30 March 2010


I am too stress until I dreamt of me tossing my fyp draft into the washing machine. I am pretty sure that I'm tossing the synopsis too. Bahaha!

But I won't really do that in real life because I want to graduate by this April.

29 March 2010

Lady Gaga

As I found this background somewhere, I like it, so hello new template. Padahal sangat lame pun. Tak apa will use thing for a moment sampai rasa puas. Heeee.

Btw, Happy Belated B-day Mummy Monster!

I am stress! Stress.


Hello people!

As the FYP Presentation schedule already been posted into e-learing and I just checked mine. Now the nerves are like everywhere. I am bad at presenting! I just scared that I'll mess up on that day. (-.-")

My panel are;

And I’ll be presenting on 5th April. Damn.

Okay, be positive, these people are human and it will be just for 15 damn minutes, then I can be officially graduating. So yeah. Chill. After the presentation I plan to drive back home and do nothing. Oyeahyeah.

*Obviously can’t kacau Hakim because he will be busy.

I can’t think of anything else right now, so good night little monsters!

27 March 2010

Earth Hour 2010

We meet again people! Why suddenly sangat rajin post something padahal before this I don't give a damn sangat to share anything lagi. But this time I think it is funny, how the Naubi's celebrating Earth Hour. Thank you mom & dad cause being so sporting! Nyeh-nyeh.

While every lights dekat rumah pun kena tutup but we still on the fans and ada some 'pelita' (i'm not really sure nama betul dia). My sis need to take her bath upstair which she still insist on not to switch on the light, even water heater pun dia tak on itu kagum! While me and Nasir cam-whoring dalam cahaya samar-samar. I love something different yaw! Mom and dad, bebaring enjoying the dark. Ye eh? Heee. But then we gathered at the living room after having our sedap dinner, si ayam penyet. And another thing happen again which Irena need to get back to UTM and want to put on some foundation bedak segala, so we're the sibling kena suluh mirror & her face. Haha. Then macam sangat aneh untuk nampak some parts of her face badan semua tak ada, a lil bit of creepy I know but bila dengan siblings jadi macam ok we're cool. Selamat.

But why our neighbour tak celebrating Earth Hour? Why? Tak meriah betul uolss!

Last year, I celebrate the Earth Hour with Hakim. We going out for dinner, DS doesnt it? The porridge? And and and, the memories! Do you still remember? Geeeezzz. If and only if I can turn back time and record everything so that we can laugh till we drop.

Siapa kata during Earth Hour tak boleh cam-whoring? We did it honey-b!
Credits to Nasir Naubi and Ixus Bulu-bulu


Cepat-cepat, I need to post this before 8.30 because my family supporting Earth Day! Just now I planned to watch Shin Chan, but my instict said why not we change to another channel and find something else better. Then for the third time, I watched GLEE babeh!

It is a musical things, which I am sure to those who don't really into music will say, "Hape ke macam tengok cerita hindustan pula banyak nyanyi dalam cerita?!" And it is what I am thinking before but then after few episodes I found that this drama is cool. Eh, is it the right word, drama? I can't find any other word right now sebab bau ayam penyet emak sangat menyelerakan perut so tak boleh fikir banyak. So yeah, after this I need to find Glee Season 1. Like, MUST!

So anyone with Glee, give me cause I want to be a GLEEK babeh!

Okey, okey. Makan sekarang before gelap. Later!

p.s: Tomorrow need to cam-whoring GLEE style. I want.

Happy Earth Day Earthlings!

Hey ladies!

“And I know that it’s complicated, but I’m a loser in love.
So baby raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts,
this is to all of my fucked up friends.”

-Lady Gaga

To the single ladies babes, lets mingle! Broken hearts is not the end of the world, we can google for another new hot guys. Like what u said yesterday chucksagacious? "Nice view from here" -> while looking at the hot stuffs. ;-p

Damn, I miss to hangout with my geli-geli friends. I miss the laugh, I miss the conversation, I miss the geli-geli ahh I miss everything!

p.s: Aryanti, must, must, must belanja Starbuck next week and another week and another week again till forever. Unless, if i thinking utk diet baru boleh stop from giving me one each week ok?

p.p.s: Boyfie, lets have a baby! CarlSamsudin already have one. Canon EOS 500D? Then then then, collect lens aneh aneh aneh ok. Adik bulu-bulu Ixus I dah boleh letak dalam drawer.

p.p.p.s: Going home. Like ye-yeah!

