27 March 2010


Cepat-cepat, I need to post this before 8.30 because my family supporting Earth Day! Just now I planned to watch Shin Chan, but my instict said why not we change to another channel and find something else better. Then for the third time, I watched GLEE babeh!

It is a musical things, which I am sure to those who don't really into music will say, "Hape ke macam tengok cerita hindustan pula banyak nyanyi dalam cerita?!" And it is what I am thinking before but then after few episodes I found that this drama is cool. Eh, is it the right word, drama? I can't find any other word right now sebab bau ayam penyet emak sangat menyelerakan perut so tak boleh fikir banyak. So yeah, after this I need to find Glee Season 1. Like, MUST!

So anyone with Glee, give me cause I want to be a GLEEK babeh!

Okey, okey. Makan sekarang before gelap. Later!

p.s: Tomorrow need to cam-whoring GLEE style. I want.

Happy Earth Day Earthlings!


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Diana Naubi said...

I am agree, but tak dpt tgk on AXN every wednesday. selalu tgk yg repeat punya. kana cari CD. kena!