20 December 2012

Mumble I

I don't know what is up with my blogroll, it is not updated even if I updated my blog. What to do? Maybe because I'm changing my URL for many many many many many times and it get confused which is me. But seriously Blogger, how to solve this?

You know what, my life is miserable now. I miss to hang out with my friends, especially when I watch how I met your mother, I miss them even more. We talk about our life excluded love life - you know how fun not to been stressed out about our love life, believe me, we don't even care about each other love life. We talked about how stressful is work, plan for un-happen vacation together, play board games and laugh to lame jokes. It can goes for hours. But, time restrain after everyone is working separating us. We only BBM-ed each other if we miss each other - and planning for next meeting but can't find the time. Sobs.

Now i am dealing with a big discussion group. It is actually not fun when we had argument along the project discussion. It is not fun when someone is expecting too much from you. This week is miserable compared to any other week and why so sudden have a lot of thing to get done. Haven't get enough sleep now. ;'(
Masters level is no kidding, it is tougher than having an JKR audit. I think. Because they are evaluating me, not something else. And someone did told me I have the 'me' sickness - which I think everything is about me rather than about anybody else. DANG! Which I tried to change this habit - no good no good. Should have be light headed on what people feel about something now.

Next week is gonna be my study week which I will back for Jengka till Wednesday, left for me is Thursday till Sunday before my first paper on 3rd. But I have friends to study with for the first paper. Dr A, please give me a pretty A, I have been faking to be an active-productive student the whole semester, believe me I never this active during my degree nor at any other classes. Hehe.

Oh, so that you know, I got no Twitter account and Facebook account. But you can find me here, or Instagram: dianaubi.

See you soon kampung without any light pollution and I can see beautiful stars scatters at the night sky - I can seat outside and read novel and enjoying the stars. And trust me, no camera (at the current tech) going to capture those beautiful stars - I tried for few hundreds times but can't get a single perfect shot. ;') Now I realize that appreciating the moment is more important rather than eager on capturing the moment but the feeling is still not there even if you look at the picture.

And, this balik kampung will be more happening as these people are back too!

Honestly I can't wait. But honestly too I have 2 project and few assignments to get done before the year end. Will bring it along to kampung and crack my head. Uploading Istanbul Aku Datang on my iPad so that I can watch during the long hour journey. Me is love Lisa Surihani!

Till then people, Assalammualaikum ♥

p.s: If you have any solution for my blogroll problem, please let me know? Appreciate it much ;-)

11 December 2012

Why so skinny?

People around me will always ask me this question,

Kenapa kurus sangat?
Kenapa makin kurus?
Kering kering kering

Believe me, even how much I do adore the runaway models, I don't actually like of being skinny. And I am not purposely doing diet - I am not a fan of food, I just eat just to ease my hunger and I can't eat excessively cause surely after that I feel like vomiting. It is just me. Sedih, why it is hard to gain weight with my metabolism? I tried everything that I can, I even take few medicine/supplement - but it won't last long. Once stop taking that medicine, I lose weight. And people will ask back,

Kenapa dah kurus semula?

I don't want to be dependent on medicine/supplement to gain weight, so I stopped from taking any now. And violla' I'm less than 45kgs now. But I am still grateful cause I am healthy and tough and I still can rock my attires - more importantly, easy to find me a cheap cute beautiful korean blouse, 2 for RM50. Bhahaha. So yeah, I am happy with this body.

Even it is stressful when my jeans started to loose. In fact it is very stressful. ;-(

I don't know why people are very caring about women's body shape. I mean, it is not something that you have the right to make fun of - it is humiliating when people talks about our body. Even guy said, 

"Wuiyoh, mantap siot body kau"

It is disgraceful. I mean, what's the point of saying it out loud? That is an example of praising, but what if they say something not cool like, 

"Oii cicak, kurus kering gila kau, tak tau nanti apa husband kau nak tengok bila kawin nanti"

or maybe

"Hoi apa kena dengan perut buncit tu, anak kau dah berapa sebenarnya"

So yes, how should we civilize this type of people? How? Especially guys, they make fun of women's without actually knows what are we really facing. They observe us like we're a mannequin and they talk! I am not saying every guys like this, but I normally met this type of people and it annoys me when they start to talk about it. So I always say that I am planning to have the skinny-runaway-model for Donna Karan when I get bored with engineering. (i wish)

At the end of this, I am planning not to care about my weight. As long as I am healthy I am satisfied enough - I don't want to satisfies any eyes looking at me - they don't deserve to complain. The person that deserve to complain is the halal husband - sejuk mata dia pandang sudah. 

But I am still aiming for my perfect BMI weight without any supplement. Any suggestion how?

10 December 2012


How not to love this barbie? She is so adorable, the performance was awesome and the song itself is great! 

Anyway, having a troubled boyfriend is ain't cool. But the best we can do it to love our self more rather than think too much about our partner. Unless if he is your husband - must do care cause the heaven is within him. Errr.

Well, I love to listen to good music especially a song that actually shows a girl's power. Adele, Katy Perry, Cristina Perry, Kelly Clarkson and recently Taylor Swift ♥ ♥ I can put their songs in repeat the whole day! 