Thanks Gaga, you're my inspiration. Credits to ChuckSagacious! ♥

25 March 2010


Say hello to my Tumblr!

As Yatie using it, so I decided to make it from boo to wow! But not too wow because I still love my blogger more. Ah, wait a minute, I got pimple! So bye for now!

Damn. Damn. (-.-")

24 March 2010

Being emotional

Sometimes I felt like want to hold you tight, so that you can't run away from me. But sometimes, I felt like giving up because I am too scared of losing you. And sometimes, I'm thinking, is it worth it having you in my life? There are so many possibilities yet I am not sure either I can face everything. Sometimes, I wish I know the future so that I can prepare myself.

Current updates;
#1 Something wrong with my toptop's charger, so yeah, my laptop is out of service. Let her rest, let her rest. Am using Irena's laptop right now. And it is pink! ♥
#2 Tell you what, I am super hungry right now. But then I am too lazy to get my arse up and find something to bite.
#3 Sometimes, when I talk to much, after the conversation I felt regret. I should not share too much information with others. So yeah, I need to shut my damn mouth after this. (-.-")
#4 I sleep too much but then I still sleepy. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have a really bad nightmare each time I sleep, so that I don't have the urge to sleep anymore. I HATE SLEEP.
#5 I feeling emotional right now, I wish it could go away. Maybe it is because of my toptop. Haih.

Ok bye!

22 March 2010

What i think is what?

When someone add you and you approved the friend request you should say,
"Thanks for the add!" -> but i don't think it is necessary. what is the point of having that conversation?
it might be better if you say, "hey, seems like i know you!" or like "you seems like someone i know but i bet i got the wrong person, but hey, lets still be friend!"
maybe i just like someone different. and that's why i love the-freak-gaga. maybe.

But when someone approved your friend request you shouldn't comment them,
"thanks for the add' ->it is so wrong! or maybe it is just me? usually if this is my case, i'll delete them without any mercy. Ceycey, but maybe I’ll consider if they are my friend. Ahah. I bet you should say,
thanks for approving” -> and still, I don’t think it is necessary!

But then, I still do hate receiving the “thanks for add” caption while I am the one who get the friend’s request.

Ok done mumbling!

I got an award from Miss Uthe. But I know I am too lazy to do the tag yet, so maybe after my test tomorrow darling?

p.s: Get well soon mom. ILY!

the you

It is so easy when I am with you.

I can be myself
I can eat super slow
I can talk craps & there is still you listening
I can wear GAGA make-up
I can complain about school
I can bitching about people is don't really like
I can share whatever I had gone through
I can sing super loud
I can ask for favour
I can rely on you
ect. ect. ect.
So many things yet I can't recall right now.

But, being with you now makes me wonder, are you mine forever?
Cause I am not sure either I can find someone better than you after this.

p.s: Thanks cause still be with me even you know, the moody me is in the air.

21 March 2010


Again and again we heard about abandon new-born baby. Latest at Ipoh, the baby is abandoned at the rubbish dump. And I am wondering, what is happening to us, the human being? Where is our humanity?

Should that baby forgive her mom in the future? I mean, after what she had done to her after she had born. Islam always said that the heaven lies under the feet of the mother, did she still deserve that? For me, no matter what is the mother’s reason, she doesn’t have the right to dump her baby anywhere. Not even in front of the mosque. It is just so wrong, even the animals take care of their child.

Enough complaining.

Now, I already deactivated my Facebook. AGAIN? Nyehnyeh. Yeah, my moods swing and I just don’t know what I really want right now. Maybe I am hoping when I deactivated my FB I can have more time to study or doing my assignments until everything finish then I’ll be activate it back very soon. Yeah, maybe. And something hovering in my mind right now, I’m thinking to make my blog in private back. Ecehceh, and again? Please...

Just now, I knew that my favourite male actor came to Angsana. But due to the mood, I just make up my mind which I should rest at home with my family. I don’t think I can stand the crowd. Thank God I am not wasting my time there, my FYP already show some progress which I already done with my chapter 4 analysis. Yippie! Recommendations and conclusion then I am done with FYP report. Guess, I can graduate on time. ;-p

Isn't he adorable?

Need to pack now, goodbye!

