17 March 2010


Random, sebab dah lama tak update blog sebab tak ada idea so update.

#1 What is the point of tagging me while I am not in the picture? and it is just a random scenery pictures which I am not really interested. Hoping for people you tagged to comment?

#2 What is the point on having a girlfriend but you still flirting with other girls? Do you know what is the meaning of loyalty?

#3 What is the point of playing poker when each time you gamble you'll lose? So, I gave up on poker for now.

#4 Why must be hypocrite? If you hate it, then spill it or try to fix it. Everybody have their own weakness but for them who is hypocrite, it is a major problem.

#5 The stress makes me wanna suicide myself. Or maybe I wish to have 40 hours per day and 10 days in a week. Then I got enough time to rest, sleep, play & do my things.

#6 Attempt number 4 seems like going to fail, but, I'll try my best. Haigo, and I don't mind if you want to judge me with that.

Ok bye!