20 December 2012

Mumble I

I don't know what is up with my blogroll, it is not updated even if I updated my blog. What to do? Maybe because I'm changing my URL for many many many many many times and it get confused which is me. But seriously Blogger, how to solve this?

You know what, my life is miserable now. I miss to hang out with my friends, especially when I watch how I met your mother, I miss them even more. We talk about our life excluded love life - you know how fun not to been stressed out about our love life, believe me, we don't even care about each other love life. We talked about how stressful is work, plan for un-happen vacation together, play board games and laugh to lame jokes. It can goes for hours. But, time restrain after everyone is working separating us. We only BBM-ed each other if we miss each other - and planning for next meeting but can't find the time. Sobs.

Now i am dealing with a big discussion group. It is actually not fun when we had argument along the project discussion. It is not fun when someone is expecting too much from you. This week is miserable compared to any other week and why so sudden have a lot of thing to get done. Haven't get enough sleep now. ;'(
Masters level is no kidding, it is tougher than having an JKR audit. I think. Because they are evaluating me, not something else. And someone did told me I have the 'me' sickness - which I think everything is about me rather than about anybody else. DANG! Which I tried to change this habit - no good no good. Should have be light headed on what people feel about something now.

Next week is gonna be my study week which I will back for Jengka till Wednesday, left for me is Thursday till Sunday before my first paper on 3rd. But I have friends to study with for the first paper. Dr A, please give me a pretty A, I have been faking to be an active-productive student the whole semester, believe me I never this active during my degree nor at any other classes. Hehe.

Oh, so that you know, I got no Twitter account and Facebook account. But you can find me here, or Instagram: dianaubi.

See you soon kampung without any light pollution and I can see beautiful stars scatters at the night sky - I can seat outside and read novel and enjoying the stars. And trust me, no camera (at the current tech) going to capture those beautiful stars - I tried for few hundreds times but can't get a single perfect shot. ;') Now I realize that appreciating the moment is more important rather than eager on capturing the moment but the feeling is still not there even if you look at the picture.

And, this balik kampung will be more happening as these people are back too!

Honestly I can't wait. But honestly too I have 2 project and few assignments to get done before the year end. Will bring it along to kampung and crack my head. Uploading Istanbul Aku Datang on my iPad so that I can watch during the long hour journey. Me is love Lisa Surihani!

Till then people, Assalammualaikum ♥

p.s: If you have any solution for my blogroll problem, please let me know? Appreciate it much ;-)