20 March 2010

Cerita Poker

Eh lama betul tak update blog. So tadi I pergi main poker, padahal dah betekad tak nak main poker sampai habis belajar, tapi kecundang juga. Patutlah berjudi itu haram dalam Islam sebab memang teramatlah sangat addicted. Hari ini macam gembira main sebab semua pun rakan kelas yang main satu table. So menang kalah tak rasa rugi sebab pergi kat kawan-kawan sendiri pun. Dan mungkin juga hari ini luck I agak baik, so I ada juga certain game itu menang besar. Daripada duit 30k melonjak jadi 90k. Tapi tak boleh nak kalahkan rakan taulan lain sebab chips mereka lagi banyak. Tetapi kenapa tiap kali saya try dekat table besar selalu kalah en? Sangat sebal okeh, last-last mesti rugi sendiri kat table besar. Sampai rasa give up nak main lagi.

So hari ini I nak ajar macam mana nak main poker pula. Perlukah? Mesti ramai lagi orang yang tahu macam mana nak main. Nyehnyeh. But tak apa, sebab nak buat entry juga, so hello poker!

Untuk pilih room, make sure bersesuaian dengan chips anda. If duit ada 5k sahaja takkan nak masuk room 4k kan, kalau kalah sia-sia sahaja. Preferable room, pergi room 500 hingga 10k. Sebab tak mahal yet boleh gain lotsa moneyyy~ Padahal bukan duit betul pon. ;-p

So biar I bagitahu pula susunan card.

  • High Card - Yang ini if kita mempunyai kad yang paling tinggi nilainya kalau nak dibandingkan dengan yang lain. Paling tinggi diantara rakan table, paling tinggi dari 5 kad kat tengah.
  • One Pair - Bila ada one pair, High Card confirm akan kalah. One pair tejadi bila ada dua kad yang bernombor sama. Tetapi apabila nilainya semakin tinggi, possibility orang itu akan berjaya menang lebih tinggi. Kad ini consider yang kita pegang punya dan yang dalam 5 kad universal. Eg; kalau kita ada pair 5, dan rakan table ada pair A,. dia confirm pemenang.
  • Two Pair - Bila ada two pair, si One Pair akan kalah. Two pair pun lebih kurang sama macam one pair. Kalau dapat high card itu lebih baik. :)
  • Three of a Kind - Bila ada ini, two pair goodbye. Mempunyai tiga kad yang sama.
  • Straight - Ini apabila kita ada straight 5 kad. Contohnya; 2-3-4-5-6, A-2-3-4-5, 10-J-Q-K-A. blahblahblah. Asalkan dia straight tak ada lopong.
  • Flush - Macam biasa flush ada, bye Straight. Flush ini bila ada 5 kad yang sama bentuk. Diamond, spade, heart or club. Kena ada 5 tidak kira nombor apa-apa.
  • Fullhouse - Contoh Fullhouse; KKKQQ, 88899, 22288 ect. 3 nisbah 2 punya kad yang sama. Kalau fullhouse mesti I akan kata kat rakan table itu, "Nice hand buddy!"
  • Four of a Kind - I pernah dapat ini tetapi I fold. Rasa regret betul sebab jarang untuk dapat 4 kad yang sama dalam satu time. 4 kad yang sama dalam satu time, kagum betul.
  • Straight Flush - Kad kena straight dan mempunyai bentuk yang sama. Wow. So far tak pernah dapat gini. Kalau dapat mesti menang besar. Ingat, Straight serta Flush.
  • Royal Flush - Kad ini lagi kagum, Royal adalah diRaja jadi kad kena A-K-Q-J-10, lepas itu Flush pula. Memang hebat siapa dapat. And I tak pernah dapat lagi. Sebal!

Game dia pula macam ini.

Setiap player akan diberi 2 kad. Dan kat tengah table akan dikeluarkan 5 kad mengikut turutan 3-1-1 bergantung kepada player yang raise ataupun check. Selagi ada orang raise dan ada orang kad itu tak akan buka. Sampai semua Call/Fold baru kad baru keluar. Jadi bila rasa kad cantik bolehlah pergi raise banyak-banyak. Lagi banyak duit kita spend kat dalam itu, kalau menang, percentage dapat duit lagi banyak! Tapi semua pun depend kat kad 2 ekor yang dapat, kadang-kadang nasib malang dapat kad yang serba hina.

Conclusion, game in semua nasib! ;-p

I tak suruh korang pergi Genting main kat sana. Tak, sila faham, main judi adalah haram. Tapi I tak tahu main online ini apa hukum dia sebab we didn't spend any penny. So, if rasa dah boleh main poker cuma buka facebook and search PokerZynga. Kalau menang besar, send chips kat I okey!

