21 March 2010


Again and again we heard about abandon new-born baby. Latest at Ipoh, the baby is abandoned at the rubbish dump. And I am wondering, what is happening to us, the human being? Where is our humanity?

Should that baby forgive her mom in the future? I mean, after what she had done to her after she had born. Islam always said that the heaven lies under the feet of the mother, did she still deserve that? For me, no matter what is the mother’s reason, she doesn’t have the right to dump her baby anywhere. Not even in front of the mosque. It is just so wrong, even the animals take care of their child.

Enough complaining.

Now, I already deactivated my Facebook. AGAIN? Nyehnyeh. Yeah, my moods swing and I just don’t know what I really want right now. Maybe I am hoping when I deactivated my FB I can have more time to study or doing my assignments until everything finish then I’ll be activate it back very soon. Yeah, maybe. And something hovering in my mind right now, I’m thinking to make my blog in private back. Ecehceh, and again? Please...

Just now, I knew that my favourite male actor came to Angsana. But due to the mood, I just make up my mind which I should rest at home with my family. I don’t think I can stand the crowd. Thank God I am not wasting my time there, my FYP already show some progress which I already done with my chapter 4 analysis. Yippie! Recommendations and conclusion then I am done with FYP report. Guess, I can graduate on time. ;-p

Isn't he adorable?

Need to pack now, goodbye!