22 March 2010

the you

It is so easy when I am with you.

I can be myself
I can eat super slow
I can talk craps & there is still you listening
I can wear GAGA make-up
I can complain about school
I can bitching about people is don't really like
I can share whatever I had gone through
I can sing super loud
I can ask for favour
I can rely on you
ect. ect. ect.
So many things yet I can't recall right now.

But, being with you now makes me wonder, are you mine forever?
Cause I am not sure either I can find someone better than you after this.

p.s: Thanks cause still be with me even you know, the moody me is in the air.


misz uthe said...

dun wori..
he's yours
grab award at my blog

saMASkuTUraRA said...

die untuk kamooo

Anonymous said...

he is only for you..
now and forever..

"In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."

Diana Naubi said...

Uthe, Mas and anonymous.

We never know the future. cehceh, as dah nak grad nanti and the distance will be something new for us. (-.-")
ohh, taley bayang how would it be.

najdanhotchocolate said...

you?mean who?hakim ha?

Diana Naubi said...

obviously hakim. if ade org lain kena lempang juta kali yana dlm blog ni.