Good night!

17 March 2010


Random, sebab dah lama tak update blog sebab tak ada idea so update.

#1 What is the point of tagging me while I am not in the picture? and it is just a random scenery pictures which I am not really interested. Hoping for people you tagged to comment?

#2 What is the point on having a girlfriend but you still flirting with other girls? Do you know what is the meaning of loyalty?

#3 What is the point of playing poker when each time you gamble you'll lose? So, I gave up on poker for now.

#4 Why must be hypocrite? If you hate it, then spill it or try to fix it. Everybody have their own weakness but for them who is hypocrite, it is a major problem.

#5 The stress makes me wanna suicide myself. Or maybe I wish to have 40 hours per day and 10 days in a week. Then I got enough time to rest, sleep, play & do my things.

#6 Attempt number 4 seems like going to fail, but, I'll try my best. Haigo, and I don't mind if you want to judge me with that.

Ok bye!

15 March 2010

Tiger Blogfest 2010

Sebab I interested dengan festival ini, I pun nak tarik another blogger biar sama-sama join festival ini. Awareness pasal nature dan haiwan terpelihara ini sepatutnya semua orang tahu, jadi tak adalah kes bunuh-bunuh harimau lagi.

Harimau macam kucing version extra large. Tak pun macam dinosaur bagi harimau. Haha.

Bayangkan, bila masa dah berlalu pergi dan setiap korang dah timang cucu. Kejap lagi cucu itu bertanya macam mana bentuk harimau. Kita tak dapat nak explain macam mana sebab kita pun cuma tahu harimau dari zoo atau television atau mungkin hanya gambar. Kita tak perasan sekarang sebab harimau masih ada, walaupun tinggal sikit, pergi zoo pun boleh tengok harimau. Tapi bila binatang itu dah pupus, macam mana nak explain dekat cucu cicit kita yang tak berkesempatan tengok harimau secara live. Itu kesian, padahal harimau apa pada logo Malaysia. Boleh cakap, macam harimau itu lambang negara Malaysia.

Kita telah membunuh lebih dari 80% harimau yang ada dekat Malaysia. Aktiviti pembalakan tak tersusun, kita telah merosakkan habitat harimau ini. Selain itu terdapat juga pemburu yang kejam dan berotak senteng, tidak consider atau tidak aware pasal harimau. Sekarang, cuma tinggal 500 harimau sahaja yang masih dilepaskan hidup di hutan. Tetapi jika proses pembangunan dan pembalakan diteruskan, haiwan liar ini mungkin akan pupus. Dan selepas itu mungkin kita boleh bangga seba telah pupuskan haiwan yang menjadi jati diri negara.

Mungkin tak banyak orang kita yang aware pasal kepupusan harimau. Mungkin juga siapa yang aware, tak tahu nak buat macam mana, macam I lah kot. Sibuk kata kesian binatang itu kesian binatang ini, tap selalu cuma dapat pledge dekat WWF, tapi tak tahu nak betul-betul involve macam mana. So bila nampak ada Tiger Blogfest 2010, I tertarik untuk melibatkan diri. Sekurang-kurangnya, kalau belog cerita pasal harimau kita akan rasa appreciate dekat binatang ini lebih.

Tiger Blogfest 2010 akan berlangsung selama seminggu iaitu 19 hingga 23 April 2010. Apa yang boleh anda si blogger tolong adalah dengan blog pasal harimau-harimau dan harimau. Boleh karang cerita, buat poem, technical paper, lukis cartoon, cerita pengalaman harimau ataupun buat lagu pun boleh! Selain itu kena sampaikan message yang kita kena jaga harimau kita. Sesiapa yang nak masuk kena ada Tiger Blogfest 2010 logo dan message yang biasa sahaja untuk protect harimau.

Kepada yang berminat, korang boleh register so that final intruction boleh di send kat korang. Kalau intersted, register blog anda dekat [gbm.ere@gmail.com]

Video ini sedih sebab kesian kat harimau itu. Kena tengok biar korang pun ada rasa, ok kasihan itu harimau. So kena join sama tolong kasi orang lain awareness pasal harimau.

