01 May 2009

i'm bored

Heh, macam ade entry hilang.
Nvm, I need to stop being sarcastic and hurting other’s feeling.
Woah, I want to blog, but I had nothing in mind.

Well, I found new blog that caught my interest. She is Korean punya fan yang sangat obsess! When is the last time I watch Korean drama eh? Sangat lama kot. So, macam lost each time I’m reading her blog, but something for sure, apesal most of Korean actor sangat gila handsome with extra romantic sampai rasa cair je each part of my body ni hah? Okay, stop day dreaming. To have that type of person memang impossible kot now. And it is just drama kot, something we planned, so jangan terpengaruh.

Oh God, I still remember my vow tanak tengok cite romantic lagi just to avoid myself from hoping for love. Kikiki. And I still keep my vow, no new romantic Korean drama, no Japan kawaii punya drama. But I’ll watch jugak kot during my holiday ni. Rindu nak being excited with bunga-bunga cinta gembira. :D

Am I talking craps here?

Oh well, I’m starving, out to have my dinner jap. To Mr H, good luck with your revision eh. Gambate dear boyfriend.


Angus said...

ohh no...who is Mr H???

Mr. H said...

hmm.. thanx 4 ur wish.. huhu.. waa.. diz subject reaally sux.. byk gila rumus na kne ingat.. panjang2 pulak 2..

Diana said...

Haha. who is he?
happy hols!!!

surely u tengah tido right now.