03 January 2013


It is when you're on your way home at 1am and alone. I don't like driving alone, not to mention I actually don't like driving. Well, due to discussion, i balik lambat. And sebab penat I cuma drive 60km/h which is slow for a wide road. So I thought it is just a usual night yang I drive sambil dengar lagu fikir balik nak buat apa and all. Sampai I perasan kereta depan lagi slow dari I, so I potong dia and not even glance at the driver, not even look at the car.

But then kereta tu potong I and drive secara slow lagi depan I, so it makes me feel annoyed but as I am too tired I just changed to lane 3 and continue driving with my speed (which is 60km/h). And then I realized, everyone in the car are guys and they are looking at me - smiling. It creeps me out. Teringat la semula cerita cerita kereta dilanggar lalu dirompak and everything yang buruk buruk in my mind. Ye la, perempuan tough mana pun, they are not going to have enough strength untuk lawan a guy, apatah lagi if more than one - fragile thing we are.

So I put up some speed trying to catching up with other cars which i think i am serparated by 500m far by the other car. Surprisingly, that car is keeping up with me - by driving next to me with the same speed. You know it is scary that I am not even look at them, I just drive towards the other cars and blend in it, avoid to have empty space of my other lane. Kira macam make sure ada kereta lain cover kereta I.

Sampailah I make a turn to my residential area and that car using the other route. Barulah I rasa macam light headed, but still dalam mood berjaga-jaga until i safely arrived home. Itupun, I waited for quite some time inside the car, sampai the gate betul betul tutup and no one outside baru I keluar. Yes I am that paranoid towards the crimes. Sebab I rasa penjahat sekarang makin ganas sejuta kali compared to zaman I budak budak dulu.

I am so glad that my parent had trained me well untuk tak biasakan I keluar malam. They won't permit me if tak ada strong reason untuk keluar. They always call and check on me bila I kat luar, they even waited for me downstairs if I tak balik lagi. And that is the reason why I benci sangat keluar malam - the guilt that I have seeing them sleeping at the sofa waiting for me is beyond anything else. And then I know, they really love me. And I even more blessed now cause I have plus one person who did the same thing to me now. ;'-)

I definitely want to train my children like this. Sedangkan zaman ini pun dah risau, i can't even imagine what danger is awaiting us in future. 

Oh, to guys, janganlah buat perempuan macam itu dijalanan. Eventhough korang bergurau, it is not funny, it is creepy gila, boleh accident perempuan kalau gelabah sangat. And as for me, I may take this thing as a lesson to learn. Haruslah minta bilik daripada pejabat kolej esok. I never want to drive alone after midnight lepas ni. 

So good night!

p.s: Happy new year!


kawanko... said...


Selamat beramal..... ;-)

AnneAnne said...

Thank you :)