Ceh, I memang suka promote kalau pasal awareness binatang ini. Haha. Kena jadi vegetarian ni. Ok no, I tak pandai makan sayur. ;-p


I watch it over and over again. Until I already memorize most of the dialogue. Damn, I want Lady Gaga heels, I want her leopard attire, I want the studded under wears, I want her blonde hair, I want the jacket, I want the star under her eyes. I am crazy about her. And it is bad. As you can see, most of my recent entries are all about her. Damn I am obsessed and it is suck because I keep talking about it.

I just can't like/love something so severely because I know I'll do anything for it.
Cehceh. Until now I still thinking, should I bleach my hair to white like her? Yes it is daring, and that's why I need to consider everything. Or maybe I could buy a white wig? Argh, I am crazy. I wish I hate her forever. (-.-“)

p.s: I don’t know you but why I’m being with you now? (^.^)

14 March 2010

Cerita Bubols

Tuari saya ada baca belog orang cantik dan famous, sebab dia I rasa macam nak try main Bubole. So waktu I try main, adik I nampak then dia pun main juga. Sampai addicted. Even Hakim dan adik lelaki pun dah start main. Jadi, I nak review juga game ini. Nak, nak, nak! And moga-moga lepas ini ramai rakan taulan I main game ini dan I boleh jerit-jerit main jentik-jentik orang yaw!

So ini dia, Bubole sayang! - [LINK]

Korang kena sign in dulu. Boleh letak email, but so far tak ada notification pun. Cuma untuk sign in sahaja. So no worries tak ada spam. Kalau bosan-bosan malas nak sign in pun boleh squashe some bugs. Main picit-picit kat bug jalan-jalan tu. :)

So mula-mula, cipta monster kamu sendiri. Pilih head, eyes, body, legs, mouth, color, arms then save lepas itu namakan monster kesayangan awak itu. Biasanya monster ini melambangkan pembuatnya, so make sure everything mencerminkan yourself baru rasa, oh monsterku macam aku. Heh.

Ini monster pertama saya. Chibbit. Yes, I suka nama chibbit sebab macam rabbit. Haha. So pet semua nak namakan chibbit. Yang first I buat mesti nak nampak girlish. Tapi bila lama-lama, I dah rasa nak buat jenis lain punya bubol, so ada lagi dua monster I.

Introducing si Lumby. Sebab I rasa tangan I sangatlah lembab untuk kasi reaction, jadi I buat monster ganas bertangan besar biar orang ada sikit takut dengan I. Tapi sama je pun, I tetap selalu kalah. (-.-")

Ini version kerdil punya monster. Nama dia BunnyBox. Lalala. Comel betul rabbit, tapi kenapa ada orang makan daging rabbit buat berger. Marah betul. So ingat tiga ekor binatang I, nanti kita lawan okey!

Next, I nak explain macam mana nak main. You can see, someone challenge I untuk lawan. Nampak tak kepala-kepala kat bawah itu. Tu semua player yang tengah online sekarang, so korang boleh ajak lawan. Permainan dia tak susah, korang main jentik-jentik pihak lawan sahaja dengan tekan 'SPACE' dengan sangat laju mengalahkan pihak lawan, kalau nak defense pun boleh, tekan arrow yang membelakangkan bubole korang. Senang, tapi kena laju.

Kalau masih rasa tekan 'SPACE' tak laju, boleh pegi practise mode. Lawan dengan binatang tak bergerak then tekan la 'SPACE' selaju mungkin. Kena rajin practise baru boleh menang. Sebab yang main kat luar memang sangatlah amat hebat!

Kiraichi ini hebat sebab dia selalu kalahkan I sampai I rasa I malas nak main. (-.-")
I memang selalu kalah sebab I punya tangan lambat reflect. Nyehnyeh. Jadi bila I main game ni memang I akan selalu bising-bising.

Tapi bila I menang, I akan berlagak dan lawan dengan orang itu lagi dan lagi. Hahaha. Mesti orang itu baru belajar main sebab itu dia kalah dengan I yang super lembab ini.

Kalau korang rasa dah bosan nak tekan 'SPACE' and nak rehatkan tangan bolehlah ambil mouse dan kejar bug picit biar mati. Then kat atas itu ada markah untuk tekan bug berapa banyak. Tapi main tipu, kalau tak silap I, markah bug I sepatutnya dah 1000++. Marah betul.

