04 May 2009


Ada ulcer and it is hurts.
Hate it! :((

How was my first day? Sangat best sebab nothing much to do.
I reached there at 8a.m and just reading Kosmo! At 9 something I go to some warung outside and having my breakfast. Weheeee. Someone did pay for us and I don’t even care who sebab I know sooner or later surely I will know who kan. I have another 10 weeks here. Heh.

I did reading Tendering Document. Serious tade keje until wasting time reading that thing. Oh, not reading but take a look at it. Then I did playing Google Earth. Heh, tak berani nak bukak Facebook. But sumpah internet laju. I did tracking mana monorail pegi, all the trains punye jalan I did explore. Gila bosan. Gila sleepy.

Why I love being home. Makan heaven doh. New target, weight 48++kg.

Oh well, I did browsing FB until I found something interesting. REALLY interesting instead! Pussycat Dolls will have their tour here at Singapore!! Oh I did tell you I’ll spend my money if JT, PCD, Fergie & Rihanna here kan. So PCD is here. Wohooo~~ the tickets will be sell on 8th May at Sistic. And please dad, give me your Singapore dollar. Sila jangan kedekut. And if you want to join us, yes you can! HIHI. I’m might be going with my sis. Both of us tengah melompat ni. Yea!!



ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

haha...wasting time eyh?...
tggu la bila da ade kejer...
i doa biar smpai u tade
mase nk pndg kasut u pn...
haha...gudluck LIing..

Diana said...

mmg org tu ckp next month baru ade 4 projek. now baru nak stat bukak tender. pening2!