07 May 2009

Pet oh Pet

Kenapa pet society tak boleh main?
Stressed, nearly an hour try!

I am not updating anything yesterday.
Nothing much pun kot.
I’m out for a date.
Then sleep early.
Thanks kamu.
27 oiii~

Today, I met him again.
Dating for few hours jugak kot.
Looking for couple toothbrush, phone accessories & novel.
Everything that we bought now kena ada dua.
Next time we buy the another version of that book eh.
And after you finished your book we’ll exchange k.
Btw, thanks.
Twice kot you keluar dengan I yang pakai baju kurung.

Gonna miss him.
KOT. ;p

My intern.
Ok I had nothing to do there until I did edited some pictures for my friends.
I am doing nothing sampai Abg Zami ajak pegi site.
Well, tengok la some of the retaining wall yg runtuh.
Yesterday I did go to PTP.
Hearing what the villagers complain bout their drainage.
Bosan oiii..
Banyak cekadak tol orang tu.
If he did ever complained to me, sure dah kena lempang.
Ok, I am hot-tempered.
Tomorrow morning ada aktiviti ngaji.
HAHA. Kerajaan dowh.
Gila skema.
Tapi lepas tu mereka kata ada ‘makan-makan’.


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

hoo...sgt sweet...
cmtu anak pn kna dua la
each birth...haha
satu u anak u, satu anak hakim...
wawawa...saye trlalu pndg
ke hadapan...

Diana said...

hey en chuck.
dah lupe ka saya TAKNAK anak?