Selain itu, u guys boleh chat dekat bawah itu. And boleh kenalkan monster korang dekat Facebook. Trylah main! Biasanya time I main, usually semuanya orang-orang Malaysia kita yang main, so kami berbahasa melayu dengan gembira dalam tu. Maybe dia depend on the network, kalau main kat Malaysia, orang Malaysia je la ada. Heh. And if korang bukak tapi tak ada oran dekat sekeliling, maknanya tak ada orang online time tu. So ajak-ajaklah rakan-rakan main game comel ini. Kalau tengah tension buat assignment boleh bermain tekan 'SPACE' lepas geram. Heh.

Ok bye, I nak pergi lawan dengan adik lelaki. I love Bubole!

13 March 2010

Sebab Lady Gaga

Hello earthling!

So as I said, I'm going out with my parent to their friend's weeding. Teramatlah bosan time otw sebab need to sit at the back for an hour baru sampai Batu Pahat. So while kereta tengah berjalan, I menggatal pergi camwhore sorang-sorang dekat belakang. Sebab adik-adik tak ada rasa space sangat seronok ambil gambar dekat belakang tanpa ada orang pegi sound.

And sebab terlalu obses dengan Lady Gaga, I telah menghodohkan muka sendiri dengan memakai eyeliner yang terlampau panjang untuk pergi ke kenduri kahwin.

And sebab terlalu obses juga, I terbuat fake mole macam Lady Gaga. Even at first adik dengan abah cakap ada something kat pipi like make up tercalit ke hape, but then I kena explain pasal video Lady Gaga baru ada buat fake mole macam itu so I pun nak buat juga. (-.-")

Seriously, I mungkin dah gila.

Nampak tak fake eye lashes? I dah hebat pakai eyelashes yaw! Thanks to youtube make up tutorial. Bahahahaha! Seriously, sebab tertengok tutorial itu I pergi beli sekotak eyelashes yang murah, konon-konon nak main. And now, I memang suka cari fake eyelashes yang cantik.

Ini adalah version arab. Lalalala. Tujuan, nak berlagak dengan mata sendiri. Tidak lupa juga kepada fake mole. Muntah darah kat sana pergi. I memang cam-whore yang berjaya!

Lastly, ini gambar kegemaran I buat saat ini. Kejap lagi kena upload dekat Facebook. Thanks flash, awak buat saya nampak putih! ;-p

Ok bye!


Yezza. I am obsessed with Lady Gaga. If I'm not mistaken, dulu I sangat menyampah dengan Gaga. Yeah, maybe I still am now sebab baju dia, but seriously dia sangatlah amat freak dan daring dan aneh dan unik buat I rasa lagi auwwwww!!!!!! She's hot. Freak-ness is a new hot for me. Mungkin.

First of all, pergi tengok [video Telephone] dulu. I dah tunggu for weeks, baru keluar, sangat gila excited okey. Now tunggu video Monster pula! :D

Picture pertama;
Hokey, stripe dengan bahu unik Lady Gaga itu smart. Cermin mata Gaga pakai sure kalau kita nampak dekat pasar lambak satu seringgit pun belum tentu kita beli, tapi dia pakai. Uniko!

Baju yang ini smart, sebab ada rantai yang macam ringan itu. But spec dia memang tak boleh belah sebab penuh dengan rokok. Mabuk!

Lady Gaga dan studded tidak dapat dipisahkan. Look, penuh jaket dengan studded. Coolio. And tin jadi roller rambut, itu aneh yang cool! Suka!

Esok kalau you guys nampak I pergi kenduri kening hot and mata panjang gitu jangan kutuk. Sebab Lady Gaga yang ajar. Auwww. Suka fake mole dia!

Tengok fake eyelashes dia! Lepas ini kena berani mati pakai fake eyelashes mana-mana, tak payah nak segan silu lagi. And kening tebal sebenarnya tak hodoh, so tak payah cukur kening ok girls!

Part ini I memang kekaguman, Under wear semua nak studded! Cehh, lepas ini segala and everything kena studded. So like Lady Gaga!

Ouch. Bila tape gini pun boleh buat baju yang sexy. Seriously tak cukup kain and FREAK. Memang she's freak bitch yang dikagumi!

Dalam diam I dah bercita-cita nak warnakan rambut kaler kuning lepas bleach kadi putih. Alaaaa. Seronok betul! Heh, motif nak tunjuk cara Gaga pakai eyeliner, sampai hidung kot. Heeee. ;-p

And ini time dia buat sandwich. Bayangkan if you guys nampak I pakai mata gitu pergi shopping mall, sure I kena panggil lack of make-up sense sebab colour yang WOW. Tapi why Gaga boleh make up gitu?
Yang ini I suka part dia dance tepuk-tepuk tangan then konon-konon makan. Alalalala. Comel sangat Gaga!

