15 March 2010


I watch it over and over again. Until I already memorize most of the dialogue. Damn, I want Lady Gaga heels, I want her leopard attire, I want the studded under wears, I want her blonde hair, I want the jacket, I want the star under her eyes. I am crazy about her. And it is bad. As you can see, most of my recent entries are all about her. Damn I am obsessed and it is suck because I keep talking about it.

I just can't like/love something so severely because I know I'll do anything for it.
Cehceh. Until now I still thinking, should I bleach my hair to white like her? Yes it is daring, and that's why I need to consider everything. Or maybe I could buy a white wig? Argh, I am crazy. I wish I hate her forever. (-.-“)

p.s: I don’t know you but why I’m being with you now? (^.^)


nn said...

i totally love their makeup in this vc. superb!