27 March 2010

Earth Hour 2010

We meet again people! Why suddenly sangat rajin post something padahal before this I don't give a damn sangat to share anything lagi. But this time I think it is funny, how the Naubi's celebrating Earth Hour. Thank you mom & dad cause being so sporting! Nyeh-nyeh.

While every lights dekat rumah pun kena tutup but we still on the fans and ada some 'pelita' (i'm not really sure nama betul dia). My sis need to take her bath upstair which she still insist on not to switch on the light, even water heater pun dia tak on itu kagum! While me and Nasir cam-whoring dalam cahaya samar-samar. I love something different yaw! Mom and dad, bebaring enjoying the dark. Ye eh? Heee. But then we gathered at the living room after having our sedap dinner, si ayam penyet. And another thing happen again which Irena need to get back to UTM and want to put on some foundation bedak segala, so we're the sibling kena suluh mirror & her face. Haha. Then macam sangat aneh untuk nampak some parts of her face badan semua tak ada, a lil bit of creepy I know but bila dengan siblings jadi macam ok we're cool. Selamat.

But why our neighbour tak celebrating Earth Hour? Why? Tak meriah betul uolss!

Last year, I celebrate the Earth Hour with Hakim. We going out for dinner, DS doesnt it? The porridge? And and and, the memories! Do you still remember? Geeeezzz. If and only if I can turn back time and record everything so that we can laugh till we drop.

Siapa kata during Earth Hour tak boleh cam-whoring? We did it honey-b!
Credits to Nasir Naubi and Ixus Bulu-bulu


Nadia said...

ouh i baca entry u baru i tau ada earth hour! last year i celebrate kot with my housemates. hue. rindu! :(

Diana Naubi said...

heee. advertisement tak byk this year. i tau pun sbb adik i excited na tutup lampu.

sure next year pun i akan rasa rindu uni life mcm u. lg2 bila stress keje.