13 May 2009


I think I like him.
I got excited each time I look at him.
I will act crazily when he smiles at me.
I still remember his face when he said,
“Sudikan awak jadi kekasih saya”
Eventhough that words is not purposely for me.
But then I still remember that moment.
I accidently watch Puteri Salju with my mom.
And I seriously had crush on him.
When my mom watch Matahari.
I keep reminds her to call me when it comes to his part.
So yesterday he did popping up.
But I am too tired to watch.
Today, I watched him.
Gila sumpah tak tipu dowh, dia gila sweet.
Fizow ohh i loike!!
Will download the episode soon.
; )

I never appreciated things.
Until I lost it or
I realized that I’m losing it.
Once I realized, I know it is too late.
But I did nothing.
I just let it be and watched the scene.
Opss, I did it again.
And this time I would said it out loud.
I miss u, Hakim.
Sorry if I always act like I don’t care when you are with me.
I rather play pet society than talk to you.
I rather run away than be with you.
I rather sleep than have some quality time with you.
Ok I do regret cause not appreciating our time before.
And up till now pun I keep acting like I’m not missing u kan.
Cepat la cuti habis!
(Readers, jangan muntah. Showing some expressions ni!)

I did having problems with this technician ni.
Gila bitchy and penakut tau si polan ni.
She always listening to our gossips and spread it.
She always acting like she is nice but she is not.
Dah la pengecut!
Nak tegur orang using notes or ada orang tengah.
Mulut dia letak kat bontot agaknya.
Or she is too shy to talk to us yg gila gorgeous ni.
Ok well sis yang gila looser.
Dia siap complain bout us kat meeting board.
Saying that we don’t even care pun nak pegi site.
Hello mak cik, you are the one yang tanak bawak kiterang.
And again, GTH.

I already miss my sis.
; (


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

trouble in paradise..
sbr yer...
no comment...being
intern, tpksala hadap
bnda2 mcm tuh...
ur common word - CHILL!!!

Diana said...

yeah yeah..
sgt la chill.
still tido kat surau nehh.

Farra Dilla said...

kne mkn ubt thn tido u neh..