ni. Btw, please take note that Arsenal officially changed their name to ARSENGAL. And please, Arsenal need new manager. Wenger dah nyanyuk sampai tak pandai nak pilih player yang patut dimasukkan time lawan MU. Hiks. Whatever. Btw, BARCA-BARCA-BARCA!

Damn I miss to see Henry. : )

Pet oh Pet

Kenapa pet society tak boleh main?
Stressed, nearly an hour try!

I am not updating anything yesterday.
Nothing much pun kot.
I’m out for a date.
Then sleep early.
Thanks kamu.
27 oiii~

Today, I met him again.
Dating for few hours jugak kot.
Looking for couple toothbrush, phone accessories & novel.
Everything that we bought now kena ada dua.
Next time we buy the another version of that book eh.
And after you finished your book we’ll exchange k.
Btw, thanks.
Twice kot you keluar dengan I yang pakai baju kurung.

Gonna miss him.
KOT. ;p

My intern.
Ok I had nothing to do there until I did edited some pictures for my friends.
I am doing nothing sampai Abg Zami ajak pegi site.
Well, tengok la some of the retaining wall yg runtuh.
Yesterday I did go to PTP.
Hearing what the villagers complain bout their drainage.
Bosan oiii..
Banyak cekadak tol orang tu.
If he did ever complained to me, sure dah kena lempang.
Ok, I am hot-tempered.
Tomorrow morning ada aktiviti ngaji.
HAHA. Kerajaan dowh.
Gila skema.
Tapi lepas tu mereka kata ada ‘makan-makan’.

05 May 2009


Today I learned how to play carom correctly. Next semester boleh wakil KTHO ni. :)

I had no mood to talk today. Apesal nowadays I seem like had no mood at night? And why it is hot tonight? And why I have that stupid feeling tonight?

Tonight Arsenal vs Man U. I’m not going to watched it as I need enough sleep. Will check the result in the morning kot. If sempat la. Gosh, hope Arsenal will perform tonight. Arshavin ada kan? Hiks.

Drama? No drama?

Oh, I want to make a drama, again. But I won’t publish it. Miahaha. To the actor please wait for my introduction; I’ll give you hell as I promised. Ohh.. kejam~ Did you still remember what you had done to me before? I mean, since the first time I know you, all the lies, the fake hopes, the tears, the memories and everything that we had been through before. You’re like pain in my ass. I just don’t know how and why I still hanging with you. And I just don’t know why I still doing nothing even you still keep bugging in my life now. Stop it, I had enough hearing about you. I’m not hating you now, at least I had once or twice hating you la kan. But now I am not, I just irritates each time I know anything about you. It just makes me feel, “Oh I am back to that ‘world’ again”, the mistakes and the misunderstanding. I just don’t know how we could survive for quite some time before. Kinda tough huh?

Oh, stop pretending like you’re good guy. And I will stop acting like I am not guilty and I'll stop saying those sarcastic words that will hurts you till death. It is my mistake to acting like this, but you started it first. Hello, please tell the truth to them about us. Stop saying that you still into me or what-so-ever, I know I am nothing for you now or even when I am with you before. You just want them to say that you’re so loyal-but-being-dumped-guy or ect yang konon-konon baik. You got it (some person did blame me for everything without knowing the story from my side), but you are still the same person that I know. Stop pretending. FULLSTOP.

Suddenly I have the mood to listening to this song. Each word means something in my mind, my heart. Haha. But then I get over it now. I felt nothing more than I like this song. No heart’s feeling lagi! (^.^)

Kau buat ku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi
Membuat ku merasakan yang tak terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa kuakhiri
Kau hancurkan hatiku, hancurkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku, tuk melihatmu
Kau terangi jiwaku, redupkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku, tuk melihatimu

I had enough of being hurt by you or whoever yang did makes me feel stupid. Oh yeah. Goodbye broken-hearted. :D

End of the drama.
p.s: To those invited readers here, just read, don’t ask, don’t talk, don’t spread.
p.p.s: I am okayy. Nothing yang emotional or what. A lil bit pissing off.


Mr H.
Had enough sleep?
Wish you best of luck with you last paper tomorrow.
And don’t forget our date tomorrow.
Can’t wait!


04 May 2009

Mr H

I miss you. Btw, sorry, I terdelete all of our new pictures. Next time kita snap that type of pictures lagi eh. Promise i tak delete lagi. This is the only picture yang terselamat. Sorry again! Love you boyfie!

p.s: Tolong jangan muntah keyh readers. ; )


Ada ulcer and it is hurts.
Hate it! :((

How was my first day? Sangat best sebab nothing much to do.
I reached there at 8a.m and just reading Kosmo! At 9 something I go to some warung outside and having my breakfast. Weheeee. Someone did pay for us and I don’t even care who sebab I know sooner or later surely I will know who kan. I have another 10 weeks here. Heh.

I did reading Tendering Document. Serious tade keje until wasting time reading that thing. Oh, not reading but take a look at it. Then I did playing Google Earth. Heh, tak berani nak bukak Facebook. But sumpah internet laju. I did tracking mana monorail pegi, all the trains punye jalan I did explore. Gila bosan. Gila sleepy.