Oh, my charger for shuffle iPod is no longer functioning, so I am planning to get myself a new mp3 player. But not going to be from Apple cause I find it is hard to transfer the music - synchronizing takes time and I hate it. That is the reason why my iPad got no music - kau nampak si pemalas Diana sampai tahap ni. So I am going to get myself a mp3 after I am done with my finals which it is less than a month! My gashh.

So till then. Yep, no extravagant entry as ya' know a master student without any friend is boring.

p.s: Yeay, I can't wait for weekend. Pelarian daripada belajar.

21 November 2012

Korea - Part 1

Do you know that I only spent RM2000+ for my Korea backpack during Autumn last year? Well, this time I wanna share how I manage to spend wisely for my 6 days trip to Korea. But honestly my friend did a lot of homework before we fly there. I owe her big time seriously. 

Firstly, book your flight ticket real early to get a great deal! Always check Airasia promotion because I think it is the cheapest flight ticket in town. Well, for my case - i bought my ticket for only RM700. Well, considered as acceptable - but you may get even cheaper price if you book during the promotion and real early. Sampai sometimes boleh jammed Airasia punya page. (-.-") 

Once you get the ticket, then you can start planning. At my time I got almost 8 months to find the place to stay. Where to go. And most importantly, to save money! 

Well, you might need to do some homework or read about place you want to go. Honestly during that time as it is my first time - I just look into places that I want to go. Without really want to explore Seoul city. It is my biggest mistake seriously. You should should should really plan and make it pack for the whole day of your stay.

I'm going there with 2 of my friends. So we're staying at Is@k guesthouse. We booked for 2 double deckers  bed. which we have an extra bed. I am not sure the exact cost for our stay but I think it is around RM350-RM450 for each of us for 6 days and 5 nights stay. For me it is affordable. And that place service is very good, the people who is in charge can speak good english you can sit at the living room and talk to other guests and makes new friends. They also have a laundry - but it gonna cost you money. The wi-fi is FREE. 

But then, the not so good thing is, you going to share the toilet with other guests - but I can assure you the toilet is clean. It is like they check the toilet every few minutes. Other thing is, the guesthouse is at level 4 of the building. So I suggest you not to bring big travel bags - seriously!

Oh, Is@k guesthouse is located at Itaewon. You don't need to worry about transportation because the public transport at Korea is good. And the guesthouse from the terminal is just a walk distance. But still you going to complain IF you bring an excessive big bag. 

This is the only photo that I have for Itaewon. 
*I couldn't believe it!*
And I don't have any photo of the guesthouse. 

Till the next Korea entry. Seriously I going to write about it this time. 


17 November 2012

Pray for Gaza


Most of the Muslim is talking about Palestine - Israel issues. Most of us are praying for the best for our Muslim family there. Well, I suppose doa senjata senyap Islam. But honestly is that the only thing that we can help them selain daripada if we have plenty of money and kita derma?

And what's up with all those boikot things yang orang duk gembar gemburkan?

Seriously dulu I fikir boikot those thing macam bullshit, but after few reading, I macam had a wake up call realised, even 0.00001% pun it still contribute. And the smallest thing to do is to refrain buying things yang obviously ada alternative lain. For example McD, marilah kita berhijrah kepada Burger King. Or maybe Coke, yok ramai-ramai make a change pilih Pepsi instead. 

Boikot ni bukanlah macam nak diorang jatuh bankrup ke apa. It is just to show to people that we Muslim do care on what happen to Palestinian. So that diorang tau, yang tali persaudaraan ini masih ada. Bukan kita yang kat Malaysia ni so called aman-damai being ignorant. 

Memang, kalau dulu I selalu fikir it is the government's job untuk sekat semua benda benda ni tumbuh macam cendawan. But seriously, our politic is corrupted enough - for both kerajaan and pembangkan. Diorang don't have time to put more care on Palestine issues sedangakn Malaysia have the own problem - internal ones. So kita sebagai Muslim, apalah salahnya make effort to it. Bukan team Ikram Malaysia je work for it, tapi semua. Kalau seluruh Islam dalam Malaysia ni do care and contribute. Confirm it meant something to the McD's owner. 

Kenapa tu dua je? And not Nestle, Starbucks and other brands? We try slowly. And tell me, siapa yang tak makan maggi? (T.T) It is hard. But pengorbanan kecil ni, tak setanding langsung dengan keadaan mereka kat sana. 

Like I always said before, I am not pious, I always pray so that I can be istiqamah on what am I doing for Islam. But then, I have very strong attraction towards humanity. And that's why munculnya this entry - which this is rare.

So, embrace your humanity, and do care about the Palestine/Syria/Myanmar issues. It matters even we're Malaysian.

14 November 2012

King Diana is Back!

For something that is obvious, yes I am back to this blogging world. But I don't know how long this gonna be. As Diana always being so flick hearted towards everything. The last time I blog was like last year. Then I changed to tumblr for a while and do some reblogging. Phew. Bosan bagai.

For those yang still connected with me via FB and twitter and recently instagram most probably tau yang I further my Masters at UTM. And I resigned for good. So lepas ini korang takkan tengok I membebel complain pasal kerja, boss or anything related to kerja type of complains. Mesti I bebel on assignments, test, finals macam zaman I degree dulu. Oh I miss blogging!

Will catch up some more later. Gotta go to UTM even damn this is my mid semester break!

p.s: Seriously KING? The king a.k.a owner of this crappy blog.