I am not sure ini fashion ke tidak. Telephone atas kepala, bukan handphone ya, tapi telephone tempat dail. Hebat betul!

Chef Lady Gaga bawa makanan. Tidak lupa juga kepada theme utama, TELEPHONE. Sanggup tolak tepi topi chef untuk letak ganggang telephone wey. ;-p

Part dance yang ini jadi kegemaran I. Hot sungguh! And combination Gaga Beyonce sangat best cuma macam perbezaan bantuk badan yang berbeza. Hahaha. Btw, I suka star kat muka mereka!

Ini last, baju leopard! Lepas ini kena cari satu cardi macam ini, kacak sungguh!

Eh, I macam lupa ada Beyonce kat video ini. Miahahahahaha. Beyonce tak menarik perhatian sangat sebab dia tak aneh. Cuma last part time pakai baju jubah itu dia nampak neutral cantik.

So sekarang I dah ada wish lists baru;
#1 Studded bra
#2 Fully studded jacket
#3 Bleach my hair and make it YELLOW!

But I tetap suka si mata besar Gaga dalam Bad Romance. (O.O)

Gd Night!

12 March 2010

Layout baru lagi?

Yohh babeh!

Akhirnya tukar lagi si layout kesayangan. Hobi betul pergi edit layout tapi malas nak edit gambar untuk jadi header sebab since photoshop dah tak ada jadi semakin-semakin-semakin malas nak pergi edit gambar. Eh, ada ke software edit gambar yang better dari photoshop? Jadi dah tukar layout dan menggunakan turorial rakan belog maca mana nak buat tag board kat tepi, seronok betul. :)

Esok kena attend kenduri dengan parent dekat Batu Pahat, dan tak dapat join rakan kelas pergi laut berenang. Sedih betul, hati lara. Tapi parent dah pujuk hati lara dengan kasi kebenaran pergi rumah Mayland berenang dengan rakan hari Ahad. Macam gembira. Nak berenang, tapi tak beli goggle spare untuk kegunaan semua yang mandi guna lens. Kena beli nanti. Tak sabar nak berenang!

Dan demi menggembirakan lagi hati lara sebab hari Ahad pun kekasih ada tournament Dota, kena pergi berenang sambil bawa laptop supaya tak ingat diri ada boyfriend. Sambil dalam hati berdoa time berenang waktu pagi ada mat salleh pun berenang sama dan dia ajak berkenalan, mat salleh itu kacak macam JT. Lepas itu kena lalu gym moga-moga jumpa orang berbody hot sedang bersenam.

Ah berangan sungguh!

By-the-way, I dah buat new email address which is more mature orang kata sebab ada nama sendiri. And nak tambahkan lagi keunikan si email, I tak guna yahoo[dot]com, tapi ambil yang baru dan fresh ymail[dot]com. So here, jemputan kad kahwin sila kasi sini, alamat surat menyurat tanpa spam dan tanpa application yang suka penuhkan inbox.


11 March 2010


Bila kau nampak orang yang dalam diam kau pegi minat dia dulu-dulu sebab muka dia iras Theo Walcott dalam Facebook lepas tu tangan gatal nak add tapi rasa macam major loser so stop diri sendiri dari add. Kejap lagi kau pun macam sedar diri kau minat dengan rupa boleh kasi kau bahagia dalam hati ke?

Patutnya kena bersyukur ada kekasih yang baik hati dan mencintai aku apa adanya. Bengong betul ternyanyi pula. (-.-")

Tapi betul, orang yang kita minat belum tentu boleh jadi orang yang akan berdamping dengan kita. Tapi orang yang berdamping dengan kita, walau kita rasa dia kosong, tapi sebenarnya dia penuh. Penuh dengan kasih dan sayang sampai sanggup tolong buatkan kerja berat makmal berhari-hari berpeluh sama.

Bahaha! Tapi sangat seronok ada orang yang diminati. Sebab dapat rasa hati berdegup kencang bila tiba-tiba ternampak. Berdegup jantungku bila terlihat kamu, ah!

Kacak betul si Theo Walcott ini. Kegemaran betul.

Kena bergossip dengan adik esok hari. Kena berkecah dengan adik esok hati. Kena. Mesti.