Why I love being home. Makan heaven doh. New target, weight 48++kg.

Oh well, I did browsing FB until I found something interesting. REALLY interesting instead! Pussycat Dolls will have their tour here at Singapore!! Oh I did tell you I’ll spend my money if JT, PCD, Fergie & Rihanna here kan. So PCD is here. Wohooo~~ the tickets will be sell on 8th May at Sistic. And please dad, give me your Singapore dollar. Sila jangan kedekut. And if you want to join us, yes you can! HIHI. I’m might be going with my sis. Both of us tengah melompat ni. Yea!!


03 May 2009

Oh today!


Today I did going out with my parent and looking for my intern place. But something bad happen where suddenly both of them macam moody and we just heading back home. Tak tahu pun mane JPS tu. So I end up with contacting my guy and asked him whether dia nak jumpa I ke tak. So we’re out for lunch and look for my intern place. Haha. Jumpa pun even at first both tak perasan. What is the name of that jalan again? Durh, lupa lagi!

My mom said I need to be home before 9p.m, so macam blur where else should we go. So we heading to Hutan Bandar Mawar sebab I keep telling him yang nak jalan-jalan with him. Even he is sleepy at that time, I berjaya convinced him pegi juga. Thanks kamu! Photo gedik nanti will be uploaded soon.

Oh, he is still sleeping up till now. Bangun la gila!

Just now I watched Mentor. Why they changed English song jadi Melayu? Sengal! My Love jadi sangat buruk because of ‘Chak’ tu. Heh. His voice sangat like girl, so don’t ever think to be like JT okay! And sure Chak ni gila pendek sebab Ajai lagi tinggi dari die. HAHA. My JT perfect!

Tomorrow I’ll start my intern. Ohhh… nervous!
What should I wear tomorrow?
What should I bring?
Should I park inside or outside?
Should I wear heels?
Who I need to meet tomorrow?
What attitude show I show tomorrow?
Where should I sit then?
Who will be with me for my lunch?
Alaaaaa…. I hate to have this feeling. Insecure gila!

But after my office hour I’m heading to CS. HIHI. I want to buy new novel and some missing Helios Eclipse comic. Yeay, yeay, yeay! Any suggestions what novel should I buy? Please, I just want light reading books only.

Out. Pet society, again.

Some updates

I’m home.
So I watched AIM just now. Hee.. AIM kan?
Dafi is damn redish!
Why now artist Msia makin sexy? Euwww.
Yes-yes, my Dato’ Siti is still the best.
Why rambut orang Hujan tu gila aneh? Macam girl!
And, I realized pulak si Lan, MUH tu kinda of attractive. Hiks.
The last performance sangat cool!
Take note, I still not into gigs~

I also watched Arsenal’s game.
Sikit je kot.
And I did realize something new lg today.
Arshavin is hot.
Even my brother said that he is ‘lebar’.
I still like him.
Ramsey cute. Why Theo tade?
Btw, I am in a good mood sebab Arsenal win over Portsmouth.
And I can watch almost all of Arsenal’s game after this.

Most of my friends is at their hometown.
Gonna miss them.
Especially, ABG’s, Lesbo & classmate-to.
Wish you guys best of luck with the intern.
& to those in my active10 lists, get ready tao.
I’ll call you if I’m having any problem with the subject.
Sumpah I read the Hydrology book back just to make myself prepared with the intern.
Even nak final pun I don’t have this type of nerves.

Did I tell you that I’m using Celcom number now?
Well, I’m officially using Celcom now.
While waiting for my second phone.
Heh, surely I’ll wait for quite some time.
I’m not using my Maxis number now.
I’m not running from anyone or ape-ape la.
Anything just buzz my YM or leave me message here.
And I’ll check my Maxis number twice a day pun.
So no biggy la kan?

After 2 weeks gaduh with my bro sebab of guitar hero.
The war is over.
Wakaka. We talked just now.
Thank god.
Esok I’ll go to buy new guitar hero CD.
Lepas gian la!

Ok, pet society time.

01 May 2009

i'm bored

Heh, macam ade entry hilang.
Nvm, I need to stop being sarcastic and hurting other’s feeling.
Woah, I want to blog, but I had nothing in mind.

Well, I found new blog that caught my interest. She is Korean punya fan yang sangat obsess! When is the last time I watch Korean drama eh? Sangat lama kot. So, macam lost each time I’m reading her blog, but something for sure, apesal most of Korean actor sangat gila handsome with extra romantic sampai rasa cair je each part of my body ni hah? Okay, stop day dreaming. To have that type of person memang impossible kot now. And it is just drama kot, something we planned, so jangan terpengaruh.

Oh God, I still remember my vow tanak tengok cite romantic lagi just to avoid myself from hoping for love. Kikiki. And I still keep my vow, no new romantic Korean drama, no Japan kawaii punya drama. But I’ll watch jugak kot during my holiday ni. Rindu nak being excited with bunga-bunga cinta gembira. :D

Am I talking craps here?

Oh well, I’m starving, out to have my dinner jap. To Mr H, good luck with your revision eh. Gambate dear boyfriend.